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Erowid Announcement #44
July 14, 2004
Friends of Erowid,

As part of our efforts to improve the accuracy and responsiveness of the site, in the last month we began beta-testing two new systems: one for responding to requests for corrections, and another for "triaging" submitted experience help increase the rate at which good reports get published. In addition, we're switching more and more of the site over to the new Erowid 3.0 look and feel.

In content news: Issue 5 (Nov 2003) of Erowid Extracts is now online, including an analysis of the contents of street LSD.

Finally, the summer matching grant campaign is in full swing. For details or to help us take advantage of the generous matching offer (most donations $200 or higher qualify), visit:

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Extracts #5 Content (Nov 2003)

    LSD Analysis: Do We Know What's In Street Acid?
    The [Pseudo-] Science of the War on Drugs
    The Ongoing Process of Site Redesign: Erowid 3.0
    Meme Cultivation: Limiting Liability
    Cannabinoids Neuroprotective?
    Myth Debunking: Do Undercover Police Have to Identify Themselves?
    Psychoactives Basics: Measured Doses
    ASSA & Mind States 2003: Conference Reports

  2. Psychoactives : Effects

    We've updated all Effects pages on Erowid. They're now all in the new Erowid 3.0 style and have been standardized in format and content.

  3. 38 New Law Vaults
    As part of the process of updating the Law Vaults to Erowid 3.0 format, many new vaults were added for existing substances, including:

    Selegiline (Deprenyl)

  4. DOI Vault

    Basic information about the phenethylamine DOI, including Law and Bits & Pieces.

  5. 2C-C Effects

    New effects page for 2C-C Vault, filled in with 2C-C's duration of effect.

  6. Utah Supreme Court Rules Non-Indians May Use Peyote Religiously

    On June 22, Utah Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of Oklevueha Earthwalks Native American Church founder and his wife.

  7. Benzodiazepine Bits & Pieces

    Miscellaneous notes about Benzodiazepines, with references.

  8. Art Vaults
    Four new artists have been added to the art vaults this month.

    July Featured Artist: Brendan Gee

  9. 90 New Experience Reports

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Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets (requires a $20 co-pay).
Between Jun 24 and Jul 13, results were posted for 22 new tablets.


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