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Erowid Announcement #42
May 13, 2004
Hey Friends,

Issue #6 of Erowid Extracts has gone to the printer! Members can expect their copies in the mail in the middle of June. After a couple of weeks of concentrating on the newsletter, we're now getting back on track for normal site maintenance and the addition of new content. A reminder: We would sure like to meet our May 31st goal of 1000 members (we're at 865), so if you haven't joined, now's the time:

* Erowid Fundraiser Party *
If you are going to be in the Washington/Oregon area on May 22, please consider joining us for the "All Holidays Party" at the Capitol Hill Arts Center in Seattle. Proceeds from the event are being donated to Erowid. Presale tickets are now available, see : for details.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Erowid in the Media

    In April, Erowid was the subject of a full-page editorial in Seattle's alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger. This positive press (along with the LA Weekly article by Erik Davis) has led to some positive feedback about the site.

  2. Characters : Kat Harrison Vault

    Brief bio about ethnobotanist, artist, and photographer Kat Harrison.

  3. The Harrison Narcotics Act (1914)

    The full text of the Harrison Narcotics Act (1914) which set up the system of physician prescriptions for opium and coca products.

  4. The Volstead Act (1920)

    The full text of the Volstead Act (1920) which implemented the laws of alcohol prohibition.

  5. Art Vaults
    Three new artists have been added to the art vaults this month.

    May Featured Artist: Bob Wuest

  6. 94 New Experience Reports


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