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Erowid Announcement #33
September 15, 2003
Greetings Friends,

In typical summer fashion, things have been very busy. There hasn't been an announcement sent out in four months! So we're going to be sending out two messages (this one for May-June and a second for July-Present) to cover everything that's happened since the last announcement was sent out.

On May 25th, Earth and I (Fire) spoke at Mindstates IV in Berkeley, California. There we presented data about work we've been doing to get lab testing done on samples of street LSD. You can read more about this in this fall's issue of our newsletter Erowid Extracts.

In summer fundraising, signed copies of three Shulgin books (PIHKAL, TIHKAL and The Simple Plant Isoquinolines) are available to members who donate $150 or more. For more modest donations, we now have Erowid mugs! See details below. Please join Erowid to show your support for quality information about psychoactives available to everyone.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire, earth, & the Erowid crew


  1. This Is Your Brain on Mugs

    Erowid mugs are now available! The super-size mugs hold 15 ounces of your favorite beverage, and features the "Words" image similar to the one that appears on Erowid t-shirts. Mugs are sent as gifts to members for donations of $40 or more.

  2. MDMA & Viagra Health Issues Summary

    An examination of the health issues surrounding the recreational combination of MDMA (Ecstasy) and Viagra.

  3. An Overview of the Endogenous Cannabinoid System, by Neil Goodman

    Components and Possible Roles of this Recently Discovered Regulatory System

  4. US Supreme Court Rules Anti-Sodomy Laws Unconstitutional

    This 5-4 decision increased privacy protections in the United States by limiting how and when the government can intrude on private conduct. It remains to be seen how much impact this decision might have on future Court decisions.

  5. Idiosyncracy and Pharmacophilia

    Book chapter excerpted from 1997 book, Pharmacophilia, or the Natural Paradises by Jonathan Ott. In it, Ott examines the ways that people differ in how their bodies process different psychoactives, how one person's "smart drug" is another person's "dumb drug".

  6. Minnesota Supreme Court Bans Traffic-Stop Consent Searches

    In a decision very reminiscent of the New Jersey Supreme Court last year (2002) which banned suspicionless 'consent searches' in New Jersey, the Minnesota Supreme Court has held that state law enforcement officers in Minnesota are no longer allowed to conduct 'consent searches' during routine traffic stops.

  7. Art Vaults Additions

    June Featured Artist : Luke Brown
    May Featured Artist : Chris "El Flyer" Dyer

  8. New Image Vault Additions
    We've added 30 new images to the Vaults. Here are some highlights:

    LSD Microdots
    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds
    Mitragyna speciosa plant
    2C-I Powder
    Freshly picked P. cubensis

  9. 247 New Experience Reports

  10. 6 New Ask Erowid Answers

  11. Books Added to the Library / Bookstore
    We've added 19 new books to the library. A few highlights:

    The World of Caffeine
    Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence
    The Antipodes of the Mind
    Synthetic Panics
    Women and Cannabis

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:

Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets (requires a $20 co-pay). Between April 20 and June 30, results were posted for 32 new tablets. Visit the submissions page to find out about having a tablet tested.


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