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Erowid Announcement #13
May 9, 2000
Hey Entheophiles,

Hope you're all having a marvelous spring. Erowid is having an image donation drive this month. We're asking people to submit high quality images you may have of psychoctives. We are looking only for images which you own the copyright on (you took the photo or made the scan) and are willing to grant to us for all types of future uses. For example, we are looking for scans of LSD blotter and MDMA (Ecstasy) pills, digital photos (or scanned photos) of plants, pills, capsules, powders, pipes and other parephernalia and anything else you think is related and interesting. Images can be submitted anonymously (or not) through our image submission form at :

or by sending them attached to an email to

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at



  1. GHB and Cannabis Basics Pages

    Two new basics pages, providing single page (printable) references for the most important information about these two substances.

  2. Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act

    Information about the internet censorship bill which is working its way through congress. This bill could make it illegal to distribute information about the production of illegal substances, possibly including information about the cultivation of plants such as mushrooms and cannabis. Obviously this could have an impact on web sites such as Erowid.

  3. New Images of Plants & Chemicals

    We've added dozens of new images to the image vaults recently. On each substance index, the new images are labelled with a small yellow 'New!' sign.

  4. Erowid Article in New TRP

    The Resonance Project (TRP), billed as 'The Journal of Modern Psychedelic Culture', is a magazine published out of Seattle by James Kent and Scotto. This month Erowid has an article in the magazine titled '70 Myths of the Drug War'. TRP is a project worth supporting and those who are interested should consider subscribing. The more subscriptions they get the better the content and quality of future issues. Subscriptions can be made online through their website...if you decide to subscribe, put 'Erowid' in the comments field of the subscription form. We don't get anything for this, but we're interested in tracking it. Subscribe now as the the price goes up next week.

  5. MDMA and teeth grinding

    Brief information about tooth wear in regular MDMA users.

  6. New Chemistry Pages

    Three new chemistry pages, showing the active ingredients and molecular structures for psychoactive cacti, betel nuts, and 5-MeO-DMT.

  7. Media Articles

    Four new media articles, the Nitrous piece is quite nice, balanced and informative without being judgemental.

  8. New Revision of Codeine FAQ

    Apparently we were one version behind the latest on the Codeine FAQ, so, though it's several years old, this is a newer version than we had previously available.

  9. Morning Glory FAQ update

    Over the past year many people have contacted us asking if we have Part II of the Morning Glory FAQ. Someone recently sent in the update the author wrote. It's not exactly a Part II, but it's been added near the end of the current FAQ and helps expain a few things that were unclear from Part I.

  10. Virola References

    A collection of 14 new journal references to Virola spp. research


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