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Erowid Announcement #10
November 15, 1999
Hey Entheophiles,
To start off this announcement an interesting development last week the U.S. patent office has suspended the patent on Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) after formal complaints were filed by several organizations representing indigenous people of the Amazon basin. The decision can still be appealed by the patent holder, but now he has to prove his case before the patent can be re-instated. Generally considered a very good decision, if somewhat late in coming.

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  1. Hyperreal Drug Archive Historical Snapshot

    The Hyperreal Drug Archives have closed and we've happily agreed to host a full historical snapshot of the site as well as incorporating nearly all of the files into the vaults. All old HDA urls will now automatically forward you to the file's new location at Erowid. There are over 450 new files, far too many to list them all here, but a list can be found on the what's new page ( added primarily between Oct 11 and Oct 19.

  2. MDMA & Birth Defects

    A recent survey published in The Lancet attempts to connect MDMA use with higher rates of birth defects. We've added the full article as well as several responses and additional resources.

  3. Index of Psychoactive Journal Articles & References

    We've organized and expanded our index of journal references about a wide variety of psychoactive substances. This includes basic references, abstracts, and many full articles.

  4. Poppy & Opium Timeline

    A timeline of the events in the history of poppies and opium.

  5. U.S. Patent Office Suspends Ayahuasca Patent

    News article describing the suspension of the Ayahuasca patent by the U.S. Patent Office.


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