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Erowid Announcement #6
May 22, 1999
Hey Friends,

We have finally completed a couple of exciting projects. We hope you find them useful and enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed working on them.

We also have a request we thought we'd throw out to you all. We're desperately in need of a laptop to help us when working in the field (libraries, botanical gardens, forests, etc). Knowing full well how many people have older computers tucked away in closets never to be used again, we thought we'd ask if anyone has (or knows of) a machine that could be donated to Erowid. It needs to be a minimum of a pentium 90 in order to run the software we use. If you think there's any possibility...please let us know.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at For a full list of all files added in chronological order, see



  1. Online TiHKAL !!

    The first of two big projects was that we received permission from Sasha Shulgin to create an online version of the chemistry section of TiHKAL. Bo Lawler led this project doing the html and 2D images, and Liquis created the 3D rotating images. We're very excited to be able to offer this much awaited online text.

  2. Ask Erowid

    Second is a new section at Erowid called 'Ask Erowid'. One of the challenges we've faced in the last 6 months has been trying to keep up with all the email questions we receive. We get a dozen questions each day from thoughtful individuals looking for answers to serious questions. We do our best to research and respond to them but find ourselves spending a lot of time on it while not having the time to make all the answers available online. So we've created a new system by which people can ask questions (anonymously if they choose) which will be answered in a public area, sorted by category, and completely searchable.

    We also have some experts (lawyers, psychologists, chemists) lined up to help us answer questions outside our areas of expertise. This is the first release of 'Ask Erowid' and we'd love to get feedback on the system if you have any.

  3. Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ v2.0

    With the help of John W. Allen, we've done a new revision of the psilocybe mushroom faq. This includes a complete rewrite of the history section, the correction of a good number of errors throughout the faq, especialy in naming and classification, and the addition of a bunch of footnotes to document the sources of the information.

  4. Ibogaine Vault

    A selection of new articles and pieces on Ibogaine including:

    Ibogaine News Article #1
    The Grinder, The Powerful Woman, The Monkey Tribe, and Me
    Journal Abstract #10
    Ibogaine and Drug Tests
    Is This Root A Real Cure For Heroin Addiction?

  5. 2C-T-2 Vault

    This new section includes information on dosage, images, and a series of experience reports.

  6. New Burning Man FAQ

    Version 1.0 of a new FAQ we've written up about Burning Man. We'd love to get feedback, corrections, or additions from anyone who's been.

  7. MDMA Neurotoxicity Letter

    A letter from Karl Jansen and A.R.W. Forrest sent to The Lancet in response to the U.D. McCann study on MDMA neurotoxicity.

  8. Honey Hash Oil Extraction Method

    A simple way to extract 'hash oil' from leaves.

  9. A New DMT Experience

    "Pay no attention to the people behind the curtain"


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