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Erowid Announcement #4
February 24, 1999
Hey Friends,

This month we spent a huge amount of time on a couple of vaguely interesting administrative projects. I've added them to the end of the list for those who are interested.

One important point for list can now add and remove yourself from the announcement list by filling out the form at:

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at For a full list of all files added in chronological order, see



  1. Portal Page

    An excellent new portal page. This is highly recommended for the Erowid or Entheogen power researcher. It has a very useful search field that lets you choose whether to search Erowid, or any one of 9 other useful entheogen sites and search engines.

  2. Periodicals Vault

    This is a big new area of the library which keeps track of entheogen and spirituality periodicals of interest. There are sections for Journals, Magazines, Newsletters & Catalogs. We're really happy with how this all came out. See the next 3 sections for more details.

  3. Entheogen Journal Articles & Abstracts

    An index of entheogen related journal articles & abstracts. With the creation of this new vautl we added dozens of full articles and tons of abstracts. We'd love to have people submit articles and abstracts for this section if you know of interesting ones.

  4. Entheogen Magazine Articles & Writings

    An index of Magazine articles and other writings about entheogens.

  5. Entheogen News & Media Articles

    Some resources for drug news and a few miscellaneous media articles. This will eventually be the place to organize all the newspaper articles which are currently only accessible through individual substance vaults.

  6. Big Chart Index

    This is a large index into the entheogens, herbs, pharmaceuticals and smart drug sections cross-indexing what pages we have by substance and by category. You can look at a category such as 'chemistry' and check to see if there is a chemistry page available at Erowid for cannabis or 2C-B. It's a handy single page index to the basic substance pages.

  7. Psychoactive Health, Medicine and Science Vault

    An index of the health pages available for specific substances, as well as a list of a few resources available about the science of psychoactives.

  8. Pharmaceutical Images Vault

    The start of a collection of images of legal psychoactive pharmaceuticals such as valium and prozac. Again, if anyone has images to donate...we'd love to have them.

    Administrative Projects

  9. Big Link Check

    One of the problems with running a large site like Erowid is the perennial issues of broken links. With something on the order of 40,000 internal and external links on the site it's a big job to keep them all functional. We spent a good solid 20 hours this month working on this and succeeded in fixing pretty much all of the broken internal links and about 1/2 the broken external links. Should make surfing Erowid a little less aggravating.

  10. Keyword Tags

    We added customized keyword tags to most of the pages at Erowid. This should help us get better results in the major search engines. I'm predicting it will bring an increase of at least 10% to our traffic.

  11. Reciprocal Links:

    We have been getting so many requests for reciprocal links that we have been completely unable to keep we added some automation to the reciprocal links submission process. Now people can simply fill out a form requesting that we add you to our reciprocal links page. As Earth says, the reciprocal links page was starting to feel like a monster-filled basement.


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