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Erowid Announcement #3
January 22, 1999
Hey Entheophiles,

It looks like these announcements are coming out a little closer to monthly-ish than bi-weekly-ish. They'll probably continue at that rate. We have some fun new stuff this week. I'm very pleased with how the state law pages turned out.

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  1. State by state Controlled Substance Laws

    An image map of the United States lets you select the state you're interested in to go directly to that state's online text of their controlled substances laws. Great for looking up penalties and details of the drug laws in a specific state.

  2. Individual State Laws & Statutes

    Similar to #1, but brings you to the complete listing of the state's laws and statutes. If you've ever tried to look up a state law on the web you'll want to visit this page.

  3. MDMA Memory Impairment Study

    The results of the recently published (Neurology) study on mdma use and it's effects on memory. Includes several media articles.

  4. Peyote Foundation Press Release

    In case anyone missed the announcement, Leo Mercado's Peyote Foundation was raided by police and over 11,000 peyote plants were dug up and confiscated. This is a copy of the press release.


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