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Erowid Announcement #1
November 13, 1998
Hey Entheophiles,

We're in the process of setting up an announcement list for Erowid. This will be a bi-weekly-ish announcement to let people know about new, fun, and interesting things that have been recently added to the vaults. Following is the first announcement to show you what you'd be getting. If you're interested in getting these announcements, send us an email at

Feel free to forward this message to others. This is the only announcement you will receive unless you request to be added. I apologize to those of you who get this message more than won't happen again.

If you don't know about Erowid, you can visit us at :

fire & earth


  1. Entheogen Chemistry Section

    Newly revised and expanded over the past month or so. The chemistry vaults now have over a hundred molecules listed with rotating 3D images viewable with the chime plugin...and we're working on making 3D jpg images of all of them as well.

  2. Chem Compare

    To compliment the new chemistry section, we've created Chem Compare which lets you compare two molecule images side by side. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

  3. 1998 State Medical Marijuana Election Results

    A quick review of the results of the nine state medical marijuana related propositions. This includes overviews of wording of the propositions and links to the official results.

  4. Review of Ricaurte Study

    A collection of responses, criticisms, and media articles about the recently released MDMA neurotoxicity study in The Lancet. Also includes a copy of the published study results.

  5. Entheogen Experience Vaults

    Newly revised entheogen experience vaults bring together an index of all the experience reports at Erowid onto one page for easier browsing.

  6. House of Lords Cannabis Report

    A copy of the UK House of Lords Cannabis report. This is an extremely interested read. It is a broad review of cannabis, its history, medicinal use etc. They are surprisingly accurate in their review and end with a recommendation that cannabis be moved to schedule II where it could be prescribed for illnesses. This is a good respectable source for info on cannabis that you haven't been able to find in other gov't reports.

  7. Psychedelic Crisis FAQ rev 1.1

    A revision of this new-ish FAQ. It's still in a somewhat early stage of FAQness, but it's coming along.

  8. New Glossary

    A compilation and expansion of several glossaries on the topic of enthogens.

  9. Image Vaults

    The image vaults have been developing over the last two months. We now have a collection of nearly 350 images of entheogenic plants, synthetic psychoactives, and herbs. Submissions of photos or drawings are greatly appreciated.


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