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Erowid Crew Offices
Photos and Notes about Erowid Crew Offices
Currently, all of Erowid Center's paid staff work from home offices. Below are pictures of Erowid offices.

Erowid HQ - Main desk where Earth and Fire spend their time.
(May 2009)
Erowid HQ Main Desk
Erowid Central - Jon's desk.
Erowid Central also has a shipping room, not pictured.
(May 2009)
Erowid Central Main Desk
Erowid North - Sylvia's desk.
(May 2009)
Erowid North Main Desk
Erowid HQ - Shipping room and donation gift storage.
(May 2009)

Erowid HQ Shipping Room
Erowid HQ - Library.
(May 2009)

Erowid HQ Library