Opium Reports - Glowing Experiences
Glowing Experiences
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Highly Recommended Not Life-Changing, but Cuddly Nox Opium 2008 Jun 21
Highly Recommended A Profound Inaugural Experience Anonymous Opium 2003 Mar 09
Wonderfully Dangerous ElBerto Opium 2023 Oct 08
First Taste of the Flower the master Opium 2019 May 05
Dreams of Pure Bliss Chris Opium & Cannabis 2016 Nov 07
Killing Off the Superego Mr Jaco Opium 2006 Aug 27
Witnessing My Inner Neural Mechanics neuro Nitrous oxide, LSD, Cannabis & Opium 2005 Jul 11
I Felt Drunk Adam Opium & Tobacco 2005 Jan 03
Intense Relaxation emmyblu Opium & Cannabis 2003 Mar 09
Déjà vu and Dreams Birdseye Opium 2001 Apr 11
Most Interesting skunk Opium 2021 Jan 19
Oh My Lord Sammi Opium 2019 Oct 26
The Forgotten Dreamer... Knott 2C-I & Opium 2018 May 04

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