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Dreams of Pure Bliss
Opium & Cannabis
Citation:   Chris. "Dreams of Pure Bliss: An Experience with Opium & Cannabis (exp109463)". Erowid.org. Nov 7, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109463

  oral Opium (tar / resin)
    oral Cannabis (edible / food)
I had always wanted to go to India, Goa especially. Ever since I was 10 years old and found out about a music called “goatrance”. Growing up in my teenage years I developed a strong interest for drugs, I never felt it was 'cool' or 'hip', I was just genuinely curious in how something so small could create such profound effects on the human mind.

Anyhow, straight out of high school. Just turning 21 since I had to jump schools and start over again. I found a job and saved up money for a few months and then I left in January 2011 with my best friend.
We traveled around for a while and in February we came to Rajasthan, I don’t remember what city we were in but on just the other side of the road from our hotel was a shop. We talked to the owner and after a while we asked if he knew where we could get Bhang (a kind of edible preparation of cannabis). He sent away one of his workers to buy us some.

While we were waiting we mentioned that our driver from the tourist center had managed to get us some kind of opium preparation which we had tasted earlier with zero effects. It tasted just like raw opium but it was like a sugar cake, it most likely had been prepared with loads of raw sugar to be more easy to handle.
Mentioning this to the shopkeeper, he took out a small plastic bag with a dark brown, almost black, tar-ish substance inside. It was his personal opium stash which he told us he used as a medication for the flu (right…). My friend got ecstatic and after a while he had struck up a trade with the shopkeeper, his iPod for the opium.

By now the Bhang had arrived and we got what looked like two sweets in very colorful silver wrappings, it looked like something a kid would pick out in a candy store and thus I was skeptic to whether it was real Bhang or not. We gave our thanks and headed back to our hotel room.

Back in the room we tasted the opium on the end of a match and it had the same taste as that “sugar-opium-cake” that I mentioned earlier. A hint of earthy aroma with a very bitter taste. We opened one of the Bhang wrappers and it looked just like hash, I can’t recall how it smelled but we broke it in two pieces and swallowed a half each as if it was a pill.

And then we started eating the opium paste. I was very cautious as I always am when it comes to new drugs. So I didn’t know how much to eat and stopped when I didn’t dare to eat more. My friend ate the rest and it was a considerably bigger amount than what I consumed.

After some while, I don’t recall exact time, but after maybe 45 minutes we started feeling something, whether it was the Bhang or the opium I couldn’t tell but we lay down in our beds and from there on there were no more talking until morning.

All I remember is having loads and loads of ‘dreams’. One dream changing rapidly into another, like a slideshow of a few second long video clips. One thing that all the dreams had in common was that they were all amazing and felt so good to observe, it was pure bliss. I want to note here that I don’t know if I was asleep or not but I was certainly conscious enough to observe these ‘dreams’. Most of the dreams involved green grass and flowers. I remember especially large green meadows with flowers in full bloom in all colors of the rainbow. And never was I bummed out that it changed into another vision.

Come morning, we got up as early as we had every day since starting our journey through India, which was early. Both of us felt amazing, no tiredness and our heads were clear. There were no kind of hangover or next-day-brain-fog whatsoever.

We agreed that it was the single most great experience both of us had ever had involving drugs, ever.
And to this day it still is.

A few years after the India experience my drug use began to deteriorate and after a few years I found myself realizing that I had become an addict and I kicked the bad habits. With that said I have used almost all opiates on the market, both the legal and the illegal market. Prescription painkillers, heroin, fentanyl and research chemical opioids.

And none of those ever came close to what I experienced that night in the Indian desert.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 109463
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Nov 7, 2016Views: 6,250
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Opium (63), Cannabis (1) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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