Ephedrine Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(20 Total)

Recommended Fluctuant Intangi-Tweaking Vyevissorex Ephedrine 2007 Mar 13
24-Hour Headache Morpheus Poppy Pod Tea & Ephedrine 2021 Apr 23
Another Good Euphoric Stimulant Zam 5-MAPB, Ephedrine, & Alprazolam 2014 Oct 15
Sick to my Stomach Anonymous Ephedrine (Ma Huang extract) & Cannabis 2003 May 14
Speed Lite MrMoran Ephedrine 2021 Jan 28
Speed in All Its Many Forms The Moderator Caffeine & Ephedrine 2020 Sep 02
4 Hours of Ephedrine anon Ephedrine & Alcohol 2013 Dec 01
Perfect Pick Me Up AboveTheDust Ephedrine 2008 Feb 27
A Profound Sense Of Dread Don Ephedrine 2007 Aug 05
Oh, How It Made The Day Fly By Anonymous Ephedrine & Alcohol 2007 Jul 25
Hopeless Case amr Heroin, Codeine, Ephedrine & Carisoprodol 2007 Jun 27
Long Term Over a Period of Roughly 8 Years thetrippers Ephedrine & Ephedra sinica 2021 Jun 24
A Thousand Swimming Thoughts Alex Ephedrine 2008 Jan 02
Ephedrine (Ephedra) Dose Comparison Raoul Ephedrine, Caffeine & White Willow Bark 2004 Nov 19
The Recreational Effects From Ephedrine DXMTRIPPER ephedrine 2004 May 07
Ma Huang (Ephedrine)....Ahh..what can I say? DXMtripper Ephedrine 2004 May 07
Yellow Jacket Blues captain energy Caffeine & Ephedra 2017 Nov 30
What Goes Up Must Come Down AmiR Ephedrine 2007 Mar 30
Stimulant Phsycosis! DXMtripper Caffeine, Ephedrine, Sleep Deprivation 2004 May 07
Yellow Jackets krayzee Ephedrine 2003 Feb 19

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