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A Profound Sense Of Dread
by Don
Citation:   Don. "A Profound Sense Of Dread: An Experience with Ephedrine (exp28182)". Erowid.org. Aug 5, 2007. erowid.org/exp/28182

75 mg oral Ephedrine (daily)
I will try and keep this as cut and dry as possible so you can see how fast you can hooked on a substance, even a diet pill. I am already a skinny guy so maybe that influenced my reaction.

The following took place over 6 weeks.

A friend of mine started taking Ephedrine to lose weight. Having read about Ephedrine being an Amphetamine-like substance, I tried a few of the pills just to see how it would make me feel.

It gave me a nice mellow euphoria and lots of energy, so I picked up a bottle of 60 pills and started taking it before I would hit the clubs. It would give me more energy and it gives a much stronger euphoria when mixed with alcohol.

I am an above full time college student so I usually do a LOT of homework on the weekends. I popped an Ephedrine one morning before writing a paper and I found it much easier to think and I completed the work much more quickly than normal.

I then started popping Ephedrine in the morning right before I headed to classes. I would then take another in the mid day and another later at night if I had a lot of homework.

So at this point I was on Ephedrine 24/7. I started taking in the mornings even when I didn't have class. When I drank I went from popping one Ephedrine to popping four. It killed my appetite so I had to force myself to eat twice a day.

I ran out of the first bottle of 60 pills the day I had to study for a test and I freaked out, racing to the store to buy more. I was terrified of even trying to study without it.

Then a few weeks ago I got the flu that has been going around. I didn't take an Ephedrine for 4 days while my body healed. Finally when I was feeling well I popped one, immediately I felt a sense of well being and that I was truly ready to start the day. At this point I was thinking I should probably stop, I put that off for about a week though.

Today I decided to go today without taking any, but trying to pay attention in class without it I felt something was missing, I really felt off. So I popped one. Something was different this time though; I felt a profound sense of dread, like any minute I was going to die. I also got slightly paranoid in class and was sharp with everyone, on the verge of being very rude.

I was so out of it I felt any minute I might have a heart attack, or just snap and go nuts. I have my fair share of experience with bad trips on hard drugs and this felt like the beginning anxiety of a bad trip.

Finally class was over and I went to the bathroom and threw the rest of the bottle in the trash.

In moderation Ephedrine might help you study, or party, but please keep it to a weekend thing. I don't think I will ever take this stuff again, it's not worth it and I think half of the feeling of being able to study better is psychological anyway. I will stick to plain old coffee for late night study sessions now.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 28182
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 5, 2007Views: 23,332
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