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Intense Abdominal Pain for Weeks
by 1933
Citation:   1933. "Intense Abdominal Pain for Weeks: An Experience with Kratom (exp98883)". Erowid.org. Nov 19, 2015. erowid.org/exp/98883

6 g oral Kratom (dried)
I am an adult male in my mid 20's with no current significant health problems, although I have had problems with my digestive system in the past (pancreatitis).

I started to experiment with Kratom recently. I had done drugs in the past as a teenager (marijuana, ecstasy, opiates, benzos) but had not done any drugs for many years. I recently started to work for a company where casual drug use was the norm. I started becoming interested in experimenting again because I thought it would help me combat stress I was feeling. I had always found opiates to be the best high for me in the past.

After a failed attempt at getting Oxycontin, I decided to try Kratom due to its legality and ease of access. I had used it once before some years ago and found it fairly similiar to opiates with a slightly speedy feeling at the time. I found a headshop nearby that sold it and started buying from there.

I bought the grounded up leaves, not an extract. A few times, I tried the capsules as well, which were nothing but the ground leaves packed in some gel capsules as to make it easier to ingest. I prepared the Kratom by mixing it in with yogurt and eating it; this is how I took it every time and did not change this method unless just swallowing caps.

I like to be cautious so I started at a very small doses (for me around 2.5 gram). My initial experiences were mild but pleasant enough. I had a slightly relaxed content feeling; very mild. The taste was unpleasant but not unbearable.

I would always experiment one day on the weekends (saturday) and one day of the week (usually wednesday), gradually increasing my dose each time. I worked my way up to 5 - 7 grams at once, which was optimal for me, and the effects became much more pronounced than just the mild feelings of relaxation earlier. It produced a feeling very similiar to opiates. Lots of scratching, nice euphoria, feelings of warmth and total contentment. If I took it at nighttime, I would experience a strong afterglow the entire next day. Overall, it was a very pleasant feeling.

Some of the side-effects I noticed were constipation and as I continued to do this, I started experiencing nausea and stomach cramps as well, though they were initially mild. I wrote them off as nothing much to worry about.

However, as I went along the stomach cramps started to worsen. There was one week where my stomach felt bad/indigested all week everytime I ate something. However, I wrote this off again as something not to worry about too much because the feelings of pain and upset stomach weren't that severe. Also, to counter the stomach indigestion I was feeling, I skipped my mid-week dose and opted to just to wait until the weekend.

Foolishly, I took a 5 gram dose at the end of that week despite my stomach still generally feeling unwell. I could feel pretty bad nausea and stomach cramps during the high, but the pleasant effects of the high were enough to make me not care too much about it. The next day I felt great, I didn't feel any pain at all and had the nice afterglow that I usually got from kratom.

The third day is when it started. After eating breakfast, I started feeling an intense 'stabbing' adominal pain. It was so severe that I literally could not move for around four hours. Even the slightest movement would accentuate the pain. The pain stayed throughout the day after eating. I thought maybe it would wear off by the next day, or in a few days. I was wrong.

This pain would would not go away approximately another 3 weeks; it would come everytime I ate something. It was very hard to eat knowing that I would have to cope with intense pain for hours after each meal, so I ate very little (the more I ate the more it hurt), although at times even a slice of bread would cause hours of intense pain.

I went to the doctor and let them know what was going on although I did not mention the Kratom. She gave me some acid reducer medication (testa) and and after approximately two more weeks on that, the pain started to subside significantly. I do think the medication had an effect in reducing the pain as there was a sudden drop in pain immediately after I started on the medication even though the pain was still pretty bad for a while after I started. The doctor also gave me a bloodtest for H Pylori virus, which causes stomach ulcers, but this came up negative.

The pain, at its worst, was just as bad as the pain I experienced when I had pancreatitis, which was definitely the worst pain I ever experienced in my life. It was during those times where I was a hair trigger away from calling an ambulance but somehow managed to work though the pain. It was scary not knowing what had happened and what exactly had 'broken' inside of my digestive system and whether or not I was going to survive this. Regardless of how unrealistic or not that fear may have been, it was a fear that I experienced during this time. I also had to take a lot of time off work, luckily this was close to Christmas time, so it did not look too bad. And yeah, that little bit of a buzz certainly was not worth this pain that lasted for almost a month, and I still don't feel 100% percent (it's been about 7 weeks now).

The other funny/interesting thing about this was that even though I had no problems tolerating the taste of Kratom initially, I became absoloutely repulsed by the taste in subsequent doses. I thought it was odd at the time because just the week before, I found it unpleasant but had no problems whatsoever getting it down and could tolerate it well, but now I was just absolutely disgusted by it and had to really fight myself to get it down. I think this was somehow my body's way of warning me of what was to come.

I could find very few experiences online where people had similiar problems, although there were a few here and there that were somewhat matching in symptoms. Reports of stomach cramps were common, but only a few reporting issues to the extent I had. I also thought that maybe if I had made a tea instead of eating the stuff raw with yogurt, it would have been easier on my system and maybe not caused such issues. However, after going through all of that, I am not going to be taking the chance to try it.

Based on my experience, I would advise you to be very careful with this, especially if you have had problems in the past with your digestive system as I have. Just because something works well for 90% of people, doesn't mean it can not cause problems for you. However, please go see a doctor as soon as you can.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98883
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Nov 19, 2015Views: 15,690
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