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Am I Flirting With the Devil
2C-B, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
by chil
Citation:   chil. "Am I Flirting With the Devil: An Experience with 2C-B, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp98859)". Jun 8, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 24 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:55 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 2:10   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:20 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 5:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my first time doing a 2C, and while having a relatively experienced psychedelics background, I could never have imagined what would result from this trip. Itís a kind of cautionary tale. Read on.

Relevant drug background: weed, lsd, shrooms, mdma, nitrous, dmt, ayahuasca, mxe, san pedro.

Drug use: Never been addicted to anything besides sugar, coffee and nicotine, and yes, Iíve tried many kinds of stimulants.

Weight: 86kg.

Set: Good (Iíve been running everyday for a week, partially for replenishing my serotonin stocks).

Setting: my place, on my own. I had prepared a 5 hours playlist for the night.

2CB Dosage: 24 mg.

Other drugs used: nitrous + weed.

T + 0.00 : I taste the product, i donít know how much of it exactly. Yes, I can confirm this is chemical :-). I then dose 24 mg in a gel caps and swallow. I decide to watch an old gangster movie while waiting for the effects.

T + 0.40 : Slight tingling in my face, my body is relaxed, I feel good.

T + 0.50 : Perma-grin is there. The film is suddenly becoming funny. Some waves in my body.

T + 1.05: Itís getting chilly. I put a hoodie on.

T+ 1.10: My heart is racing. My visual field starts vibrating. The film is now pointless. I feel Iím coming up.

T+1.20 : Still no CEVs. Iím being filled with Love, coming in and going out in waves. I start thinking about SR, how much this is such a wonderful community, and how much I love it and that we all should enjoy every second of it while it lasts. I also think about all my relatives.

T+ 1.28: Still feeling warmth and lots of love for everyone. I wasnít expecting that love from 2CB at all. Music sounds really good.

T+ 1.35: The drug is wrapping me in its arms.

T+ 1.40 : The walls have started breathing. Shifiting mosaics on them.

T+ 1.42: There are now waves on a wall Iím focusing on. Waves washing the sand. I had never thought my walls could look like a beach.

T + 1.45: Some jaw-clenching. Energy waves in my body. Thereís definitely some action going on walls. I feel amazing. Still no CEVs.

T+ 1.50: Time is really fucking slow now. There is some stuff dancing on my wall. Slight body anxiety.

T+ 1.55: I decide to drop some nitrous. 1 cartridge. A-MAZING. Fuck everything else. Way better than Mdma + nitrous.

T+ 2.00 : Iím thinking about Shulginís wisdom. This guy is really historical.

T+ 2.10: I light up a spliff, take a few tokes.

T+ 2.15: Euphoric waves of warmth and love keep coming in. This is awesome. I keep on smoking weed.

T+ 2.20: I decide to fill another balloon, this time with two cartridges. BOOM. I experience the most intense happiness; I never thought this could be possible. INTENSELY HAPPY. I was literally submerged by dopamine waves, almost drowning. Tears running down my eyes, a smile so big it hurt my face. This was almost too much.
BOOM. I experience the most intense happiness; I never thought this could be possible. INTENSELY HAPPY. I was literally submerged by dopamine waves, almost drowning. Tears running down my eyes, a smile so big it hurt my face. This was almost too much.
Iíve experienced many instances of psychedelic-happiness, but this was unstoppable. SHEER EUPHORIA, 100% pure. Hard stuff.

T+2.25: Iím laughing. Iím getting higher and higher. I close my eyes. Some indistinct CEVs, the images are not very sharp. Handwriting feels amazing.

T+2.30 : Iím thinking that 2CB is a very dangerous drug for its addiction potential. Or perhaps the combo 2cb + weed + nitrous is. I still canít believe what Iíve been through.

T + 2.35: There is no spiritual feeling to this psychedelic drug, it pretty much feels like a lab drug. I can think, but there are no insights at all. Time has stopped now.

T+ 2.40: This drug is really dangerous. I feel like Iím flirting with addiction.

T+ 2.45: Iím really FUCKING HIGH right now. My vision is getting blurry. I close my eyes. The music is so intense, almost unbearable.

T+ 2.50: REALLY; REALLY FUCKING HIGH. Uncomfortably high. Iím afraid I overdosed, or that this is not 2CB but something else (it seemed a lot lighter from the many trip reports I had read). I decide not to redose on nitrous, nor smoking weed anymore.

At that point I couldnít write anymore.

I went through this thought-loop over and over again. My drug use. Addiction. Fear of addiction. My drug use. Addiction. This drug (or combo) is really dangerous. Fear of being addicted. I donít know what to think. Itís hard to think clearly. Iím thinking Iím getting entranced by the devil. He wants me to be addicted. I swear to myself I will quit drugs once this is finished. I blame myself for using drugs. Iím extremely confused. Should I give up on my beloved shrooms and other spiritual tools ? Should I flush my whole stash? The devil tells me thereís no wrong to enjoy that kind of pleasure. I keep repeating this pattern of thought, struggling with the trip. I eventually start to come down a little. Feeling depressed.

T + 3.48: This feels like a hard drug (or combo), very rough. It feels a little dirty. Iím crashing hard. I decide to quit drugs and rejoice that this is all gonna be over soon. Iíll think it over tomorrow.

T+ 4.20 : Iím coming down. I feel relieved.

T+ 4.40 : I go to the kitchen and start making sandwiches. Eating feels great.

T + 5.00 : I smoke my leftover weed and go to sleep. No problems getting asleep, I was exhausted.

As of today, I really donít know what to think. Maybe I overdosed, yet I find this really strange since I had no problem handling DMT and strong Ayahuasca trips. Maybe it was the nitrous that gave it a dirty edge. Maybe it was the weed that intensified the trip too much. Iím actually not planning to quit drugs for good, but to lay off for a while. I was quite shocked by the trip and my encounter with possible addiction. Because even if psychedelics are not physically addictive, I understood last night that one can easily start doing them a little too much. I always been kind of cocky with this, like ďaddiction is for losersĒ. So this was a really humbling experience, that served me well, a lesson. Yes, I too can be addicted. That combo gave me the most intense feelings of my life, but I donít want to keep chasing that high for the rest of my days. Because nothing else will top this, for sure. And even if thereís something better, Iím not interested, because I know I could be easily addicted.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 98859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Jun 8, 2018Views: 7,263
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