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Sexy Sexy Time
by LoveandLaughter
Citation:   LoveandLaughter. "Sexy Sexy Time: An Experience with MDAI (exp98488)". Feb 7, 2013.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral MDAI (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 oral Cannabis (cookie / food)


Now I've pretty much tried it all.. MDMA, MDA, LSD, Mushrooms, various 2C-xx .. U name it pretty much.. I'm an occasional cannabis user, never got heavy into coke or opiates thou I've tried them a few times too. Kinda tired of illegal drugs in general, my fav out of all of them being MDMA I became interested in trying something like MDMA but more clean, less taxing on the BRAIN, and legal.. And what I stumbled upon was MDAI.

Just got my MDAI goodies in the mail.. 500mg from a trusted source in the U.S. Powder was mostly whitish with some hints of brown.

About half an hour before I took the MDAI I had taken 100 mg of 5-HTP in a capsule, which is something I do on and off on a semi-regular basis as a simple dietary supplement. I decided to injest 250mg of MDAI on a mostly empty stomach (I had an orange not too long before). It was morning time roughly around 11am when I ate it. I mixed it in a cup with a little spring water. Seemed to dissolve in the water adequately to get it all down. Filled cup again with water a few times to be sure I got it all.. Taste is very similar to MDMA, that harsh, chemically taste.. Perhaps not quite as bad though.

I decided to watch some anime cartoons while I waited for it to take effect.. Cartoon was Red Photon Zillion...I was surprised at how quickly the MDAI started kicking in! About ten minutes later, I started feeling it coming on pretty strong.

The initial rush around 20-25 mins after I ate it was very similar to that of MDMA, I was pleasantly surprised by that. I was suddenly much more keenly aware of my surroundings, and I was experiencing some euphoria. I became so engrossed in the cartoon I was watching that I started TAKING NOTES about it (mind you this cartoon is awesome). After about half an hour to 45 mins of cartoons I decided to turn off the show and focus on how I was feeling.. By now we're probably a little over an hour in.

I was feeling GREAT! This was exactly what I was hoping it to be... And as it turned out later.. More! (more on this later). I suddenly decided to have a nice cup of coffee and thought this might be a positive addition to what I was feeling. It was!! I went on facebook and started chatting away with people. I decided to call a friend I haven't talked to in a while and had a nice conversation. My mom called too and I had a good talk with her (she was away on vacation at the time). I didn't feel worried about sounding weird on the phone with her, everything seemed very natural and happy.

At this point I am not sure about how much time had passed but perhaps about 2 hours into the trip I decided to injest a cannabis sativa edible which (as a Cali resident) I had purchased legally. It was one of those tootsie roll ones (they pack quite a punch lol). Anyway... It was my day off and I decided to take my electric scooter for a spin, THAT was fun! Though I noticed that I got very cold very quick when I went outside.. When normally that doesn't happen to me. Perhaps it was the MDAI affecting my body's ability to regulate it's temperature? Not sure. I went back and got a sweater and all was fine.

After riding around for about twenty minutes and FEELING GREAT I went home and laid in my hammock. The sativa edible was kicking in by now, and BOY OH BOY it was interacting with the MDAI in ways I didn't imagine. Touch became very, pleasant. I was running my fingers up and down various parts of my body and getting some nice tingling sensations (thou not quite as nice as an MDMA trip, admittedly)

(The following paragraphs I'm not writing to be weird but it does contain some sexual aspects to it and if that makes you uncomfortable you should skip over it)


Sometime around this point I started getting horny, which is always a good thing in my book. To make the experience even better I brewed myself a cup of Damiana tea, anticipating what was going to become a long night of sexual pleasure. I was having some jaw clenching at this point like MDMA... But perhaps not quite as severe... (I did chew up the inside of my cheeks pretty good but nothing too bad)... After drinking the tea and playing some video games, the urge and need to have an orgasm actually started to become overwhelming, so I started playing with myself and it felt MUCH more pleasurable than usual.

One thing you should definitely note is that after I was done the first time, I wasn't satisfied! I still felt the need to have another orgasm. And another, and another, and another, etc. There was no period of time where I didn't want to be stimulated. Normally I have to wait at least a little while to 'recharge' but not this time! I had an inexhaustible sexual appetite at this point! I masterbated more times than I thought humanly possible in one day. (Definately broke MY OWN record, not sure about world-wide record but possible, and it FELT GREAT each time... No pain and wonderful new sensations throughout!!) It's a shame I didn't have a female companion with me at the time she would have been loving it! Lol.

Pondering my newfound sexual potency and prowess, I debated with myself about doing a 'booty call' and driving to LA to meet up with one of my ex's to have crazy sex with her but decided against it because A) Sleeping with your EX = always a bad idea! And B) I didn't want to risk driving while intoxicated. So I ended up staying home laying in bed, naked, caressing myself all over my body and feeling really sexy but with no one to be sexy with :-/ . Oh well, I still had one of the most profound sensual experiences EVER and LOVED IT!! Overall this was a GREAT DAY home alone with nothing better to do!!! :-)!!!


I highly recommend this chemical as an aphrodisiac that will also help the social aspect of any relationship. I found talking to other people to be nice. A great thing to take with your romantic partner... Coffee was fine to mix with it.. As was cannabis sativa! Haven't tried it with cannabis indica yet.. Maybe next time.. The damiana may have contributed to the awesomeness a little but I never experienced the same sexual voraciousness as I did with damiana alone. As for the 5-HTP I've been taking, I find it to be an overall mood stabilizer as I take it semi- regularly and I'm not sure just how much it affected this trip, but whatever it did, it WAS AWESOME!! Not an expert on the whole 5-HT agonism thing in regards to MDAI and it's possible neurotoxicity when taken in combo, but that's something worth looking into I suppose.. Might skip the 5-HTP next time to be safe and see if it's different..

I plan on getting more of this stuff (while it, hopefully, remains legal) for more sexy sexy times but this time with an actual other human being to enjoy it with. My opinion: Fun to do alone but prob. Mmch better with people around!!!

The next day, I feel GREAT!! No comedown!! No day -after blues! I think I've discovered something WONDERFUL!

Peace and love and happy trails!


Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98488
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Feb 7, 2013Views: 16,251
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MDAI (499) : Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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