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Lessons Learned and Forgotten
by moe.ron
Citation:   moe.ron. "Lessons Learned and Forgotten: An Experience with 2C-I (exp97269)". Nov 25, 2012.

26 mg oral 2C-I
    repeated smoked Cannabis


June 28th, 2012

T 00:00 (12 pm) – Ingest 26 mg of 2C-I. Had been a bit more then I planned on, but once the pipers paid.... Anyways high hopes for this trip, going to smoke a bowl of chronic and watch Afro Samuri to waste time during the come up. Set and setting are ideal, so let's hope random chance smiles good vibes on me today.

(Extra: This is actually my first time to actually get around and watch this anime. High hopes for it as well, but my love for the art of anime can be discussed elsewhere)

T 00:40 – Samuri is good, very entertaining to watch anime so westernized even as they continually reference the the traditional manga based art style reminds me samurai champloo and space cowboy. Very stoned as well, probably would not say things have started yet but I can tell the wheels are in motion as a a certain familiar phenethylamine energy fills my mind.

T 01:15 – Time seems to be flying by. Definitely beginning to notice the come up, and I'm coming up more even as I write. Quite high and watching tv is enjoyable. A little tension along with euphoria developing in the trip. Some nausea, some yawning, all the familiar facets and manifestations.

T 01:35 – Body high begins spreading all for over. Mind is slipping away, and the trip is definitely under way. Stretching and yawning are fantastic, essential.

T 01:55 – I'd say this trip is pretty much underway, seem to be as though the rougher and more anxious parts of the come up are tailing off. Right now I'm in a neutral state, the in-between I guess. I'll smoke a bowl to see if that helps give things a little more positive edge. Still have some nausea though, might have been a bit to over zealous in the dosing department. This trip is a mental, emotional, and spiritual one. Visuals may not be tearing me apart into other galaxies but I am certainly have a hard time maintaining onto the ego, or the mind at all really. As deep as any +++ I have had mentally, now to see if this goes somewhere.

T 2:20 – Transitioned to my bedroom so I could dance to EDM shortly after my last update. Since then I've been spinning circles with my body while completely lost in this “oh so transient” state of thought. So many things to be realized and forgotten until none of it matters except the love energy I feel this drug, along with aid of cannabis, emanating in me, through me, bursting out of me.

T 2:30 – I could deal without the nausea, but as stated earlier I was a bit over zealous dosing, considering I currently have not tolerance to psychedelics. Visually many things have already been said about 2C-I, and I can confirm as reported. Bright as hell and tracers paradise. The trip seems to be already pulling back from the peak, or more accurately transitioning into the more traditional phenethylamine role (I would guess? I have no fucking idea what goes on here.) I'm smoking another bowl.

T 02:40 – Why would there ever be war? A deprivation of love, perhaps due to economic pressures and puppet strings. Why all this fleeting materialism, if it never amounts to love?

T 02:46 – Yet so quickly the mental effects, or rather forced philosophical viewpoints (not that they don't have entertaining, it's why I come here after all) seem to be wearing off. My ego returning but the trip remains. I think I shall be pondering this peak for quite some time, once I can think again, I mean.

T 03:06 – Have plateaued nicely. Indecisive on music for some reason. Mind feeling quite melted from that work out it was just put through.

T 04:07 – Have spent the last half hour of dealing with a, luckily enough for me, kindred spirit (dead head), who the gas company had sent to my house to turn my gas back on. He caught me blaring EDM a dancing fool but he understood all too well. Anyways I am coming down physically and mentally to the point where I may have but one last dance in me.

T 04:30 – Anime, weed, psychedelics = priceless. Very high, a nice friendly +++, but as mentioned I appear to be starting the slope back to normalcy.

T 04:50 – This thing is still incredible in the body high department. Sensory delight.

T 05:30 – Nothing new to report accept that afro Samuri lived up to any expectancy I had for it and shattered it for sure, enjoyed the hell out of it. Anyways the trip does appear to be beginning to peel back more, but it's taking its sweet time for sure. No complaints from me here, though, I am beginning to feel drained mentally, physically as well as spiriutally. It was an exhaustive trip I am still enjoying.

T 06:30 – I would say I am still at a near plus +++. I have turned on the original ghost in the shell film, to serve as main dish for the remained of the strong effects of this trip.

T 07:30 – Just finished the movie, a classic as always but I found it hard to concentrate. Maybe something the like Shin chan would be more appropriate at this point. Bout to start an episode up but figured I'd do this check in instead. Still at a plus ++ and every thc hit just increases it but you can tell the trip is winding down, but I've been saying that for hours. To be honest this whole trip has me in its grips, still. I can almost feel some of the effects wash off like waves, very strange, but others carry on. Long winded trip when not plugged anyways.

T 08:40 – Effects continue to level off, continue to be brought back up by cannabis. Still tripping at a plus ++ regardless. I really under estimated the importance of tolerance and have learned a luckily fun lesson I suppose. But just easily, who's to say had the chips not lined up just so I didn't end having a bad time? Will definitely cause reflection on the frequency of ingestion of psychedelics, something I have been reflecting on for years. But anyways its peeling back for sure and in greater waves. But then my brain is fried and my sight is filled with phenethylamine pretty, so wh'os to say? More anime. More weed.

T 10:00 – Still tripping at a mild plus one, can feel sleep calling my name though. Got a few things to do before this trip is through, though.

T 10:30 – Now then 5 mg of melatonin and a final bowl before bed.

Final Thoughts: Wow. I've been blasted by 2c-i in a similar manner probably half a dozen times in the past, but even when I was taking 35 mg and 40 mg doses I don't feel I took nearly away as much from those trips as I have this one. But those trips were years ago. Years from now will this trip mean nothing to me? But I guess the better question is, even if in 2015 I don't exactly remember the immense connection I experienced to to this world through drug induced love love this world accept in the vaguest of feelings of deja vu. Better to have experienced at all, then to have missed the boat all together. Well thats the bet I'm placing all my chips on. Only time will tell if I've played the right hand.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97269
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 25, 2012Views: 3,777
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2C-I (172) : Alone (16), General (1)

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