Washing the Evil Out for Days
by Ketaminashina
Citation:   Ketaminashina. "Washing the Evil Out for Days: An Experience with 2-hydroxycocaine (exp96935)". Erowid.org. Nov 23, 2015. erowid.org/exp/96935

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1 line insufflated 2-hydroxycocaine (powder / crystals)
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I did a lot of research in the last hour before writing this trip report and I found next to nothing about 2-hydroxycocaine. I know the effects are different with everyone but I am pretty sure this is a drug that should go in the never-ever pot for everyone. There are just too many cleaner, healthier and all around better ways to get yourself five times the buzz.

I had a seriously idiot moment today and I decided to try out what I thought was some sketchy looking cocaine to get myself through work. I hadn't really slept enough and I had 8.5 hours of work ahead of me that I was already baked for. After barely staying awake for the first two hours of my shift, I went to my buddy's place at around 3pm during a break and asked him for a 'pick me up'. He warned me that the coke was a little sketchy but I had no idea the extent of what I was getting myself into. Above all this I learned that if you are having a bad time on one drug, doing another drug is DEFINITELY NOT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

Anyway on to the actual trip report. I began my trip with a smidgeon of the 2-hydroxycocaine. So, I ingested a tiny tiny minute bump of the stuff into my nostril and whoooosh! I immediately felt a rush of energy! It wasn't a particularly nice rush though. I mean the early effects were alright but after about 20 minutes I started to feel very speeded out.
I immediately felt a rush of energy! It wasn't a particularly nice rush though. I mean the early effects were alright but after about 20 minutes I started to feel very speeded out.
My jaw began to chatter and my teeth were clenching and I could not for the life of me stop moving my tongue around inside my mouth. My heart was beating like I had just snorted a hollywood of blow but my brain felt like it was on some clusterfuck of a mix of like, everything. Imagine taking concerta or adderall (ADD drugs), but instead of making you smarter and making you focus, they just make your brain work really hard but in all directions at once instead of one. I guess it was somewhat fun for a while. And I say fun in like the lowest sense of the word. (If that makes sense). Like there was no euphoria, my sex drive was completely shot, and it was difficult to communicate with people (I managed though - like a pro). The early onset of the drug was bearable, and I suppose if you really like rushes then go ahead and try it. But I personally hate the feeling of my heart feeling like its borderline exploding out of my chest.

Wow my brain is all over the place right now. (It is currently 3.34am btw if that helps me tell my story at all.)

Moving on....

Work went by very quickly while my mind melted all over the place. I still managed to work pretty well considering how scattered my brain was due to the energy that I was feeling. The high was really nothing special though. If you are like me and already think cocaine is overrated (which I do when I compare it to ketamine but I would still never say no to a line - unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way how to be more picky about the quality of my product), well this drug is just plain stupid. It was like being buzzed and having far too much energy without feeling good at all and having nowhere to put your energy. And then when 8pm rolled around, I began to actually feel bad. I could tell that I hadn't eaten enough as I could only really force down soup and pasta all day. From feeling extremely focused yet speeded out and my mind moving a little too quickly for the rest of me to keep up, I began to feel scattered. I am normally a fairly eloquent speaker but it became hard for me to put sentences together as smoothly. By the time I left work, I had gone from being extremely chatty, energetic and bubbly (which is my normal sober state of mind), to being quiet, withdrawn and dark. I went to my friend's house to do some of his real cocaine, in hopes that it would make me feel better (which it did by about 3%). The effects of the comedown were so strong I barely felt the cocaine. I simply felt slightly less shitty than I had already been feeling, and this ended in 30 minutes.

At about 11pm, I arrived at home. I was starting to feel clammy and cold, and my mind felt absolutely horrendous. I am normally a non stop thinker and there was absolutely nothing in my mind at all. I felt dark, and people around me noticed it too. It was like I brought a cloud of dark energy into the room with me (which I hated because I believe in only bringing positive energy to people - otherwise keep your evilness to yourself). Anyway, I kind of sucked the life and soul out of my friends, roommates and my house for a while when I FOR SOME STUPID REASON thought ketamine would be a good idea.

Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

People tell you never do drugs when you are not feeling 100%, there is a REASON! I honestly thought the ketamine would make me feel better, seeing as I take ketamine regularly and it always makes me feel fantastic. But, every time I had taken it in the past I had always used it to enhance my good mood, never to bring about one artificially. Anyways, it was a terrible ketamine trip. I took the most evil shower of my life. It was also a two person shower with a male friend of mine and you'd think that would have cheered me up? It did not, instead I just brought him into my dark evil hole and he had a bad trip too in my evil shower that felt like chemicals. Shit...

However, I do not think any of this bad trip had anything to do with the ketamine. I have taken the same ketamine recently and I have NEVER experienced such effects. The 2-hydroxycocaine is completely what screwed me over. In fact, at about 12am, I thought 'Why don't I smoke a joint? Smoking weed always helps relax me!' Completely WRONG! I actually had my first marijuana trip of all time. I have a few friends who just won't smoke pot because apparently 'It makes them go crazy'. I always thought they were full of shit and being pussies and they just couldn't handle their bud but now I completely understand where they are coming from.

I don't even know how to begin describing the trip in words. It was similar to a bad acid trip, mixed with the confusion of shrooms. I felt like a lost child. (Ok, slight sidebar here) Have you ever seen the movie Spirited Away? Well in case you haven't, there's a scene in which the protagonist little girl loses her parents and she is wandering the streets of the magical spirit world when she finds finds two pigs squawking at each other in her parents' clothes. The deep inner part of her knows its her parents but she refuses to accept it until the end of the movie. That was my brain during this comedown. I actually think I cried at one point tonight. Physically I felt alright, nothing was really hurting. My head was feeling really heavy though and my eyes were sore from my eyes being too wide open all day. But HOLY fuck I looked at myself in the mirror I literally looked 12 again. I looked so darn pathetic and vulnerable, it was an ugly sight. Plus I like to think I got the whole strong independent woman thing going on for me, so that really shattered my self confidence (for a few hours at least WHICH FELT FUCKING TERRIBLE!) Thank GOD all my friends and roommates had gone to bed at this point because I did not want anyone to see me like this. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was also naked. I forgot/was too fucked up/dark/twisty/depressed/insert unpleasant adjective here) to put on clothes after my shower apparently because here I am 3.5 hours later and I am wearing a sarong. Sweeeet!

Okay so FINALLY at 1.30am I began to get the munchies, and I started actually remembering what happiness felt like. AND BOY WAS I STOKED. The last 5 hours of coming down hard had felt like an eternity and I have had a few bad trips in my life so I knew how to handle it. I knew I was coming back to normal... Eventually. But, at some point it actually seemed like I'd forgotten what happiness even felt like? So I'm on a crazy energy buzz from starting to feel normal and remembering happiness once again and I decided to figure out what the fuck it was my buddy gave me. Turns out, it wasn't cocaine at all it was dod gam SYNTHETIC COCAINE! Like what the fuck is that shit anyway? WHO would do synthetic cocaine? That is like a crime to all drugs. (Okay, I get that its good because you are not screwing Latin America in the ass by buying it so its really 'guilt free' in that sense). But just seriously, take a concerta pill and snort it up. Like it will give you double the buzz and none of the comedown. I still can't sleep. It is now 3.56am and I am so tired yet wired.


Smell stuff before you taste it
Taste stuff before you snort it
Make sure it is a trusted source and be wary of mystery powder
Do not listen to your friend when he says 'Don't worry it's just shitty cocaine' yet it looks something like mystery powder
Do not snort said mystery powder

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96935
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 23, 2015Views: 3,256
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