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A Totally Innocent View of the World
AMT & Cannabis
Citation:   tommydee. "A Totally Innocent View of the World: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp96466)". Sep 5, 2012.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
+0.00 hr: I nervously dropped the 30mg of AMT at exactly 5:00PM in the middle of a busy shop in my city center. I believe the shop was quality save and i have no idea why i chose to drop here, it seemed i had finally gotten the courage to eat the capsule after about 40 minutes of being bugged to 'Just eat it man' by my two friends A and J. I seemed to act spontaneuosly, finally feeling prepared for the trip. I gave my buddys no warning as i swallowed my AMT.. turning round to them with a nervious grin, 'It's gone,' i claimed. The next half an hour was spent walking around the city center just joking and having a laugh as we were already pretty stoned from some weed we smoked maybe an hour earlier. Previous drug experiences include weed, alcohol, salvia, LSD, 6-APB, MDMA, and cocaine.

+1.00hr: The first hints that i was coming up occured an hour later on the tram back to my Dad's house. I felt slightly nauseous and could feel a nervous jittery energy building, similar to the onset of MDMA, but much more slowly and less intense. My senses were becoming quite heightened at this point as the sounds of the tram, peoples conversations etc were becoming louder and much more sharp. My vision had also become expetionally more sharp which made a change from the weed i smoked earlier which makes my vision soft or fuzzy. I could actually feel my pupils dilate as everything became bright and crystal clear.

+1.30hr: As we stepped off the tram, A's younger sister spotted us at the tram station and after a brief conversation she left us alone. As they spoke I became hyper aware of social situations and could see their emotions hidden beneath their faces. Even though A was smiling and talking to his sister I could see the fact that he was slightly anxious about her knowing we were high.

+2.00hr: We arrived back at my Dads house (we only came here so J could eat and get an x-box game as the remainder of the trip happened at A's house) and after the briefest of conversations I scuttled upstairs to the bathroom to look at my pupils. They were huge! I ran back into J's room to show them in which the reacted with 'woah's' and laughed at how wide my eyes were becoming. A and J went downstairs to eat while i remained in his bedroom listening to music on the TV. This drug is very stimulating as i found myself unable to sit down and had to move to the music even though it wasnt music i particularly enjoy. I could feel energy and tension all over my body which became uncomfortable if i stopped moving.

At this point my Dad came upstairs to talk to me. I was hugging J's punchbag and swaying to the music with a huge grin on my face as i turned round to see my Dad stood in the door way with a confused look.

'What are you doing?' he asked.

'Ermm.. Dancing?' I claimed and began to laugh. He then asked me if I had taken something to which I told him I was just high on weed. After a brief, confusing, yet amusing conversation he left me alone. (Strangely enough, none of this bothered me and i wasn't paranoid in the slightest.)

+2.30hr: After we had gathered everything we needed I somehow managed to convince my Dad to give us a lift to A's house which would have been a 40 minute walk. Despite the drive only being around 5-10 minutes it seemed to take forever and i was trying my hardest to keep still and keep my mouth shut... which i think i sort of failed at since my Dad kept getting aggravated that i was tapping the back of his seat and moving around, which i could not help at all as the body tension was becoming too much.
Finally (in reality 5 mins later) we arrive at A's house and after I got out of the car my Dad asked J what i had taken, he played it cool for me and said nothing. I was just glad to be out of the car and away from my dad who can be quite annoying even when sober.

+3.00hr At this point the visuals hadn't manifested yet apart from colours becoming extremely bright and objects becoming more outlined. Slight tracers were beggining to form but nothing like they would be in a couple of hours. It should alse be noted A is a rastafarian with a very rastafarian style house with lots of pictures, statues, wooden carvings, interesting textures/colours, insense, patterened walls, weed etc.. basically the perfect place to trip. A and J were trying to system link the x-box (whatever that means) but to no avail. They spent a great deal of time trying to do this and paid no attention to me and ignored most of what i had to say (which is fair enough as they needed their own form of entertainment.) It became very interesting to me how aggravated they were becoming at not being able to play the game and i kept thinking 'What's the worst that happens if you can't play it? You just find something else to do, you can do absoloutely anything you want, don't let this stress you out.' I was just extremely content being alive: moving around, exploring the room, feeling objects, textures.. just thinking.. i was totally in the moment of whatever i was doing. Euphoria was now coursing through my body and my grin was just getting bigger and bigger.

+3.40hr: I noticed that my jaw was clenching significantly which was an effect i had read about but was not particularly expecting or ready for. In fact, i was gurning like a motherfucker and made a mental note that i needed to get some chewing gum soon. I rolled a joint at this point as i knew A and J would be wanting to smoke soon and i had the sudden urge smoke also, wondering how it would effect the AMT and whether it would combat the nauseua i was feeling. I also wanted the company of my friend E really badly who only lived around the corner and kept bugging my friends to go and get him. They finally realised that they could go and get E's xbox (or something i wasnt really paying attention) and they could play the game. We decided we wanted to go for a walk, smoke our joint, and then get E.

+4.00hr As soon as we walked out of A's door a car pulled up with some friends of A and J, who I know but not very well, wanting to buy weed of A for a party they were heading to which was close by. We said we would walk them to near the party which was only a couple of minutes away. I thought I would have have been nervous being around these people tripping so hard but i was still extrememly content and didnt really care about how weird i looked. I kept sort of quiet at this point slowly watching the world change (i was still coming up at this point!) After they left we went into a shop so i could purchase some chewing gum. It was so bright in there and i was mesmerised by the colours which were saturating my vision and melting into each other. I instantly grabbed a packet of chewing gum that was yellow (yellow is my favourite colour and is always significant to me when i trip.) I was so excited to have yellow chewing gum I instantly ripped the packet open stuffed it in my mouth, and to my extreme pleasure I could taste yellow! (I hadn't heard of synthanesia being an effect of AMT but I enjoyed this a lot.)

+4.30hr After we left the shop we headed to a nearby woods so we could smoke our weed. At this point the visual effects were becoming more pronounced; as A and J were kicking a ball about it was leaving tracers in its wake. Smoking the joint greatly brought on the visuals as the forest became alive and everytime the ball moved it seemed as though there was far more than one ball which became quite confusing. As we walked up the street back to A's house he kept kicking the ball (balls) high into the air and everytime it (they) hit the floor it seemed to make an earth shattering noise and shake the ground. It seemed like the street had become a warzone, yet a peaceful one with with green gardens, bright flowers and birds tweeting. I remember commenting this and finding it highly amusing for some reason.

On the way back to A's house we stopped off at E's and i'm pretty sure I embraced him as he answered the door, I was so happy to see him and felt like the whole crew were together. (It's always been me, A, J and E as my group of closest friends and I regard them more as brothers than friends.) So i was very happy we were all together. E claimed he would be round at A's shortly as he just had to gather his stuff together. On the short way back from his house we encountered our female friend S who is probably the most chilled girl ever and I'm pretty fond of her. She's down to earth, funny and likes to smoke weed. For some reason the previous week I had left my pen with her by accident and it was a pretty nice pen. 'Oii, where's my pen? you better have brought it!' was the first thing I said when i saw her. She laughed and A told her I was tripping. We all went inside A's house. J and A were stoned, S was sober, and I was tripping my tits off.

=5.00hr I was deffinately beggining to peak at this time and since J and A were being pretty quiet playing video games or w/e as stoners usually do, S's attention was pretty much placed on whatever i was doing.. which was basically just wondering around, observing, touching, laughing and probably making strange statements. She apparently found me very entertaining to watch as I spoke to her the next day where she commentated that I was her entertainment for the night. AMT has very empathogenic qualities and often found myself innocently staring at her, she looked really attractive and seemed to have a glowing presense. I had the urge to talk, hug, kiss her etc (not even in a sexual way) but was confused how to go about kissing her so I decided not to. Everytime she laughed or smiled I would feel sheer joy. This aspect of the drug was very MDMA like and the empathy and euphoria were quite similar, just nowhere near as intense or pushy. With MDMA I would absoloutely have had to kiss/hug S and announce how great I thought she was.

+5.30hr: I had the sudden urge to see if i could write so I asked her what I should write and she made me write an agreement on how she could keep my pen which I found very amusing and happily did. She then took the paper, ripped off the agreement and drew some pictures on the other half of the paper which i still have. E had arrived at this point so i was very happy everyone was together. The visuals at this point were quite strong (way more intense than i expected with 30mg) with colourful patterns slowly crawling over certain textures and everything that i looked at melting (but unlike the way things melt on LSD.. sort of hard to explain) and the walls/ceiling sliding around. The actual ceiling would slide around whilst the actual patterns on it would sort of wriggle or squirm.

+6.30hr: At this point objects, statues, pictures would all be alive and i remember at one point the family on an African styled paining just walk around and communicate with each other; i could even hear them talking although it was just a whisper and in a language i could not understand. By far the trippiest part of the experience was staring into the mirror, it was just pure psychedelia. At first I could see myself in the mirror but the image of me was a sinister one who would pull faces at me and wink slyly. The next time I looked i would completely change into a different person and the room would become completely different. The more i stared in the mirror the more me and the room would change until i was about to totally loose myself, then when my my eyes moved or i blinked, everything would change back, only to begin transforming again immediately.

+7.00hr: My attention span was very short as there seemed to be a million things going on at once. One second I would stand up to change the song and then i would just find myself staring at something in a trance then my train of thought would loop back and 'Oh change the music.' This cycle continued until i finally managed to achieve whatever i was originally going to do.. at which point I would realise what i had to do next, 'hmm i need a drink of water' for instance but then would get instantly distracted.. and it would start all over again.

Music sounded amazing. I would alternate between standing and dancing madly, to just sitting with my eyes closed watching patterns morph, turn, and dissolve in time with the music. The CEV's were amazing: sometimes they would just be patters (always turning and rotating) to seeing full structures of intricate and ancient looking buildings made up of millions of lines of colour. Overwhelmingly beautiful to the point where sometimes i couldnt even stand to have my eyes closed because i would take my breath away and i would feel engulfed by it all. I also couldnt sit down for too long either as keeping still felt uncomfortable and still made me feel sick.

+8.00hr: S left at this point which I was sad about as I kept claiming to everyone, 'I like S.' I must of said this many times never elaborating on it, just announcing 'I like S' every so often. There didn't need to be logic, I just did. Infact, there didnt need to be logic about anything, I was just living, feeling, existing. I felt like a child who was fascinated by everything, like i was seeing the world for the first time, totally free of inhabitions or cares. I was totally free. I also felt extrememly innocent and childlike, which was one of my favourite aspects of the trip. I would have happily hugged a teddy bear or chewed on a dummy. Although as my supply of chewing gum ran out i did chew literally everything I could (mainly my water bottles.) I couldn't believe how hard i was gurning and having nothing to chew caused my jaw to clench and chatter really fast to the point where the others in the room could actually hear it.

+9.00hr: E finally left and then J and i was not satisfied with a simple fist touch as we normally do when we part ways. I embraced each of them which felt good and like raw brotherly love but I was sad to see them go. It was just me and A left. These next few hours were totally lost having profound and deep conversations with A about a lot of subjects. (In actual fact it was probably more me blabbing onto him about life and reality in general) I really wish I had wrote down some of these thoughts as it didnt occur to me at the time i wouldn't be able to recall them after the trip as they seemed so clear and obvious, and i often found myself wondering why these thoughts don't occur in normal day to day life as having that mindset (positivity, peace, love)would surely benefit everyone. Although I'm pretty sure the whole word is not going to do AMT so thats obviously never going to happen but it was so interesting to have this different perception of the world.

+12.00hr?: A innevitevely passed out and I was left to trip on my own till the sun was coming up which i did not particularly mind. I was slowly coming down at this point although there were still some visuals and i was still clearly far away from reality.. i simply watched the sun rise (incredible when tripping) listened to music and watched a very strange film called 'The Foot Fist Way'. The film is basically about a very awkward man and made me have some very deep thoughts about social situations, why things are awkward sometimes and made me wish everyone was carefree, acted however they wanted, wasn't bound by insecurities or afraid of being judged by anyone else etc which will sadly never happen

+13.30hr: I left A's after the film had finished, dreading the 40 minute walk back to my dads house but in actual fact I had never enjoyed that walk so much in my life. I was still tripping slightly and felt extremely euphoric still as I listened to music and watched nature all around me. Next time i do AMT i want to be outside in nature for the majority of the trip as everything looked so amazing and as if the leaves and trees were saturated with golden light. I expected to feel some hard crash as this point, but no... i felt completely blissed out but pretty tired and stimulated at the same time.

+16.00hr: I finally fully came down at 9AM. AMT is a very long trip and im not sure if somepeople could handle the length as it becomes quite exhausting at around the 10th hour and I can imagine some people going down the route of thinking 'omg this is never gonna end, i'm gonna be tripping forever.' I still couldnt sleep all the next day until that night where i was out for the count.

Conclusion: I cannot get over how amazing AMT really is and was suprised how intense it was at times (especially off 30mg which isn't considered that much of a high dose compared to other reports). It is energetic, euphoric, empathogenic, insightful, profound and visual. It also had no major comedown apart from being pretty tired from staying awake so long. In fact it seemed to have an afterglow which lingered for a couple of days.

There was a lot more to the experience than I cannot remember and too much to fully explain what it is like, so I will leave you to decide whether this is something you would like to experience. Stay safe.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 96466
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Sep 5, 2012Views: 13,159
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AMT (7), Cannabis (1) : Various (28), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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