First Encounter With Mescalito
Mescaline & Cannabis
Citation:   iDreamer . "First Encounter With Mescalito: An Experience with Mescaline & Cannabis (exp96351)". Dec 22, 2013.

300 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
  1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have had plenty of experience with phenethylamines and hallucinogens, particularly LSD, MDMA, 2C-E, 2C-B, and regrettably DOC. Also, I've broken thru many times on DMT. A gram of extracted 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine also known as Mescaline. I like to call it Mescalto. About 8:30pm I dumped the powder into a highball glass, poured in some Jamaican style Ginger Ale, and stirred the drink till it had all dissolved. Sipping it slowly as I had read about how strong the nausea can be, I became more and more filled with anticipation.

There is a scene in The Matrix where a friend of Neo's is picking up a computer disk and Neo says 'Do you ever get that feeling, you can't tell if your still dreaming or awake?' which his friend answers 'All the time, it's called Mescaline. It's the only way to fly'. Ever since I saw that movie when I was 12 I was curious about the drug called Mescaline. Now, I was finally going to experience it.

After about 45 minutes alerts began to show themselves. I had not eaten since noon, Chick-Fil-A YUMM!!!, but I was not expecting it to be showing itself this early. The thing I later realized is that the come-up would be long and gradual. It was only a weird energy I was feeling that gave me the alert; very phenethylamine. My stomach began to ache, reminding me of 2c-e which gave me a chill. 2c-e was like psychedelic meth to me, making me feel extremely stretched out and shaking on edge with no real soul.

I was soon distracted by the bubbling the floor was starting to make, slight visuals were showing themselves. The weird energy was picking up, the tv was on so I continued to wait for the effects to intensity. Soon, I was starting to see patterns. It was around 10:45pm. Looking at the TV, there was a small power light on in the front. This small light began to be scattered all over the wall wherever my vision looked. These lights began to overlap and combine with the patterns that were now starting to overlay over everything I laid my eyes on. Everything started to have a distinct glow that reminded me of Lysergics.

Now, the drug was starting to act different than the 2c's, the distinct glow of objects and overlapping,continuing patterning were drastically different than any visuals I have ever experienced. I closed my eyes and the CEV's focused themselves as little pattern almost skull looking geometric shapes cascading into each other in different hues. The colors! Oh the colors were breathtaking. I was so entranced by the visuals around me that I did not realize how absolutely mindfucked this drug was making me. All I wanted to do was lay on my bed and take everything in, Just Be In This Present Moment In Time.

The nausea was becoming a problem though and I was still feeling the come up edge that phenethylamines always bring. I drank more Ginger Ale and tried to slow my breathing. My face was red and I was sweating, but's it's hot being summer in the south. Eventually the nausea passed and the speedy edginess faded into a very MDMA like euphoria. Call it love at first sight, but this shit was incredible. The bubbly feeling from inside me poured out in washes of peace all over my being. The visual pattering had taken on a 3D kind of sense and looked to spread all around like a geometric cube I was encapsulated inside.

I finally laid on the bed. These visuals were reminding me of something. When I was little I used to have nightmares of traveling over acres of garbage, like glass over tires and hearing roaring noises. My fan in my room was on and the sound of it was like a helicopter hovering over me. I was not frightened like I was when I had the dreams as a kid. I knew that back then I was young and easily frightened. It was not garbage I was seeing in those dreams, I knew now. It was landscapes of energy, and the sounds were just that, a synesthesia. It was absolutely breathtaking. I kept looking as the patterns bouncing off each other and glowing and copying themselves over and over all over the room. I wondered what was going on in my brain. It felt like all cylinders were firing up there in the dome.

I felt so calm. The body buzz was so pleasurable, like rolling on ecstasy but so much cleaner and purer, like the energy was generated by me and mescalito was just allowing this door to opened in my being. As the drug continued to intensify, I felt less and less in this reality and more and more in the new place the mescaline was showing me. I literally could not tell if I was dreaming or awake I was sooo gone on this shit. I had not been this fucked up since my first LSD experience, or like my deep DMT breakthroughs.

I continued to lay in a daze, lost in my own thoughts, the mindfuck was intense but sooo enjoyable. There was defiantly no way I could take this stuff at a festival or in public unless I did less. Finally my wits were more about me and I decided to get up and go to the computer load up some music. I put my Beats headphones on and played Pink Floyd - One of These Days. I swear this song was written for Mescaline. I had heard it on plenty of other psychs but it never sounded sooo amazing as on Mescaline. The sound enhancement was incredible, like MDMA but times 10 in clarity and depth of sound. As I listened to other music, it just didn't have the engineering quality that Pink Floyd and those older record had. I could really hear the detail and a lot of current music was starting to bug me in how overmaxed the sound levels were on these new tracks.

Eventually as the night wore on, the visuals began to be less intense. I pulled out a joint and out came the marijuana wave as the effects of the mescaline came back in intensity. The effects continued to keep coming in waves as it got earlier and earlier in the morning. At about 5:30 I was able to fall asleep no problem. I woke up around 1 pm feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Mescalito is my new favorite psychedelic. LSD will always hold a place in my heart for its introspection effects that were the catalyst to me ending my problems with opiates, but the spiritual depth just isn't there like mescaline. I plan on exploring some bigger doses now I know how lovely this stuff is, but I will wait a handful of weeks before doing so. I am quite content with the experience and am in no hurry to ruin it by overdoing the substance by taking it too much in a row.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96351
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 22, 2013Views: 41,741
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