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The Weed Is Overshadowing It
Galangal & Cannabis
by volatile oil
Citation:   volatile oil. "The Weed Is Overshadowing It: An Experience with Galangal & Cannabis (exp96125)". Dec 1, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 2 cups oral Coffee  
  T+ 4:00 6 cups oral Galangal (tea)


Thai Galangal Decoction

4 heaping spoonfuls of dried powdered were added to 3 pints boiling water and allowed to simmer for 5 to ten minutes. I didnít spit in the water because I intend to reuse the grounds until they no longer affect the taste of the tea, then I will spit in it and using taste as the measure decide if the saliva has an emulsifying effect.

I had a bowl of weed about 4hrs ago and am feeling drowsy from the come down. Iíve also had 2 cups of coffee in the past 2.5 hours. Iíve only eaten light snacks for the past 8 hours or so. I have 2 other reports where I didnít boil the water.

0m This is much thicker than when I didnít boil the water, before there were hardly any particles suspended in the solution.

6m Halfway through the first cup, starting to feel different, kind of like Iím coming down from the weed harder. My eyes feel like theyíre sweating, might just be the spiciness.

10m First cup done, head feels loose, airy. Limbs still heavy from weed come down.

23m Second cup down, Iím not even feeling the warmth in my stomach like I did the other times. I feel slightly more lucid than before but that could be coming down from the weed. I am noticing an expectorant effect that I didnít notice the other times I drank this.

27m Little rush of light headed, it comes on and off in 5 second bursts.

41m 3rd cup down I can feel the pumping of blood in the lower back part of my brain. I can tell the galangal is there but the come down of the weed is overshadowing it. My soft palate tingles.

1:06 The come down feeling of the MJ is almost gone now. Hopefully I will be more keen on the galangal.

1:15 4th cup down. I can notice the blood flow in the top of my head. Some change in vision, dull glossy, but clear, and of course very slight barely noticeable.

1:29 5th cup down I notice some tracers when I have my hand in front of my face, I feel relaxed and have a warm feeling in my stomach.

1:54 I canít drink anymore, Iím almost done with my 6th cup, Iím not noticing the effects. A survey my myself; I feel relaxed, tired, lucid, warm in the stomach, loose muscles.

One of three things happened, the come down from weed overpowered the galangal, the boiling destroyed the active compounds in the galangal, or the fact that I had some yesterday interfered. These were listed in order of most likely.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96125
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 1, 2017Views: 1,508
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Galangal (24) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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