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Too Intense but Great One-Time Experience
2C-I & Cannabis
by sleepylivers92
Citation:   sleepylivers92. "Too Intense but Great One-Time Experience: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp96108)". Aug 13, 2015.

30 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
    smoked Cannabis  


May 4, 2012 8:50:00 PM

My girlfriend and I wanted to try a little more 2c-i than we were used to taking (usually 5-10mg doses on weekends). While she was at work, I prepared the doses and about 30 minutes after she got home, we took them. She took her's first and I took mine about 30 seconds after.

While we waited, we smoked some cannabis and talked for a while. The TV was on so we would occasionally look over and see what was on. We also looked at pictures and posts on the internet, just as we would any other night.

After about 2 hours of this, my gf sat down on the couch and said she was feeling the body load, but from the looks of her it was more intense than the typical body load, and it also onset very, very quickly.

I kid you not. A few minutes after she began feeling the body load, it kicked in for me in a matter of seconds. I visualized the gelatin capsule opening inside my stomach and pouring out the raw potent chemical. I began to feel very nervous and anxious, partly from the body load giving me that feeling (my gf and I call it the 'chest-y breath-y feeling'), but also because I was second guessing the accuracy of my measurements. Did I dish too much out? Am I going to be able to handle this trip? Am I in the right mindset?

Questions and concerns flooded into my short-term memory, and I sat down on the couch beside her. She could tell I was beginning to panic, and she told me there was nothing to worry about, and that it will be fun. This reassured me to think more positively and embrace whatever happens. I feel better and begin to lay on the carpet and stretch my body. I felt such a desire and pleasure from stretching my body to unique angles, positions and formations. I felt very proactive and good from stretching.

I noted 2 feelings throughout my trip. The first was my desire to stretch. The second one was that I felt more comfortable lying on the ground than anywhere else. I attributed that to just being tired, but to be honest I am really not sure what it is.

For a little while, my gf and I moved around and talked. We were so indecisive of what music we should put on. I recommended we listen to the songs on the Artificial Intelligence Series by WARP Records, just because it's neutral, repetitive, and unassuming.

After listening to music for a while and tripping in the living room, we were touching and we decided to go into the bedroom to fool around. I wanted to have the lights off, but she didn't, so we kept the lights on. This was such a blur for me because I wasn't keeping track of time and I know time distortion is very present on 2c-i, so we were in the bedroom for an indeterminate period of time, touching and making love.

After a while, she suggested we go back into the living room because we aren't done with our trip yet (we were lying in bed as if to go to sleep). We went out and turned the music back on, and coming out into the living room I realized that I was tripping a lot harder than I was earlier. My vision was filled with slow, smooth movement. Everything appeared to move in some way. Circles would spin, lines would shift and wiggle. Even blank spaces like the wall or the static in my vision contained slow-moving shades of dark green, dark blue, and dark purple. Walking, I felt light as a feather.

Like my body was moving forward just from wind and the shifting of my weight. I felt like my eyes were very open, and I was never focused on one particular object, but my surroundings as a whole.

We got out some strawberries from the fridge and we ate them on the floor. We talked about 'just letting go', which is I guess similar to what others call 'breaking through'. When you just let the experience consume you and become you, and turn your back from reality. Her form of 'letting go' was letting strawberry juice drip down her leg, onto the floor, to spread and smear with each movement. It was fine with me, because I had let go too.

Then, we went back into the living room, and we held each other on the floor. We looked into each other's eyes and talked about our feelings toward each other. She was feeling very emotional and began to tear up. She said 'I told myself I wouldn't do this'. I asked her why, and she said it was because she doesn't like the idea of crying while on drugs, and she went on to say because people typically don't feel this strongly when they're sober.

I explained to her that it is a privelage to be able to feel this way, and that she is right when she says that people typically don't feel emotion this strongly, which makes moments like these special regardless of the circumstances they fall under.

She laid on the ground, and we began talking, except she began to be very unresponsive. I asked her if she was ok, and she said 'I feel like my brain is shutting down.' This kind of shocked me, because I didn't know what she meant. I inquired, and she just said she felt like her head was going to explode (we later find out that 2c-i causes migraines and very high blood pressure). I didn't know what to do, and it seemed to me that if this feeling persisted I may have to call 911. I asked her if I would have to do that, and she said she didn't know. She had two of these occassions in succession, both lasting about a minute each, and going away for a minute or two. After her second one, she began to feel better. I was so alarmed about what had happened that I was almost tripping less because of it. We went into the bedroom and talked about it, and we talked about how she felt like she had been peaking during those times of the headache pain.

We began fooling around in the bedroom again, and we made love 2 or 3 more times. One major thing to mention about 2c-i is its mdma like effects it had on us. It made our skin very sensitive to touch, and our genitals very 'alive' feeling. We were very sexually active that night, and over the course of 6 hours we probably made love about 5-6 times. So much so, that we attributed that night to a pregnancy scare later in the month.

We spent the comedown in the bedroom, which lasted about 4 hours, where we just talked, giggled, and made love for about 2-3 hours. Then we decided to go to bed and I fell asleep within 15 minutes of the lights being turned off. The next morning, I woke up about 12 hours later, and still had very faint visuals and fractals.

Overall, I would say this experience went pretty well. It was VERY intense for my taste, and would probably never do that much again, but enjoyed it and am glad that I didn't have any kind of episode from it. My gf had about the same response to it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96108
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Aug 13, 2015Views: 2,016
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2C-I (172) : Difficult Experiences (5), Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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