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Like an Itching in My Heart
BOD & Cannabis
by 7177
Citation:   7177. "Like an Itching in My Heart: An Experience with BOD & Cannabis (exp95598)". Apr 5, 2012.

22.5 mg oral BOD (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is a not at all rambling narrative about my (male adult, healthy, 75kg, experienced tripper) first taste of BOD (4-methyl-2,5,beta-trimethoxyphenethylamine) essentially 2c-d with a methoxy group dangling from the beta carbon.

I honestly thought my guinea pig days were over before this one came along and made me relapse. Of course I am in fact a guinea pig in some sense, volunteering eagerly for this massive unmonitored and unstructured self administration trial we're all participating in. These days however I usually won't do any chemical without having fairly congruent reports of two or more people whose judgment I trust or have reason to believe.

With BOD all I had to go on was it's Pihkal entry, which is a pretty poor source when it comes to subjective effects IME. Many of the qualitative comments Shulgin chose to include don't resonate with me, a lot of them describing totally idiosyncratic reactions I haven't been able to replicate. Dosage ranges given are mostly kept (deliberately?) low whereas estimated durations I found were measured generously but not be completely off base.

My go-to guy for NMR analysis regrettably went out of the game for a bit, therefore I wasn't able to confirm the compounds identity beyond any doubt beforehand. I'd rather have had it tested before trying it but what could I do?

I started to tritrate the material up, starting out at a few hundred ug and took my time bringing it up to a high single digit amount where I found definitive traces of activity not readily attributable to a placebo effect (somewhere between 7mg-9mg). From there I made a big leap to 22,5mg, my first full dose. Nothing worth worth mentioning happened while ramping it up, and I felt fairly confident things wouldn't turn sour if I'd jump up the ladder a bit.

T+0h (9pm) I weighed out 22,5mg using a fairly accurate submill balance (I know how to use after a fashion at least) and down the hatch it went. Blech, but then again pretty mild as far as nasty bitter chemicals go. I can see how less sensitive individuals would want to try sublingual administration with this one. Originally I was aiming for 20mg. I didn't want to come to close to the maximal dose Shulgin and his group did dare to take. The amount mentioned above was the weight of the pile I had on the spatula after a single decisive (heh) stoop, I just couldn't be bothered to fuck around in order to remove excess 2,5mg. As always I had prepared some joints, a short acting benzo and some mirtazapin -in case things go pearshaped..

I dosed on a full stomach that day, and even debated if I should call the whole thing off because of it. I'm not prone to get nauseous on psychedelics, but being stuffed pretty much ensures a rough ride to the top and even persisting discomfort after reaching the plateau with some compounds (with phens even more pronounced than with trypts). Honestly don't know what drove me have seconds and thirds that day, most likely a combination of carelessness and exceptionally good cooking. (:

T+1h First alarms were noticeable pretty fast, BOD was giving me a first shout within the first 25 minutes: A tingle in the fingertips, the urge to stretch and color saturation went up a notch. Hello there! At 10pm a subtle but unspecific intoxication had evolved, very smooth not unlike the pre-liftoff phase of other phenetylamines I had encountered. Was I experiencing stomach issues or abdominal pain? No, I decided, and whatever disturbance triggered the question went away without a trace.

T+2h Visuals! The gradual and slow development kept its pace and for the last thirty minutes visual disturbances started sneaking in. Light sources left lasting afterimages (no tracers though), that's how it started. There was some Persian carpet type activity on flat surfaces, rainbow colored filaments protruding from the edges of objects and walls, letters squirming and wriggling, my computer monitor a pond filled with neon liquids. The visuals increased in intensity until T+3h and took a long time to recede completely, some artifacts persisted well into the next day. Nothing outstanding though, you'd get quite a bitmore eye candy out of the same amount of 2C-E.

I felt sluggish and lazy some but had some last minute shopping to do and stepped out. Moving in public and interacting with my surrounding proved to be not much of an effort. At this point I was a bit disappointed, there wasn't much of a psychedelic headspace going on, almost transparent, or so I thought. That's when I bumped into this guy I believe to be a douche. The feeling's mutual by the way, I usually try to avoid him he however does not: He has no shame. Heh. He tossed me a quip about a book he knew I 've read and which he is about to give up on again, for good this time (it's a bit boring). I soon found myself completely absorbed by a lively debate about the damn book. I'm immensely enjoying myself , but can't help but noticing that I still
don't like the bloke. There's definitely a strong urge to communicate but not a hint of the (sometimes annoyingly fake) loved up feeling some empathogens cause. Interesting. A strong sense of mirth and a mischievous sense of humor took hold of me. Both didn't relent until next evening. It wasn't what I'd call euphoria, that word is used far too loosely in this scene IMO. If every compound would be as 'euphoric' as the punters make it out to be, humanity could get completely wrecked on carrot salad too. A more precise description would be that I felt a substantial and persistent mood lift alongside a moderate disinhibition and relaxation.

T+3h Midnight. Time for a joint. Fine motor skills a bit off, and I can't help noticing i'm tad unsure on my feet. Around Midnight I started compulsively listening to old Diana Ross and Supreme records, which I couldn't stop for another week. I spent the last hour happily typing
away, going through my correspondence or chatting away on the phone. How long was this supposed to go on like that? The material seemed to level out just now, I looked back to a slow linear come up much more pleasant than most 2c's I've tasted and forward to a long stable plateau. The intensity was not overwhelming, far from it, the high felt fairlycontrollable. I typed an shitload of emails and texts but nothing I thought I'd have reason to regret afterwards (turned out to be true).

Fast forward to T+7h: I kept myself busy, BOD showed no hint of loosening it's (mellow) grip. I was quite unexpectedly taught a lesson that night: It's spring all around and I'm still stuck in the bleak 8h daylight/day period, I realized. That trip went a long way helping me breaking the shelf ice. A slight headache had developed over the last hour, nothing I couldn't shrug off and ignore altogether at this point, but it accompanied me the whole next day. An aspirin would've probably takencare of it, but I ended up taking nothing at all to dampen it. At that point I decided to grab a few hours sleep, and pondered taking something to enforce it. Sleep found me within a minute or two of switching the light off. I hate benzo brain fog.

T+12h BOD gave me pretty convoluted dreams (remember not much at this point though I had no problem recalling them next day). I woke up around 8:30am and immediately realized that I still was wrecked. The high had receded, but I was still as intoxicated like I was at T+2h. I felt completely comfortable going about my day however, enjoying the afterglow and profiting from the quick and effortless flow of association. The last traces vanished late afternoon/early evening that day.

Random remarks:

This was my first opportunity to taste a member of the BOX series, fortunately it turned out to be worthwhile, or at least appears to merit further investigation. I had no idea how much the addition of a methoxy group on the beta carbon would change the materials character. I was always fond of 2c-d, more than the compound deserved objectively. The come up on 2C-D is a steep jittery ride for me and it's far too short lived for my taste. Moreover the type of psychedelia it induces is
pretty distinctive and complex but doesn't feel particularly deep. But there's something that had me coming back, it's my favorite for museum visits for instance, don't ask me why I wouldn't know how to explain it. I suspect that BOD could turn out to be superior from my perspective. It reminded me a lot more of some of the thio substituted 2c's (read 2c-t-7) than 2c-d, the body load however is (apart from an annoying headache) notably absent. I know, 2c-t-7 performs pretty inconsistentand is a bit difficult to predict ime therefore admittedly a pretty poor yardstick. I did not achieve full psychedelia nor have I seen the materials full potential at this point. There's further investigation necessary to separate the compounds characteristics from idiosyncratic effects attributable to set and setting. It's worth pursuing, I was very pleased, your YMMV though. Regarding the dosage range: There's room for more, I'm sure of it, maybe it's possible to go beyond 30mg even.However it's not far fetched to assume that the dose/response isn't exactly linear with this one.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95598
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Apr 5, 2012Views: 11,746
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BOD (572), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), Personal Preparation (45), Alone (16)

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