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Body Tremors and Ear Popping
6-APB & Cannabis
by Kevin
Citation:   Kevin. "Body Tremors and Ear Popping: An Experience with 6-APB & Cannabis (exp95472)". Erowid.org. Nov 14, 2012. erowid.org/exp/95472

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 200 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 100 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30   oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

So to begin with, my name Is Kevin I am 18 and ive been doing drugs since I was 16, ive tried Marijuana, Cocaine , Mdma , Lsd, shrooms, Ketamine, Xanax, Oxycotin. Dxm, Crack only once and meth only once. Also I have done a number of research chemicals 2ce, 2ci, 2cp, Bk-Mdma, 4mmc, 4mec I love testing my mind. So im a very big fan of mdma and there was a music festival coming up but living down here in miami theres only Bk-Mdma which I have a very high tolerance from it, so I decide to order some 6apb from a trusted vendor which is known to produce Mdma effecs.

00:00- I am with 2 freinds known as J and M we get to the festival its a very big festival as soon as I get in I hit the dance floor, Tiesto is playing the beat of the song is very intense and I am completly sober so I decide to spice things a bit. I drop two capsuels each of 100mg. As I start walking to another stage this girl comes with her freinds will call this girl V , they were wanting some Mdma so I share some with them, we sit down smoke some weed.

00:30- As where rolling up jays V decides to smoke for her first time and take a pill, my stomach growls and I start rolling really intense eyes wiggiling jaw clenching and alot of euphoria. V starts coming on to me first with a little kiss then we starting going at it, making out feels very amazing I loose my self in the moment once we stop kissing my roll is kicking in very hard, I am feeling great and amazing very much like Mdma but lacking a bit on the empathy didnt get the love feeling as much. So V wants to go dance we go while avicii is playing we start dancing I drop another 2 capsules of 100mg each.

02:00- Me and V are still dancing its getting very hot and sweaty looks like just took a shower and my pills are kicking in very intense I am now seeing hallucinations the kind I get when I
do alot of Mdma, not really visuals more of hallucination kind of like Lsd. As I keep on dancing I tell V to get some water we go to the booth we get two water bottles chug all of it down and we sat down to smoke some weed, when the weed is finished all the pills hit me at the same time I had to lay down so V gives me a massage and then asks me to give her one this part becomes very intense touching feels amazing , V asks to have sex we go to a safe spot and go at it. I am reaching a level of pure orgasim we go at it for like 30 mintutes which felt like hours. After, my body had a very strong body high and visuals were very intense. We go back to the dance and I throw up from the deyhadration I leave to get water and I loose V, damn I am very mad but I cant stress to much about it my roll starts more intense I drop 1 capsuel of 100mg.

06:30- I am leaving the festival I got lost in all the music and I am rolling to an extreme jaw is shaking incredibly, I am hallucinating very hard seeing faces,come out of know where my ears are very sensitive I hear everything it feels like too much things are going on at the same time but im handeling it very good I meet up with my freinds and we decide to go to the beach, When we get there I have 5 capsuels left of 100mg each, I drop them all in orange juice I chugged almost the whole thing then my freind J and M drank the rest we start walking on the beach and light up a blunt then it hits! Oh my god what did I get my self into I am seeing visuals that I didnt think was possible to see the clouds are making faces of demons smiling looking down at me everything seems to be scaring me I am still able to talk but for some reason I keep stuttering and getting stuck im seeing patterns every where but when I concentrate I see faces popping out of the floor

08:00- M and J get a telly since we realize we can stay in the beach because if not we where going to die we end up at the hotel in the room there are mirrors every where at this point im not even rolling I have the body high of rolling but I am seeing alot of stuff it felt like I driopped 3 lsd stamps I look at my self in the mirror and I saw my self change to diffrent forms I felt like everything I was thinking I was able to see I changed into these characters in this order, I went from an Old Man too a Prisoner, Mechanic , Fat person, Drug addict, Old woman, Rapper, Dad , and at the end my eyes got into this super white light like I had energy coming out of me my skin was orange my hair was in flames and my face was my skeleton and the back round was all black.

012:00- The last past hours have been to intese I keep blacking out but im remebering who I am I see people coming out of the walls diffrent characters and I can see me I self on the wall like if it was a mirror, the wall is leaving a slide show I cant belive what my eyes are seeing I smoke a blunt and lay down I close my eyes and I can see everything outlined in green im seeing my self run through a feild of flowers when I notice my left hand is getting numb and so is my leg then I feel like a shock in it and I think am I about to have seizure and I start seeing my self fly through the unvierse going through the stars and then my arm starts buring and so does my leg but like if im on fire and the back of my head is burning as well with very strong pain my body starts shaking my arm goes up in the air and my leg gets paralyzed and they start shaking then my fingers start locking I am noticing it but at the same time I think its not real then rainbows and demons start going through my vision and im going down a cave like if I was going to hell demons surronding me faces every where of diffrent people of my life this goes on for 3 minutes then M grabs my arm and I snap back into reality and everything is back to normal.

03:00am- I am seeing spiders all over the roof everything I think about is happening and I keep hearing noises saying mollys, mollys I hear a girls voice saying hes rolling help him and there was no one there the walls are melting and everything is leaving white light I close my eyes my jaw is clenching like crazy and I am getting alot of body tremors and my ear drums kept popping constantly I was also hearing music from the festival and making music in my head also my brain felt like it was burning and I would close my eyes and felt like they kept pushing me back in my body.

06:00am- I still have not come down visuals less intense but I am still on it I am very dilusional cant concentrate and very exhausted, also lips are black I try to go to sleep which I Achive but it takes a good 30 mintues I had no dreams just alot of visuals I felt like I kept falling but really wasnt. Eventually I end up falling asleep and I wake up 2 hours later.

08:00am- I smoke a bowl it brings the high back less intense but the body high no visuals unless I really put my mind to it. I smoke a white boy hight gets intense its last about and hour and I come down really good I finally fell asleep and I wake 8 hour later.

03:00pm- I am still very tired have no energy very sour and still having problem concentraing and keeping a conversation going I fall asleep again till the next day wake up 16 hours later.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95472
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 14, 2012Views: 9,572
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6-APB (516), Cannabis (1) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Overdose (29), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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