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Pot For My Colitis
by Panface
Citation:   Panface. "Pot For My Colitis: An Experience with Cannabis (exp9502)". Jul 6, 2005.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Here's the thing. My junior year of high school, february of 1999 I was diagnosed with a cronic illness. It was ulcerative colitis, a digestive disorder. This disease has a way of putting people down for years, and can give colon cancer if left untreated. The problem is there is no cure for it exept removal of the colon. I went through that year and my senior year to find myself as a freshmen in college. I was thinking about my freedom, and realized I wasnt truly free, I still needed to go to the bathroom 10 times a day or so.

In December of 2000, I decided I met another person with colitis. I was told that I should stay away from drugs because of the risk of health interactions. I was curious about pot and colitis, it's supposed to be medicinal, right? He told me that he hadn't noticed anything, but he has a different, less severe case of it. He told me that he would love to help me further my studies, if that was what I was doing.

A few days later I was trying pot for the first time. Of course I wanted to look at it as scientificly as possible. I didn't notice anything in my colon, but at least it wasn't a negative effect. I started to get stoned more often, just for something to do. I realized that I was having to use the bathroom much less, and almost never would I need to go while I was high.

I decided to further my studies I would quit smoking it, and sure enough my condition went back to its usual self. I began smoking pot as I needed it and realized that one joint a night left my stomach and colon feeling soothed.

If you have ulcerative colitis and are looking for a cure with pot, I can't tell you for sure, but it seems to have worked for me.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9502
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 6, 2005Views: 16,059
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Cannabis (1) : Medical Use (47), Health Benefits (32), Not Applicable (38)

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