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Magically Colourful and Sexy
2C-E, 2C-B, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   PewterG. "Magically Colourful and Sexy: An Experience with 2C-E, 2C-B, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp94968)". Mar 12, 2012.

T+ 0:00
24 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 8 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:05     Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 2:05   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I had considered what I had a fair bit of psychedelic experience (extensive exploration of LSD, 2C-B, DOM, salvia and mushrooms). It wasnt until the trip I outline here that I realize that Ive only just scratched the surface.

The first time Id tried 2C-E had been at a festival combined with mushrooms, and I quickly realized its potential as a base to add other chemicals on. To this day, I have only tried it on its own once because that one time was simply not extraordinary enough for my recreational purposes. Id had the same sort of impression with 2C-B in my experience and the first time I did the combination (16 mgs 2C-E, 20 mgs 2C-B, 2 grams mushrooms) it produced the full-on, long-lasting, fun, funny, beautiful psychedelic trip I had hypothesized it would (the mushrooms wore off in the first couple hours, but magic totally happened during the peak of all three; definitely a story worth telling another time). Id tried the combination again that summer without the mushrooms, but Id had a longing to experiment with further with 2C-E and fiddle with the balance of the combo.

So I decided to do 2C-B and -E with my co-worker, well call him B, at his house on New Years Eve. Although I knew of quite a few parties in the area with many more of the my friends at them than this one, I realized that this one would likely be pretty chill and all the others were likely to be off-the-wall drunken debauchery (I found out the next day that someone threw up in the living room at one of the parties). Since I had never been satisfied with 16 mg doses of 2C-E and B wasnt planning on doing something I was unsatisfied with, we decided to take 24 mgs of 2C-E, with 8 mgs of 2C-B only to make the trip more social.

I was getting off work that night at 10 PM, so B and I agreed to take it separately at 10. He would be at his place with some friends already and I would go over there after smoking some pot at home and feeding my new rats their night time veggies. I got home at 10:15 and hit the bong a couple times before feeding the rats. By 10:30 I was feeling the buzzed sort of rush I associate with coming up on 2C-B and decide that I should probably meet up with B. Before leaving I spend a frantic and slightly hysterical 10 minutes looking for my fisheye lens kaleidoscope before deciding that it was probably the mysterious forces that manipulate my environment when Im screwed up on magic drugs hiding it on me so I would miss celebrating the countdown. It should be said that my paranoia/leniency to magical thought had been a little up during these holidays because I had been using methoxetamine a little more regularly than I should have been. Anyways, I leave my place to go find Bs, which I had never been to before, in an area close to my house that I was unfamiliar with.

It was a beautiful night. Snow came down constantly but wasnt bad enough to impede vision. I knew the 2C-E had come on because everywhere I looked had a crystal clear Technicolor quality I associate with 2C-E, as if all the light that was being reflected off everything was forcing itself into my eyes for inspection. The 2C-B made me feel so comfortable and at peace during that walk, as if all the stress that I knew was in my life was not warranted and the only thing that mattered was appreciating the incredible beauty of the environment I was in. Even though I knew I was going in the right direction, I asked a family which way the street I was looking for was just because I wanted to be social. When I talked to them, I could feel the good naturedness in me come out and my heart became so excited that it pounded in my stomach. At this point in the trip the 2C-B was pronounced and clear while the 2C-E was still laying low. I get to Bs house at around 11 to find him and about 7-8 of his friends sitting in his living room drinking, smoking dope, and pretty much being tame. I only know one person there apart from B, someone I had flirted with briefly at a party a couple years earlier, lets call them T. My brain immediately started racing with warm sensual thoughts of potential. I smile to myself and sit in a corner. I felt awkward being not knowing anyone while being on psychedelics, but certainly not as bad as the intense social anxiety I can have on mushrooms alone. B, although definitely tripping, was not feeling awkward whatsoever, and was running around making connections with people.

At this point I realize that it is impossible for me to go to any party that is higher energy than this one because I would not have fun. For the first 20 minutes there I keep to myself, but B offers me a beer and directly after taking my first swig I feel much more social. This is when my memory of the night gets a little funky. I soon find myself in charge of the music, playing Make The Girl Dances song Kill Me for the countdown to the complaints of many people. I was in a little bit of a screw you, Im tripping mood, where I would push boundaries and tease people simply because I thought it was funny. A couple minutes after the countdown, a joint started getting passed around. Right now Im sitting next to T on the couch, with B on the ground on the other side, messaging his back on the radiator. Just like every other time I smoke weed on any substance, as soon as I take my first hit I realize how high I am on everything else. It wasnt until this point that I truly felt the effects of the 2C-E. The scenery changed from being crystal clear to only clear where I focussed. Everything else was a slow swirl of colour and shape, with objects either appearing to move or appearing in more spots than one. Repetitive patterns and textiles had incredible depth and texture, making my khakis look silken and a towel in the bathroom appear plush. There was a distinct increase in the contrast associated with shadows, making everything look almost cartoonish. Almost everything looked shiny. The gut euphoria I associate with 2C-E and mushrooms (and what I think many people consider to be the nausea experienced on those drugs) started being present at this point. Although I can remember the walk from my place to Bs perfectly, the memory of this time period is a psychedelic blur. I remember drinking more beers and continuing to be social and laugh a lot.

My next clear memories are after most people leave and T and I are sharing one of the living room couches to sleep in. Other partiers try to get to sleep on the other couch and on the floor, but I dont think anyone is asleep here. Im sitting with my legs over T and a blanket over both of us. I know Im the initiator here and I gently gyrate to show that Im interested. My heart is pounding, but instead of feeling nervous like I usually do in these situations, I feel sexy as hell. T goes down on me, giving me some time to appreciate how truly fucked up I am. With the lights off, the visual aspect of the 2C-E really took over. A potted vine in the corner of the room twists, its leaves swaying and becoming pointier and blunter. Everything has an almost purple-green look, two of my favorite colours making this one of my favorite psychedelic experiences. I soon find myself losing interest in sex because of how distracted I am and just wanting to cuddle. T fell asleep fast, but falling asleep was not possible for me whatsoever. I tossed and turned all night, unable to find a comfortable position. My brain and body were still stimulated, wanting to be interacting with the surrounding environment. Every time I closed my eyes, I would feel tension start to rise inside me, with muscles trembling, ears increasing pressure, and an excited feeling in my chest until my eyes burst open again and I was back to homeostasis. At one point I go to the washroom to sit in the light, and I look at my face in the mirror. My pupils were, independently from each other, dilating and constricting, giving my face a very tripped out look. I spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling and periodically trying to sleep to no avail. The next morning I felt a little socially drained and quite excited to go home and not talk to anyone for about a day. The excited feeling and slightly scattered vision remained strong up until around noon when I passed out at home.

All in all, this was an incredible recreational drug trip. These two drugs compliment each other so strongly that I always recommend the combo to people. With a much stronger 2C-E buzz you are not left psychedelically unsatisfied, but 2C-B mellows it out and places it in a context of love and acceptance. I would consider it more of a party/festival combination, because both B and I found it hard to sleep on, but, because it is so psychedelic, it might not be a good party combo for everyone. 9.5/10!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94968
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Mar 12, 2012Views: 14,004
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2C-B (52), 2C-E (137) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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