Two Experiments
2C-T-2 & Cannabis
Citation:   sakithin. "Two Experiments: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Cannabis (exp94784)". Feb 7, 2012.

  oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This report describes 2 distinct experiences with the same substance, where the second experience was tried out in order to verify that some aspects of the first experience could be attributed to the substance rather than to the setting.

For the first experience, 20mg of 2C-T-2 were consumed near the beginning of a party which had been gathered to decorate a black-lit temporary structure with UV-reactive materials. An additional 5mg booster was taken around 2h into the party.

The first signs of the beginning of the trip happened about half an hour in, just a vague sense that things were about or starting to go a little funny. There were no particularly intense sensory distortions at first, but there was a general feeling of altered mood, and I had become more easily distracted. I found throughout the trip that my jokes were tending towards more cerebral humour, and I was rather enjoying light and humorous discussions with my friends about otherwise unpleasant topics ranging from gross social inequalities to environmental devastation and the likelihood of our own extinction in the near term.

Around an hour and a half into the trip, I noticed that some wood grains and other textures were showing shifting and breathing sorts of distortions. These visuals had largely subsided by the 2 hour mark (motivating the use of the booster dose).

The booster dose failed to bring any resumption in sensory distortions. I noticed at some poin that the sensory distortions seemed to be primarily visual, with a little tactile. In particular, I didn't notice anything terribly special or unusual about any of the music that got played.

After 7 hours, I was pretty sure that I was back at baseline, and went to bed.

The trip left me with a lot of questions about the material: were the sensory distortions almost entirely visual, or had I just failed to notice other distortions? Was the apparent cerebral quality of the trip a quality of the drug, or of the company I was keeping at the party? Was the redose at all effective, or was I basically wasting material?

To answer these questions, I took another trip 4 weeks later in the same space. This time I took 22mg in a single dose, and was with different friends.

On the second trip, I actually found myself occasionally getting somewhat alienated from my friends (who had instead consumed 4-AcO-DMT) as my experience was again somewhat cerebral, and theirs was not. I seemed to take a particular delight in using fancy words, and trying to describe subtle (possibly even nonexistent) patterns in thoughts and ideas. As an example, at one point, one of my friends wanted to step out for a cigarette. I decided to join him, and started thinking a great deal about my relationship with tobacco (I'm a very occasional, and mostly social smoker): the circumstances in which I would tend to consume it, when others might tend to consume it, how this might play into its addictive qualities, etc. From previous attempts to describe similar patterns, I already knew better than to try and explain this one. I also spent a fair bit of time considering my relationship to other materials, such as water, blood, and sewage at various points in the evening. I decided that such contemplations were a pattern of this particular trip.

On the sensory side of things, I once again found the distortions to be mainly visual, and just a little heavier than before. Since my friends were smoking a little pot to potentiate their 4AcO, I decided to also take a good solid haul to see what would happen. I was astonished by how strongly the pot brought on the visuals. Where there had previously been some shifting and breathing effects, and a few objects obtaining extra eyes, I was now beset by whirling luminous fractals, seperated by ripples of rainbow that looked like oil flowing over water (but all evenly spaced, and curling towards and around anchor points on the fractals). My friends' faces began to leave multicoloured phosphorescent trails of their contours and eyes.

Later, when peeing into a nearby lake, the dissipating foam from my urine hitting the water took the form of an intricately whirling, intertwined mass of jewelled serpents. Occasionally while staring at it, I asked myself 'what's the object in consensual reality that I'm getting these incredible visuals from? Ah, right; piss foam'.

I found myself exhausted and needing to sleep at around the 6 hour mark, and had little difficulty doing so, with CEVs readily shifting into dreams. I was at baseline when I woke up the next morning, if still a little groggy from the pot (also from the hunger, as I'd neglected to eat much before the trip, and didn't really have an appetite during the trip).

Overall, from the experiences I've had so far, I'd consider this material to be visually stunning and definitely cerebral, possibly even slightly nootropic. I'd also agree with my friend who took 22mg at the first party that 22mg seems to be something of a sweet spot (though I'm fairly confident that redosing was ineffective, and only have the PIHKAL reports of 25mg being too much as a data point to tell me that I probably don't want to experiment with more). Regardless, I think that I'd be quite interested in doing some additional experiments (possibly seeing how it behaves in combination with 2C-D, or if it shares that substance's apparent property of being more nootropic than psychedelic at lower doses).

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94784
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Feb 7, 2012Views: 11,858
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