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Step in the Surreal
Cannabis (possibly with PCP)
Citation:   KITSC0MA. "Step in the Surreal: An Experience with Cannabis (possibly with PCP) (exp9372)". Jul 2, 2004.

4 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked PCP  
And CB said unto her in a cool cat voice reminicant of the beatnik era 'Why dont you shut the fuck up and step into the surreal' And she did, and all was good..

When my band came I knew we were to be smoking, they were to bring what was left of thier Quarter from the week. My brother and I were to supply what we could find up here. I live in the suburbs of DC and had recently moved. My band lived down in VA Beach so every time we see them, we make it worthwhile, little did we know that what we would find would be a benchmark of all our friendships.

It was a friday sometime in early July of 2001, Steve-O, His friend Chad and I were to find some weed. I had been waiting anxiously all week for the kind green bud, and knowing I was with my friends and bandmates made the wait worth it. Friday night came and we quickly smoked thier share of thier shwagg. I got pretty stoned and we soon created a song in the garage. We watched the movie 'Secret of NIMH' I know I sound like a pussy but if you ever get a chance to see that movie fucked up, it will send you into a trance. Cartoons kick ass stoned, im sorry its the truth. After that we listened to some NIN or whatever. I was fucked up so what I remember may be a little fuzzy here and there. Unfortuneately, the entire time they were down we had CB, my four bandmates, my brother and my sister who had recently started smoking to my dismay. Everyone supported her so I was an outspoken induvidual. But we all got high and for a little bit. I got a good 4 hits so I was blazed, it was average shit, but any bud is good bud. We fucked around with stuff for a few hours, talked and passed out.

We awoke about 11 AM, my father had just gone off to run some errands and my friend Kurt was on his way over. He is a non smoker but he hung out with us for a few hours. My brother called his 'hook up' I never really trust people I dont meet but I was desperate, I went from smoking everyday to smoking once for nearly two weeks, and for any pothead, thats hell. Ok, he called his friend and him and Chad took out money to buy some. 2 hours went by. We started to get agitated and paranoid that they got busted. They came back with what we were hoping was a nice quarter of shit. They showed us a fucking DIMEBAG of light green stuff. We would not take it, no we wouldent take it. We sent them back to tell the guy we would fuck him up. Seve-o said something about it being laced with PCP, i said bullshit he just wants to fuck you over. He came back 2 more hours later with another bag. Now the waiting began. By that time it was 3:30 in the afternoon.


Leatherface took woodie out. The dark burnt wooden pipe that was our most trusted ally was ready to be put into useage. Slowly behind my barn it got passed around the circle. I took a good hit. 'Tastes like spicy earth' I was amazed at the taste. It was totally different. We remembered it had a slimyness to the bud with a distinct odor (the PCP). Before the crowd got back to me I started to ramble and walk around. When it hit it wassint a set on like regular weed it was a (ZAM) you were in. the circle began to talk like a crowd. We were all chatting like a fucking buisness ground. I got three more good hits and began to get mad visuals. We were in an interactive play and the world was a big TV Screen! A white goat was jumping in the field behind our yard and the stars were all spinning like plates on a stick. Were we fucked up. We all split into three groups. I was yelling something like 'WE GOTTA STOP GUYS! WE ARE FUCKED UP! AND WE NEED TO GO BACK INTO THE 'HOMEZONE' In translation I think I said. We are fucked up and should go inside.

With all the hallucinating and sick possession going on my friend Rice, the guitar player decided to go get the my acustic. Him and I spent a good 10 minutes on a mission to find it. There was only one problem. My legs had shrunk to 3 inches tall. But they were a big three inches. Maybe I shrunk totally? No time, I gotta get the guitar.

Upon finding it we saw the apple tree behind the house and my barn was a giant mushroom. What a way to be. The world was gone, it was a field, monster clouds, a beach and a giant mushroom. My world was changed. I was no longer myself. I was something different, something better. My mind went into hero mode. I got my bass while Rice was playing. For 30 minutes we played. Or was it 4 hours? Or 4000 hours? No use..

We played the music of the world. From sad miserable to fucking paradice. This was our music, we were far beyond control. We wondered back and to our amazemend, everyone was still in the small groups ranting. My sister was being incredibly irratating and nobody could stand her utter being. CB had the right Idea. 'Why dont you shut the fuck up and step into the surreal?!' In the cool beatnik voice. I cant even explain the being of this voice, it was amazing. So cool and calm in the face of his annoying adversary. She walked off, but had one more revenge to Dr.Klaw he was feeling down and to make matters worse she said in a childish voice, ya know, when a kid doesent know shit yet still pretends to be in control? 'So you mean..You skipped the happy high and went streight into the surreal?' We still laugh at her to this day about it. Klaw told her to fuck off. Problem solved.

Later I took a walk by myself to have a walk down the beach in my mind, it was really my pool. I was pondering what is the fun of drugs. Why are they so fun? Is this some weird game you play by yourself? Why is this so pleasureable? and other questions other stoners I have talked to ponder. Then it dawned on me! Its like reading a book only you are both the author and the main character at the same time. Reality is blurred! Millions of thoughts ran toward my friends and I soon walked slowly to my friends. (not on purpose) I stuttered miserably at my discoveries, but Rice and Leatherface knew what I ment.

The rest of the night I cannot remember, we smoked a bit more and had more adventures best left to the collective subconscious. What I did remember next was me walking alone on that beach in paradice on a summer day with a dark blue sky singing and chanting 'step into the surreal with me' over and over. PCP made us all very fucked up and none of the mongreloid affects you read about. I just know I was neither in control nor out of it. I had achieved my glimse of the godhead allright.

The night soon ended with us walking about, listening to good music and finally crashing at 9:00am still high on the PCP. I felt weird the next day. When they had to leave we vowed never to forget 'Stepping into the surreal' for our first time.

The details and the way I told you all this probably sound terrible and I probably have a monsterous amount of spelling errors. But pops is almost home and I gotta kinda rush this. I do not condone PCP or any drug, the best bet is to either watch yourself or not do it at all. I do drugs for better understanding of myself and to learn and enjoy myself with friends. When it all comes down to It I would have rather died 5 years earlier feeling more fufilled with knowlage, then 5 years later more dulled with life and with a gap of happy fun memories.

So go grab some friends, step into the surreal and seek the godhead. KIT IS OUT!

Peoples names in this have been changed. But you guys know who you are.
Band Members Friends & Sister
Kit (me) Ash
Rice Chad
Leatherface CB
Klaw Kurt
Steve-o aka. Bukit (my brother)

I dedicate this, and all things I create to my band. Without you I would never know the things about the world I know now, and the creative outlet would never be so great. I praise you guys and keep thinking for yourselves.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 2, 2004Views: 26,027
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PCP (113), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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