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Good God Make the Pain Stop
Tobacco (second hand smoke)
by Krazy_Calvin
Citation:   Krazy_Calvin. "Good God Make the Pain Stop: An Experience with Tobacco (second hand smoke) (exp9350)". Nov 24, 2001.

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This report is about Migraine Headaches (cluster type.)

Ever since I was a small child, I have had migraines. I have had CAT scans and other tests to try to find the cause, but it is just genetics. My mother had them and I now have them (I hope to god that my future children won't be forced to feel this.) My mother has more problems with it than me. She doesn't have any real triggers (it seems), but she has about 1-3 a week.

Unlike my mother, I have one major trigger for my migraines, Tobacco. Not really smoking it, but inhaling the second hand smoke. If you have never had a migraine, trust me when i say you do NOT want one. What happens is, whenever I am around anybody who ever smokes a cigarette, a mild headache starts up. After about a half an hour, I feel a very large amount of pressure on my brain. It seems almost as two people are pushing as hard as they can on all the sides of my head. Any light/sound at all will just make my head start pounding. Its hard to keep anything down, all I want to do is throw up, get everything out of my body. Any tylenol or advil I take will not help much because, like I just said, I would just throw it up. All I ever want to do when i have one is just lie in the darkest room in my house under a large blanket.

I have never found out why tobacco causes this, but i don't even smoke it anymore. I am almost positive i am allergic to it. The last time i smoked a cigar, I got pleurisy (i am positive thats not spelled right.)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 24, 2001Views: 30,780
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Tobacco (47) : Not Applicable (38), Health Problems (27)

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