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My Descent Into Madness
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (Cloud 9)
by Stickingtoweed
Citation:   Stickingtoweed. "My Descent Into Madness: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (Cloud 9) (exp93426)". Oct 19, 2012.

1 bowl smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)


This documentation is about my trip with the 'potpourri' brand Cloud 9. This is the one that says on the front 'Cloud 9 Extra Strength'.

Previous experience : Heavy Cannabis smoker, Salvia 120x, various “incenses”, Cocaine, 2c-e, various amphetamines, Various Opiates, and Mephedrone.

After a 10 hour day at work tearing down houses, my uncle took me to a gas station to pick up some new 'Incense'. I wasn't looking for one in particular; I just needed a substitute to hold me over until I got my drug test over with. This was the brand that the clerk strongly suggested, he said people buy it and keep coming back. So,of course, this is the one I went with.

When I got home I immediately ran upstairs to my room and packed a bowl in a socket, slightly packed. I used a water bottle to put the socket in. I lit up, held it in, and before I knew It, I had lost my mind.

The onset was much faster than expected. It kind of scared me, to be honest. I remember freaking out and running to my closet and hiding my things, for no reason at all. Then all of a sudden this crazy song started going off in my head. It wasn’t an actual song, more like just an insane trippy mindfuck. Soon after, it started to look like I was going back in forth insanely fast, sort of like a low dose of salvia. It seemed as if my vision was zooming in and out to the beat of the song in my head.

I started to really freak out, so I thought maybe I could go to sleep and it would go away. But while I was in my bed I started to think that I was dying. I kept on thinking, over and over, “Holy shit, this is the hardest trip I have ever had. I am dying. Brace for impact”. It literally felt like I was lying in my bed tripping for days. I got up and checked the time and it had only been 20 minutes. This completely made my mind lose control. The trip was coming up on its peak.

I decided to go outside, because I thought maybe this would help calm me down. It sort of helped, but I was still having the insane trip before. I went and sat down on a brick wall with a view of my pool. My cousin and her friend down there swimming. I started listening to what they were saying, and I clearly heard them talking to the cops on the cell phone to arrest me. Keep in mind this wasn’t what actually happened, I was just tripping the fuck out. I heard them saying things like, “send a team around the back and from the front because he will try to run”. I started freaking out and ran to my cousins house and hid in the basement.

All of a sudden I started to trip really hard once again. I started to think I was dying again. I started shaking uncontrollably, but I didn’t feel cold. I thought that I was having a seizure. I started telling myself I will never smoke this shit or anything like it ever again. I kneeled down by the couch in the basement and started praying for it to stop. After I finished my prayer I just laid face down on the couch. I thought I was dead. I stopped shaking, I stopped hearing everything, it felt like the world had stopped. I have no idea how long I was in this state. But when it was over, the entire trip was over. The high just stopped. However, I was not back to normal. I felt like I was detached from the world, like I was viewing my life in a 3rd person view. I continued to feel this way for weeks.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2012Views: 6,290
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