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Near Death Experience on Pot
Citation:   Jamie. "Near Death Experience on Pot: An Experience with Cannabis (exp932)". Oct 10, 2000.

0.5 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I'd like to tell you all about an experience I had on pot about two weeks ago. I had been smoking about five to six cones a night after work, and on the weekends anything up to ten for the past six months. I had stopped during that period for about a week, and then recently I had stopped for about three weeks. Anyway, I thought it was time I had a session again. During the last two or so weeks that I had been smoking, I was getting that heavy tight feeling in my chest, and starting to get some weird headaches and shit. I just shrugged them off as being part of the course of smoking a lot of pot. I had started to experience some weird mild trips whilst stoned, including hearing the occasional voice now and then, and some mild hallucinations when trying to go to sleep.

Anyway, I bought a quarter of an ounce on a thursday night, and had two small cones and got the headaches again, and some itchy burning feeling in my arms. I got home from work on Friday night, and had a half of a cone just see if I got the same feeling. What I experienced next I couldn't have imagined. After about ten minutes I started to notice myself beginning to trip harder and harder. The room felt really weird and alien, my arms looked different. I couldn't focus on anything, my mind just couldn't handle it. I remember looking at my arm again for a few seconds and I looked like somebody who has died and decayed for a few weeks, like a mummy even. I then noticed that my heart was racing at an unbelievable rate, I mean it felt like it was gonna burst out of my chest. The trip was getting stronger, when I walked it felt like the room was tilted at an angle. I had to turn off the music I was listening to because it was freaking the shit out of me. I went and told my mom and she checked my pulse and heart rate and said it was beating way too fast. I laid down and did some deep breathing and tried to think about calm, nice thoughts.

This wasn't working, it was getting way worse. I felt the left side of my head go really numb, and then I said I better go to the hospital or clinic. On the drive there, I started to get worse, my body was really clammy and pale, and completely numb, I couldn't feel any pain whatsoever. I was biting into my arm as hard as I could and couldn't feel a thing. I thought I was gonna die, and halfway there I experienced what I believed at the time to be actually dying. I thought, this must be how it feels. Everything started to go black, I couldn't hear my mom talking to me. I was freaking out so much, but then I just decided to go with it and not fight it. I started to think about all the things I was never gonna be able to do again. I was thinking about what my last words were gonna be and shit like that. I actually thought I was fucking dying.

I snapped out of this after about what seemed like four to five minutes. We got to the clinic as they were just shutting and the doctor rushed me into his room. By this time my heart was racing even faster. He reassured me, and gave me an injection of diazepam (which is like valium) to slow down my heart. He said it would take about half an hour to fully kick in. When I was talking to him and my mom during this time I was yelling and being really aggressive, fearing that what he had given me was not gonna be enough. He said to go home and lie down and eventually I will sleep and it will wear off. When we got home my heart was still racing, but at about half the speed it was before. I was still tripping out, but not as bad as before. I had so much adrenaline running through my body, I felt like I could actually run to the hospital. Anyway, I eventually fell asleep after about forty minutes.

When I woke up I felt a little hungover, and had that itchy burning feeling right through my body for a few hours. The doctor was unable to give me an explanation as to why this happened, which is the thing that worries me--why did this happen. Suffice to say I have the same pot, but a very little amount, and I start to get that anxiety feeling like it's gonna happen again. I've stopped smoking pot now, because I just get too scared when I do the smallest amount. I fear it may happen again. I mean, I was able to handle five fully packed cones no worries, and then a half a cone made me trip out so hard, and made me feel like I was dying. I wonder if anyone else out there has had a similar experience!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 932
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 10, 2000Views: 53,762
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