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Longest High
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('K2')
Citation:   chris. "Longest High: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('K2') (exp92353)". Erowid.org. Jan 19, 2012. erowid.org/exp/92353

2 drops oral Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (liquid)
A few days ago, I received my shipment of K2 42 Degrees (420) E-liquid. This product is supposed to be used in a vaporizer or an Electronic cigarette, and the recommended dosage is 1 drop. When I bought this, vaporizing was not at all my intention. I made 4 homemade chocolate peanut butter cups (kind of like reese's) and put 1 drop on each of the cups. I brought the first two over my friend's house so he could try one, and one of our other friends could try one. Both of these guys are experienced smokers, smoking basically every day. Twenty minutes later they both said they felt nothing, maybe just “a little high” (which I determined to be no more than placebo effect). So, I went home and added a second drop to each of the remaining cups, one for my father (also an experienced smoker) and one for myself.

A little bit of background on me, I have smoked weed, K2, serenity, and even LSA (which was also used in a chocolate). I've never bought weed, and I am a bit of a lightweight. When I do smoke it's what ever is being passed around with friends, and I am usually all set after about 3 hits of bomb weed. From what I've read, the active ingredients in K2 are supposed to be about 5 times the strength of mids, but lasting for about half the time.

Nothing I've ever taken (including LSA) could have experienced me for the following. The time stamps are as accurate as I can remember, but the experience was pretty intense, so forgive me if anything is off:

12:15 – I ate one piece of chocolate which had 2 drops of k2. As I said above, it's supposed to be about 5 times the strength of weed (10 joints worth) but because everyone told me it did nothing for them, I figured I can handle it. At the very most, I'll get a little more high than them.

12:45 – About a half hour after I had eaten the chocolate, I was pretty certain nothing at all was going to happen. I was tired, but not very tired, so I kept watching television in my room for a bit to see where things went.

1:15 – at this point, my mouth started to get a bit dry. It was about now that I remembered when I had taken LSA chocolate before, it took 2 hours to feel anything.

1:45 – I was becoming completely giggly, like the first couple of times I smoked weed. Not only did everything seem pretty funny, I physically felt the need to laugh in my chest ( an experience I'm sure some of you are familiar with)

2:00 – I seriously started to feel the effects about now. My cottonmouth got insane and I decided to take a sip of my drink, so I sat up in my bed. I turned my head a bit to the left and the movement became a blur. I thought “Wow, that was cool”. I took a sip of my drink and laid back down.

2:15 – All of my movements became to feel very fluid, and also very deliberate, and constant. My focus was very, very intense. Let's say I went to grab a drink, I would focus only on the drink and basically not at all on any of my other surroundings. Sound was relatively distorted and I could feel vibrations from head to toe, especially in my toes and in my armpits and chest. I remember that I kept licking the roof of my mouth (which by this point was rather dry, and I didn't feel like getting up to get a drink) and noting the clicking sound it made. I focused on this for what felt like forever. All of this (cottonmouth included) continued to go on for about a half hour which seemed to go by very, very slowly, and then I must have fallen asleep.

4:30 – I woke up, and immediately thought “Fuck. I'm still high? This shit is terrible” I recalled a time before when I had smoked a ton with my friends, and I felt the same general effects. I thought they had lasted probably about 2 or 3 hours, so I figured I'd be fine by morning. I probably went back to sleep like 15 minutes later.

9:00 – I woke up again, this time for the day. I was still high, but the effects had calmed down a bit. No auditory distortion at all, and all other effects were generally more liveable, but I still felt very zoned out. I decided to look up how long pot brownies last (cannabinoids being eaten, I figured it would probably be about the same length of time) and I found that they can last up to 6 hours. It had already been 7 hours since the effects really kicked in, so I assumed it would pass soon. I decided to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. Everything he said seemed more important than usual, and though I could hear everything he was saying, my focus was unfortunately more generalized to that area where my TV was, and not specifically to the person who was saying this or that.

10:00 – I drove to Subway. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] I realize that driving on any substance is a bad idea, and probably shouldn't be done, but I was hungry. My driving abilities were not in any way compromised, But every moment was the here and now. I knew that the past had happened, and that a future would happen, but I couldn't feel either of these at all. I generally feel like I am usually more aware of past and future. All day I focused only on the present moment of my life. I have studied Zen buddhism, and this seems to be something that they strive to achieve through meditation. It is not something I enjoyed at all.

12:00 – I have not mentioned this yet, but since I woke up at about 9:00 AM I had been feeling horribly panicky on and off. So, in the middle of a panic attack, I read up on JWH-018 and similar substances and people overdosing on them, etc. One guy explained that he took a tremendous amount every day orally in a capsule and then, when he finally stopped, he continued to feel the effects for 8 months. This was a total downer for me. I thought “If I feel like this for 8 months, I think I'll kill myself”. Rationality kicked in, and I thought “If marijuana usually passes through your system in about 3 days, and k2 is a really similar substance, with the effects usually lasting about half the time, I should be all set in a week maximum. This guy either took way more than I did (which was completely irresponsible) or he is just trying to scare people away from experiencing with the substance. I felt a bit more calm. I drank a ton of water over the next few hours to try and flush the jwh out of my system.

3:00 – My girlfriend came over after work. I didn't tell her I was high (or, more importantly that I was STILL high after 13 hours) and she really didn't notice. We went to a store, then to a restaurant. I still felt the same way, and all of this took about 2 hours. When I ate, the amount of focus that went into the way the food felt in my mouth was intense. I thought “This must be what synesthesia feels like”. I had noticed this earlier in the day when I ate subway, and the water that I drank generally felt... I suppose “round” would be the word for it.

5:00 – The effects, though still fairly strong, were definitely weaker. I started to feel a bit more calm, though I still wasn't back to baseline. I thought, If this does last forever, I think I can get used to it... But I'd still prefer to be “normal.” My girlfriend and I decided to go grocery shopping. She still didn't notice that I was high. I drove, and there were still no problems. It was easier than when I had driven in the morning.

6:30 – We were leaving the grocery store, and one of my friends who ate the chocolate the day before was bagging groceries there. He said “That shit was poop man, nothing happened” I told him “Really? I had a double dose and I can still feel it.” My girlfriend asked what I took and I told her, she told me she hadn't noticed, but then seemed to be very fearful that I would hit a car when backing out of a parking spot.

8:00 – I was not quite at baseline, but I felt almost completely back to normal. I was still experiencing slight tunnel vision, but my amount of focus was closer to normal. I was very tired by this point, and within an hour I was asleep.

9:00 – The next day (today) I feel basically completely at baseline. I have the slightest bit of tunnel vision, but I think that that will fade. Eating feels normal, my focus is clear, and I've decided I don't ever want to eat k2 again. In fact, I probably won't smoke it either. I'll stick to a couple hits off of my friends' stuff. It works well enough for me.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92353
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 19, 2012Views: 44,467
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Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Multi-Day Experience (13), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5)

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