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High Mellow Dose
by MellowYellow
Citation:   MellowYellow. "High Mellow Dose: An Experience with Kava (exp91847)". Jun 4, 2018.

2000 mg oral Kava (capsule)


I've tried Kava before at about 3/4 this dose with effects that made me feel very sociable. I wanted to up the ante a bit and see what a larger dose would do so I took a bit more one afternoon.

T=0: Took 30 pills on an empty stomach, each containing 75 mg Kavalactones, so in total 2000 kavalactones. Settled down to read a good book :)

T+15: Felt in a slightly better mood but nothing too major.

T+45: Not feeling anything yet except a slightly elevated mood... rather disappointed after the hype I've heard about from friends.

T+1h: Some friends and I decided to go get dinner. I figured since I don't feel anything I might as well.

T+ ~1h30m: Towards the end of the meal I started to feel very bubbly and started to have my vision blur a little like when I'm getting drunk :) Walking back was difficult as my legs decided to go in a slightly different direction than I wanted them to, lol. I also felt inclined to speak much more slowly and clearly than normal and to take my time about choosing words and ideas.

T+2h: Noticing that it's somewhat difficult to focus on my eyes on an object more than ten feet away... slight double vision but still a very elevated mood!

T+4h: Still feeling pretty happy and rather dysfunctional in my legs. Took a hot shower and it was one of the most amazing experiences, definitely enhanced my euphoria greatly.

T+5h: Effects are starting to wear off as I sit in front of the TV but there's still a smile on my face!

T+8h: All the effects have worn off, but I'm still in a very sociable and happy mood. This stuff is really good for a mellow, slight mood elevation and feeling happy.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91847
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 4, 2018Views: 5,227
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Kava (30) : General (1), Various (28)

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