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Mosaics Stained Glass And a Little Misery
4-AcO-DMT & 2C-D
by Sakithin
Citation:   Sakithin. "Mosaics Stained Glass And a Little Misery: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & 2C-D (exp91722)". Jan 23, 2012.

T+ 0:00
7 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 7 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:45   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


First a bit of background; it had been a warm summer day in which I'd done a fair bit of light physical labour, and drunk a moderate quantity of alcohol. I had some friends (J and C) coming over for an evening visit and was just finishing (a fairly heavy) dinner when they arrived.

I had recently come into possession of 40mg of 2C-C, which I'd never tried, so I had planned to take a small test quantity (<1mg) in order to check for unforseen adverse reactions before taking a larger dose the next day. With my friends visiting, it seemed like it would be nice to trip together, so I shelved the plans for the next day's 2C-C trip (but still took the test dose), and discussed with them what material(s) we might want to try.

After narrowing down my collection of substances to ones that I'd already tried, had in enough quantity to share, and would work reasonably well with the timeframe of the visit, we were left with the choice of 2C-D, 4AcO-DMT, or 5MeO-MIPT. J and C had already tried 4AcO-DMT, and I was suggesting that 2C-D might be a good fit for our planned activities. The idea was floated that mixing 2C-D and 4AcO-DMT might be an interesting combination, but they decided that, not yet having tried 2C-D on its own, they'd pass on the 4AcO.

I on the other hand was intrigued by the combination, so after giving 12mg doses of 2C-D to each of J and C, I prepared a combination of about 7mg of 2C-D and another 7mg of 4AcO. Before taking the dose, I left a voice memo on J's phone indicating the substances that I had taken (or was about to take) so that medical personnel could be suitably informed in the event of an emergency. I then took the material, and the three of us shared a joint.

We then walked over to a field where I'd set up a couple of free-rolling geodesic balls as play structures. The field was in an area that was thick with poplar trees, that had just released their seeds, blanketing the ground with a thick covering of white fluff. I was clearly beginning to come up by the time we arrived there; the combination of the white fluff all over the ground, the large geometric figures around me (the geodesic balls) and my state of consciousness felt exceptionally other-worldly.

We played on the balls for a while, and I experienced no real discernible effects beyond being quite a bit more talkative than usual, willing to attempt riskier activities on the balls (though I expect that the alcohol and company were a larger factor in this than the other influences), and generally light-hearted and happy.

After playing we began snacking and drinking wine at a nearby picnic table, but the mosquitoes came out quite heavily so (at what I'd estimate to be around T+0:45) we headed inside to continue snacking and drinking.

Once inside, I was beginning to notice slight visuals; in particular, wooden handrails were picking up a sort of primary-coloured mosaic texture (though this didn't seem to change their apparent shape at all). I then closed my eyes to see if there were interesting CEVs to be had. The patterns continued on my entire field of vision, but occasionally took on a more swirly, oily, globular texture (which was more purple and green then primary-coloured). After a (short) while longer, the visuals had transitioned back to more of a sparse primary coloured mosaic/bead type pattern on a brown background. For some inexplicable reason, this last pattern triggered painful memories, and I quickly opened my eyes to be rid of them. In retrospect, I still can't see any reasonable connection between the pattern and the memories that were triggered.

I returned to eating and drinking with my friends, but when refilling my cup with cherry juice and water, overfilled the cup, and spilled juice/water on myself and my seat. I grabbed a towel, wiped myself and my seat down, and then changed my shorts, putting the wet shorts into my laundry bag. During this process, I felt very disappointed with myself for having become intoxicated enough to make a mess of myself (though I was also using a cup that I'd recently rediscovered while cleaning earlier in the day, and it is deceptively small, and prone to spillage, as I subsequently remembered experiencing at baseline--this was no comfort during the trip though).

After cleaning up and having a bit more (juice and water) to drink, we headed back out to play on the balls again (by this point it was about T+1:30), figuring that sunset was quite past, and the mosquitoes would have thinned out again. By now, I was also seeing the mosaic-like patterns from the handrails on the struts of the balls as well, and there were occasional short, light trails.

We continued to play on the balls and chat until around T+2:45, at which point, I needed to take J and C to catch their last chance at transportation home. The observed effects and state of mind didn't vary considerably from the first round of play (with the addition of the visuals mentioned before) during this period. My mood continued to be light, and experimental/risk-taking with our play, and I remained relatively talkative.

Upon leaving, we headed down a street that was quite densely lined with vegetation, with the lights of the nearby city visible at the other end of it. The view struck me as a sort of catheddal of arching trees with a glowing rose-window of city lights at the end of it. I began thinking (and talking?) about the niceness of architectural forms that are close enough imitations of nature that memories of them can be evoked by natural settings (in contrast with many of the wholly unnatural architectural forms in modern life, and what sort of terrible psychic impact they must be having upon us).

Upon dropping J and C off, I went to shave and shower (to get any last residue of juice off my legs, and because I had generally felt behind on my hygeine). Upon removing my glasses, I saw trails forming from fuzzy regtangular blocks in my vision. I don't know why they were rectangular, but recall it taking me a few second to figure out that the rectangles were probably fuzzy because I'd just taken off my glasses (and not because it was a characteristic of this particular substance combination).

The shower was not particularly notable, and nor was my starting my laundry afterward, though I found that I was beginning to get tired (this would be at around T+3:45, and about 18h since I'd woken up in the morning). While wandering around, waiting for my load of laundry to finish washing so that I could transfer it to the dryer, I began to notice hallucinatory sounds, but can't remember their character. I also found myself sporadically dozing off into a state somewhere between tripping and dreaming, and any visuals becoming increasingly vivid and intense (though not changing significantly in character from earlier; just appearing over more objects in my field of vision, and more frequently).

I also found myself beginning to get somewhat anxious, negative, and self-critical. I began to worry uncontrollably (and in at least a few cases, quite unreasonably) about upcoming plans for the summer, my personal finances, and my relationship with my family. I also found that my stomach was beginning to churn with hunger, but it was close enough to bedtime, that I stuck to drinking more juice (I vaguely remember having eaten a cookie, or some chips, and it having produced some queaziness).

Between fretting, getting some more nutrients into me, and transferring my laundry, I found myself finally getting into bed at around T+5:00. At this point, the queaziness and negative thoughts were getting quite uncomfortable. In addition to this, my perception of any discomfort in my bed was heightened, and I had considerable difficulty falling asleep. I wanted very much to enjoy the loss of awareness of my body and the matters of the waking world that sleep would bring, but it was slow coming.

Eventually it did come, and I woke up the following day at around T+15:00. I felt somewhat sore and lethargic (though I expect that my level of physical activity the day before is entirely responsible for the soreness, and is also most of the cause of the lethargy), but did not otherwise feel particularly uncomfortable or hung over.

I suspect that much of the discomfort might have been avoidable had less alcohol been involved, or if I had started earlier in the day, when I wasn't due to become tired so soon. That said, I'm in no great hurry to try this combination again soon.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91722
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jan 23, 2012Views: 7,867
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