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Overwhelming Hallucinations
2C-P & Cannabis
by Caleb
Citation:   Caleb. "Overwhelming Hallucinations: An Experience with 2C-P & Cannabis (exp91065)". Erowid.org. Dec 4, 2012. erowid.org/exp/91065

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 2C-P
  T+ 7:00 2 hits smoked Cannabis


My past drug experience has been: marijuana, alcohol, 2c-e, 2c-i, and adderall. This was my second time trying 2c-p. I had tried it a week before but made the bad decision to drink and smoke pot whilst on it. This made me vomit and then pass out before experiencing the full trip.

But this weekend was different. My friend, C, and I (We always trip together) decided that we would not drink this time for the whole trip, and not smoke pot until the come-down, to fully experience the 2c-p trip.

(9pm) So we both parachuted our 10mg in C's car in the parking lot after eating dinner at a restaraunt. We had researched 2c-p extensively and knew the it would take quite a while to start coming up.

So we went back to C's house with our other friend, J. We got there about half an hour later and sat around, playing xbox and just chillin'. We then learned that our friend D was also coming over later. D arrived about an hour later and took his 10mg at about 10pm.

(10:30pm) At this point we decided it was time to commence the night. We went out by C's barn and set up a small fire and got chairs and music. C, J, D, and I all sat by the fire with the intention of chilling there and tripping all night. J was doing some small amounts of coke that night and was having a good time.

(11-12am) I start to notice some initial effects that remain consistent so I dismiss the possibility of placebo. I feel a very amphetamine-like buzz, restlessness and general energy. I tell my friends it feels like i'm speeding, but C and D still report no effects whatoever. We crank up the dubstep and J and I rave for a little while, being the two most energetic ones there.

(12am) C's mom comes down and we have a brief conversation with her. We had been smoking cigarettes but the fire disguised the smell, so we were not sketching. C's mom asks me to help carry down some food she had prepared for us from their house. I agree and go to the house with her to get the food. As I am in the kitchen with her gathering the assorted snacks I start to feel like I am beginning my trip.

I step into the bright kitchen and immediately feel a general change in conciousness that I get with all 2c's when I start tripping. Things have taken on a slightly different appearance, as if my eyes lenses were slightly adjusted. However this is not intense or distracting so I keep a normal appearance and even hold a lengthy conversation with C's mom as we carry the food down to the campsite.

(12am-1am) I rejoin the campsite with my friends. C's mom wishes us goodnight and goes to bed. After we are sure she is gone we smoke some cigarettes and talk. C says he is feeling different, like he is coming up. I feel like I am coming up strongly now, as objects have become very colorful and interesting. I get some slight stomach discomfort, but I expect it as I have gotten that with all 2c's.

I start to feel a sudden change in physical perception, the clothes i'm wearing feel different than any clothes i've worn before, my hands seem to recieve sensations of touch differently. The cigarette i'm holding feels quite odd, seeming to vanish out of my fingers spontaneously. I glance at it sometimes to make sure its still in my hand because it feels like it isn't. Everything is just different in an undescribable way.

(1-2am) I am definately tripping now. The two large trees in front of our campsite have branches that appear to twist and turn occasionally. I sometimes see patterns in random things. C is also tripping but not as hard as me, which is usually the case. D has started to feel hyper and energetic. We talk about drugs, tripping, and life in general. I feel giddy, happy, and excited, and laugh frequently. We debate smoking but decide it is better to wait until later, when we are sure we wont come up any farther.

(2-3am) We believe we have reached our plateau. D is still coming up, but C and I are at a stable amount of trippiness. We are somewhat dissapointed, we expected 2c-p to be much more potent than 2c-i, but so far it is actually less strong. We assume we won't trip any harder than we are now because almost 6 hours has gone by. At this point I have frequent patterns, a total change in visual and physical perception, and mild visual hallucinations. Lines wave and things shift in my periphreal vision. We all have fairly long-lasting tracers and talk about how cool those are for a while.

(3:30am) C and D are both tripping mildly and believe they are at their peak. I get my first major halucination as I wave my hand at a large tree, as I describe the things I see in it. I gasp in surprise as my hand streaks a rainbow of color across my vision. I continue to do this, waving my hand in front of my face in a 'look at this' motion for about 10 minutes because I continue to get multi-colored tracers following my hand and appearing to fade into the sky. After closer examination there ever appears to be rainbow colors originating from my palm and going down my arm as I do this.

(4am) My friends and I all decide that we are at our peak, and will probably come down soon. After much debate, we deicde to smoke a bowl of marijuana. We prepare the bowl and start to smoke.

About 30 seconds after my first hit, I realized that the pot had already doubled the intensity of my trip. I get the feeling that I have no idea what is going on, that I am in a strange place that I have never been to before, with people I have never met before. This feeling is constant and very powerful. I have trouble even thinking straight (much less talking) because I am completely in another universe. I have only experienced this several other times, when I would have a really intense trip.

As the pipe comes back around to me, I take another hit, a huge one this time because I can no longer feel my body (no lung irritation/tickling) and hold it in for quite a while before exhaling. After this I realize I am completely tripping balls. The marijuana also seemed to intensify the effect for C and D, but they were not as bad as I was at all. We have small conversation and I frequently find myself unable to talk, in another world. Almost everything I say is an explanation of what I am hallucinating to C and D because they are interested, because I always trip the hardest and see the most shit.

(4:10am) The hallucinations are insane. Almost everything has a purple or green glow to it, as if someone is switching the filters on the barn light. My friends no longer look human to me. The large trees in front of our campsite are now more hallucinations than actual trees. Each cluster of leaves looks like a creature, with blinking eyes and a mouth that opens and closes. I'm tripping so bad that all the leaves on the trees look like this, even when I stare directly at them. The leaf-creatures look around, and their eyes blink and examine me. I look back at my friends and they look like cartoons. D's hoodie (which was brown) turns bright purple and he becomes a wizard.

Insanely long tracers. Almost everything is constantly changing colors before my eyes. I can barely even interact with C and D anymore because I am so gone. My thoughts are sporadic and impossible to control. I can feel the core emotions in my body cycling through themselves: love, hate, anger, sadness, frustration, joy! All of these emotions are insanely powerful and they are cycling through my mind in a matter of seconds. It feels like my physical body is 'resetting' itself as my mental consciousness floats away. I feel connected to everything one second, and connected to nothing the next. The barn light appears to seperate itself into hundreds of tiny floating orbs that look like magical snow. These orbs float across my vision and I tell my friends that 'it's snowing now'.

Everything I say is insane and nonsensical. I randomly tell C that 'I can see all the colors of the post-it-notes now' because at that point everything had taken on a hue best described as the neon colors in the post it note variety pack. My friends and I watch the stars and continue to listen to dubstep.

A while earlier in the night, C had said that he hoped to 'see something that wasn't even there' but thought it was unlikely. We all agreed that on 2c's, it was probably impossible to see things that weren't there or trip any harder than we had before. This statement was abruptly proven false for me, as I proceeded to witness the most vivid and intense hallucinations of my life.

I turned to look around at my surroundings. some 15ft in the distance, by the barn, there was a small bobcat tractor thing that belonged to C's family. It was sitting by some farm equipment and some patches of grass and ferns. The scene caught my eye, and I stopped to look at it. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next.

All at once, the whole scene started changing. The tractor, the grass, everything in my field of vision started turning into cartoon shapes. I was locked into tunnel vision, unable to look away from this hallucination for fear that it might go away. C and D asked if I was okay but I could barely hear them, as they sounded miles away. The hallucination proceeded to intensify. The whole scene turned into a cartoon animation. The best way to describe it is that it was quite similar to those 'steamboat willie' old mickey mouse cartoons, where the character is just humming and walking and theres a cartoony background going by and theres corny old theme music playing.

All of this happened. The whole scene turned into a cartoon neighborhood, the bobcat tractor had eyes and a face and was driving down the road. It's eyes looked around and even looked directly at me. The grass around it grew faces and danced in rhythm with each other. I could even hear some strange theme music in the background. I am not sure if it was in my mind or if it was an audio hallucination, an extreme distortion of the music that was actually playing in real life.

I cannot be sure how long this went on. I'd say about 20 seconds. I looked away and told C and D what I had just seen. At this point everything I looked at started turning into cartoons. A wooden post, the fire logs, the trees, every object I let my eyes rest on started turning into a cartoonish, colorful, morphing thing, barely reminiscent of it's former self. I attempted to make this stop, but it was to no avail. I realized I was borderline bad trip, but I managed not to have a bad trip.

(Around 5am) My friends and I headed in for the night. Still unable to sleep, and the drug was still very much active in my body. No more cartoons, but as D and I watch Haloween (Rob zombie version). I see random eyes growing out of the characters sking throughout the movie. We managed to get to sleep around 7am.

The next day I felt like shit, from lack of sleep or from the 2c-p I could not determine. I feel like I had an amazing experience on 2c-p and plan on doing it again. The hallucinations did become quite overwhelming. I can sense a very strong 'bad-trip' potential for this drug, and it would be hard to go to sleep to escape it. Overall, a very enlightening, beautiful, and challenging experience.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91065
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 4, 2012Views: 5,053
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2C-P (305), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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