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Cube Dimension
DMT & Cannabis
by Gcccc
Citation:   Gcccc. "Cube Dimension: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp90263)". Feb 7, 2016.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)


Ok so this is the real account of my 1st ever DMT Trip. A complete breakthrough experience. Please read this! I have tired to be as accurate as possible. This account also includes A4 Drawings I drew in crayons straight after my experience on DMT. I am not a fantastic artist, but at the time I felt it very necessary to draw what I saw to help me remember it. I am not going to write you a novel, so I will jump straight to the point and include all the fantastic details! :)

To make this easier for me I will write this with a few headings as we go along.

Other Drugs I have Taken
Heroin, Meth, Ketamine, LSD, Mushrooms, 2cb, MDMA, Marijuana, Probably more I'm forgetting.

Yeah I have really experimented alot. I just got off bupremorphine acouple of months ago for my 8~ week heroin addiction :/ (dont take heroin btw.)

I am in my girlfriends jewelery workshop in her house in Australia, its about 10:00pm at night, we have been smoking marijuana most of the day and I have just scored some DMT for the first time. I am eager to try it as I have read much about it, but my girlfriend is somewhat skeptical it will even work (She has had LSD before - how different could it be? ...haha) So we are in a small comfortable room at night, and im a nice comfy couch-like seat.

Its a very yellowy crystal, its sticky almost. Its well refined to a degree, but I suppose it could be more dry and more crystaly. Its damn good though. I believe it to be NN,DMT. In australia DMT is everywhere, Acacia Tree's, Red Reed Grass etc... I believe this to be extracted from acacia tree's at a golf course :)

Smoking it through a bong!:
Ok so here we go, I pack a cone and put on a liberal dose of DMT. I cant really tell you how much I put on because I dont even know the strength or how well refined my DMT is, or how many 'mg' I put on my cone. If this helps, about [ ] that much. about 3/4 the size of the fingernail on your index finger. I pull the bong and hold in for about 3 seconds, then let out all the smoke. It tastes fairly shit but I don't really mind at all. I put down my bong promptly and relax back into my chair waiting for shit to happen.

+10 seconds after I pull
I close my eyes. There is a massive rushing sensation like my head is being sucked up into space. It almost forces me to close my eyes. The visualizations start. at first it starts like a Windows Media Player visualization, streaming lines coming towards me from the center of my vision. I feel like I am traveling through my vision. At this point everything starts to increase in intensity very fast...

+30 seconds after
Ok this is very extreme now. This is unlike anything Ive had before. What I'm seeing is geometric patterns everywhere, in incredible detail. All kinds of shapes I have never seen before. Its impossible to describe. It overwhelms me completely.

+60 seconds after
This is where it gets really interesting. At this stage I am completely immersed in a different reality. I am aware that I am sitting in my gf's workshop, somehow. I am faintly aware that Im even sitting down, but what I see is tremendously overwhelming. Have you seen the movie 'Cube' or 'Cube:Hypercube?' - if so, imagine falling OUTSIDE the cube's, endlessly falling... my whole reality has changed. I am falling outside these cubes but what I'm seeing is endless green cubes coming right up to my minds eye. They are green cubes, with RED RUBY eyes, and they have a great white shark's mouth. I am not shitting you. I drew a picture and it looks crazy. How could I draw something that insane? I can barely even draw!!

The cubes have a distinctly female presence. Its soo wierd. I can actually tell the SEX of the Cubes? Are they are inatimate visualizations? But they feel like they have a PERSONALITY!? This is extremely overwhelming. I said that already but its understated OK? At this point I start moaning... Im like 'urghhh'... my girlfriend knows I am experiencing an insane trip so she comes over to comfort me. She touches my shoulder to comfort me and she tells me 'Its alright just relax you will be ok.' At the time I cant even identify where she is touching me, it feels like I am in a liquid bubble, I can feel her 'energy' touching me but its impossible to even pinpoint where on my body Im being touched. Even the couch im sitting on feels like its melted into the bubble. For all intensive purposes I am floating in an entirely different reality.

Immediately after being comforted on the shoulder:
So straight after she touches me. Almost immediately, her comforting touch transports me out of the Cube dimension into a purple vortex room. This shit was soo complex I couldn't even draw it. Basically as she touched me it started like a sweeping motion in my vision. From my very right to my very left it was a COMPLETE windscreen wipe motion into a different reality. It happened in about 3 seconds of 'real time'. Holy hell it was amazing. And relieving. What I saw was a purple room, with completely different dimensions than the room we are in. When I say dimensions I mean that we are in a small room about 15-20-30?m squared. But my depth is soo different I feel like Im in a purple HOUSE. There is paintings on the wall, Everything is purple and wavy, The crazy thing to note here is that the dimensions have completely changed!! I literally feel I am in a different world and I am in a house that could be the size of a mansion. For example if I stood up and ran, I could run for hundreds of meters. It was truly spectacular. Also there was a staircase!!!! What the hell LOL! I have never seen this house in my life. At this stage I was just soo happy and relieved to be out of the cube dimension and into something new and comforting.

Ok after only god knows how long of being in the purple room, actually it must of only been about 30 seconds. I felt that I could open my eyes. What happens next is truly, truly insane. I will try to describe the best I can. When I open my eyes. What I can see is the actual reality of the room. So I can see where I am sitting, where my girlfriend is, the table/chair/tools in the room etc. BUT: The whole world is like it has foam cut outs over it! Imagine that you took a photo of the room you are in, then when the photo was developed, it was life sized, and for every object in the room, you took a peice of coloured foam and stuck it around the edges of the object.

I dont even know what my gf looked like because I was soo focused at this swively chair (with the back missing) sitting in the middle of the room. The swively chair (more like a swively seat) Had googely eyes on it and was made out of Foam with cutouts all around it. Like a linocut! Definition: Linocut is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum (sometimes mounted on a wooden block) is used for the relief surface... Anyway I swear to you it had googley eyes stuck on it, and it was green and red and blue, and the whole room was different coloured. EVERY COLOUR in the room was different. It was sooooo shocking and almost frightening that this chair was staring at me with its googely eyes that I had to close my eyes again. When I say googley eyes, I mean like a circle shaped peice of plastic with a white background, and a smaller black peice of plastic circle inside it.
Like a plastic eye you would get on a toy. but BIG!

+30 seconds later
Ok I must of been in the trip about 4-5 mins now but for all intensive purposes it might as well of been 45+ mins. It felt like forever. This part coming up is the most exciting/favourite part of the whole experience. I am starting to 'come-to', back into reality. Colours are returning to normal around me (I think?) my eyes are open (I think?). But what happens next is truly profound. In the room, emerges this huge aztec structure... Yes Aztec! It had a huge personality. It wasnt male or female, but when I say presence, its like there was another human in the room, you can feel a strong energy unlike an inatimate object. This thing was living. This living aztec structure emerged infront of me with swirling symbols on it, and it had 2 HUGE Arm-like rings around it. It was litterally SHINING down upon me as I look up in total awe at its magnificience. Its shining soo bright down upon me and it dwarfs everything in the room, it also extends past the roof of the ceiling of the workshop we are in. It is gleaming down upon me, when suddently - it shakes its arm like wooden things, and then all these flags drop down with shining blue eyes in the flags. There is a huge ringing in my ears like the sound of angels from heaven showing me something amazing. I was already jaw-open totaly in awe of its beauty when it then did that, and it was just totaly amazing.

At this stage my trip is coming to an end and the aztec structure slowly fades away. The only words that could come out of my mouth as I return back to normal was 'omfg....ohh my fkn gawd...ohh my fkn god....x repeat 50' I just didnt know what else to say. From what I understand, my experience was a complete breakthrough experience, compared to other reports and what other people have told me, I was really transported to another reality, not just recieving faint visuals.

After Comments:
When my girlfriend smoke her DMT, she was so blazey about the whole thing like it was nothing new, her hand litterally just opened after she smoked the bong, and it slipped from her hand. I caught it just in time lol. She was obviously taken by surprise. She did some moanning too, but she only saw 'a bright white light and shining patterns'. She had the same dose as me but failed to describe in any detail what she saw, which was kind of a bummer I guess. but no biggie.

30 minutes after smoking, I felt fully functional, My brain was working perfectly, I didnt feel wrecked in any way. Although there was lingering colour effects for at least 45~ mins. I actually had some more DMT that night, but it was too soon after my last experience so it didnt do much. It just warped my colours and it wasnt strong at all.

---- If you have read this far, thankyou soo much for reading my experience.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90263
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Feb 7, 2016Views: 11,440
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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