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I Melt With the Beauty of the Natural World
Morning Glory & Hash
Citation:   bad.seed. "I Melt With the Beauty of the Natural World: An Experience with Morning Glory & Hash (exp90106)". Sep 22, 2021.

T+ 0:00
27 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis - Hash  
My First Out of Body Experience

I decide the day before that tomorrow will be the day. The first time I use a psychoactive drug. I figure it would be the perfect timing since my girlfriend will be at work the entire day, because I know she disapproves and would try to stop me, although only out of love. I am still irritated by her preaching and decide not to tell her anything of my plans.

Around 9 in the morning I get up and have a small breakfast, say goodbye to my GF, and sit around to digest my breakfast for 2 hours, as I want to leave room for the morning glory seeds to work. Just after 11 o'clock I finely grind 37 seeds and put them in a glass of water. I read another trip report of someone using 500 seeds which seems unthinkable to me considering the effects I would have on only 37. Watching the woody dust on the surface of the water I think to myself 'This is going to take a while to take effect', and anticipated a minimum of 40 minutes. I try to stir the powder into the water, but it resists the wetness.

I try a mouthful and immediately realize water was the wrong liquid to use, it should have been something that masks the awful flavour. The gag reflex is triggered for the first time. Once I get it all down there is a faint uneasy feeling from the bad taste, and I wash it away with some juice.

In my 40 minute window I decide to hit the solarium for something to make me feel better. It was the middle of summer with clear blue skies so I felt a little silly going to the basement of the apartment complex for a tanning session. However, it was the wiser choice as I didn't want to get caught hallucinating in a park. Lying in the tanner I feel the residual bad taste and a faint nausea creeping up on me. The UV does make me feel better though. After, I head back up to my apartment and the sun is getting high in the sky so I open the balcony door to let in the summer breeze, which feels wonderful. The nausea persists.

At around 1 o'clock I think the only effects will be the nausea and I feel cheated and dumb for expecting anything else. I take a seat on the balcony, and while looking out over the sunbathing city I smoke a miniscule amount of hashish, the last I have left, thinking at least I can get a small buzz and relieve the nausea. I head back in to lie on the sofa and my nausea vanishes. Feeling pretty good but dozy and relaxed, I close my eyes. At this point I am expecting the cannabis to wear off, but instead a pattern of colors appears on the inside of my eyelids. What is this? Having completely written off the morning glory seeds I wonder why I had never seen this by cannabis before. I open my eyes in a slightly baffled wondering. Something draws my attention to the contours of the furniture in the room, and I realize the contours of everything around me are vibrating, pulsing, leaving traces of pink and yellow in the atmosphere. This is definitely more that the cannabis, and I realize that if the seeds were the jet fuel, the cannabis was the spark.
I realize that if the seeds were the jet fuel, the cannabis was the spark.

As the vibrations grow more and more intense I surrender to the experience and started to hear a deep humming, which soon cleared up in very dark drumming sound going as an accompanying beat to the colorful vibrations. Is this my heartbeat? No, it sounds more like some tribal drums of Africa. The intensity increases. DOOM da-DOOM, DOOM da-DOOM, DOOM da-DOOM.

I sink down into myself and close my eyes. The closed eye visuals soon become more of a fireworks display which explode into something like a crystal clear dream state. At this point I don't know if I am awake or dreaming, although I hear the wind chime on the balcony in the distance, which is a very comforting sound. All of a sudden I realize I'm flying over a huge complex of beautiful waterfalls surrounded by rainforest, with the water haze creating a cool spray of rainbows over my body. I am in complete control. I fly at mad speeds through the atmosphere as I peer out into space to just admire the beauty and contrasts. Then it all goes black. There is a floating head coming straight for me. I see first the back of this head but as it slowly turns towards me I see a grotesque monster. I put up my hand, making a stopping gesture. 'No.'. I am still in full control. Unpleasant visions are not welcome, and the demon dissolves into atoms and merges with the darkness. I start thinking of nature and the beautiful scenes of the waterfalls, at which point I am instantly transported there. Hovering in the air above it, admiring the scene I get a deep sense of interconnectedness with every organism down there on the ground, in the water, and in the air. Even the atoms and molecules are of the same material as me. Nothing is separate. I melt with the beauty of the natural world.

By now I am lying in my bed with an overwhelmingly positive sensation. I would make the comparison of an orgasm, but it's much longer and much more meaningful. The visions begin to hover around the building I am in, bathing in the summer sun. I feel safe and comfortable in my bed, and am simultaneously looking in on myself through the window and smiling. From my bed I can sense my spiritual self outside the window and this spiritual replica smiles and says 'This is only the beginning'. Instantly after I hear my girlfriend's voice as clear as day, 'Knock knock, Paddy', and the door to my bedroom is opened as I am thrust out of the experience and realize I am still on the sofa, and alone in the apartment. The wind chime is still playing calmly.

Coming down:
I stay immobile to catch my breath. I have a high pulse from the shock of being tossed out of the dream state. Did I sleep? I watch the vibrations fade away for about half an hour, and the heavy sense gradually lets go of me. As I get up I feel the nausea is back, and this time I have nothing to counter it with. It's bad. It's there the rest of the day and it makes me feel like it wasn't worth the trip.

The nausea was bad, but the experience was an amazing lesson. If I had something to counter the sickness with I would go at it again some day, but I would not deviate much from the initial dose. Perhaps up to 50 seeds. This really opened the door for me as far as realizing what psychoactives can do. I am curious by nature and this made me want to explore even more.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90106
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Sep 22, 2021Views: 2,475
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Morning Glory (38), Cannabis - Hash (93), OBE (332) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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