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Perfect Cuddle-Puddle Material
by Hypersphere
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Perfect Cuddle-Puddle Material: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp89725)". Apr 12, 2011.

  oral Cannabis (cookie / food)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  8 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


Substance: 5-MeO-DiPT aka “Foxy”
Dosage: 8 milligrams (at the lower end of Shulgin’s recommended 6-12 mg)
I also ate part of a marijuana treat a couple hours before the trip, and copious amounts of weed were smoked before, during and after the trip.

Background: I am a 26 year old male weighing 125 pounds, with an extensive history using psychedelic substances. For tryptamines I am experienced with mushrooms, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and AMT, as well as ayahuasca (caapi based) and ayahuasca analogue (syrian rue based) brews. For phenethylamines, I am experienced with Trichocereus cacti, various 2C-x compounds, MDMA and related compounds, and DO-x compounds. I have also tried some dissociatives such as Salvia divinorum, nitrous oxide and ketamine. I take no prescription or OTC medications, but usually smoke marijuana and drink yerba mate everyday. I had a cold before this trip, and had been taking various herbs to help with that for several days. Specifically, decoctions of chaga, cat’s claw and Usnea lapponica (all immune boosters), and Ephedra viridis (Mormon tea) as a decongestant. I do not feel there was any notable interactions between these herbs and the foxy. Today was the first day I was feeling healthy enough to stay up late, and I was in a good mood.

Setting: House party for a good friend’s birthday, about 50 people in attendance. Music being played was mostly dubstep. The setting wasn’t the best, really, to be trying out an unknown drug. The cops had already come by twice due to a neighbour complaining about the noise (otherwise, it was a chill party). Also, for a long time there weren’t that many people I knew. After the second time the cops came, they kept the bass turned down a bit, and a bunch of my friends showed up, so I was reassured that the setting was okay, if not ideal. Most of the other people at the party were high on foxy, though there was some 2C-B and LSD going around, and probably some people on MDMA/ecstasy too. Also, the ubiquitous alcohol. Upstairs in the living room, joints had been circulating non-stop for hours (I partook of several before taking the foxy), and conversation took place through a haze of marijuana smoke.

Mindset: I’d been curious about foxy ever since I had been given a capsule of it at a party over a year ago. The situation wasn’t right then, and I ended up giving the capsule away to someone else that night. Tonight, the substance had come back around to satisfy my curiosity. I know that this was one of the first RC’s to hit the market, back in the late 90’s, and also one of the first to be made illegal. Given it was a scheduled compound, I was happy to get this chance to taste what was probably a rarity these days. A friend Alice, who swore off chemical drugs at a certain point in time, was fond of saying that foxy was the one chemical that still called to her, describing it as a friendlier version of mushrooms. I didn’t have much expectation going into the trip, but was open to whatever would happen.

The substance itself had been pressed into a small pill, creamsicle orange with a picture of a boot or (if you look at it the other way around), a mushroom. So I was breaking my rule to never eat a pressed pill. Though this time I supposedly knew exactly what was in the pill and how much. My friend assured me that he got the pills direct from the guy who pressed them, and had also tried them out himself confirming they were foxy, and I trust him. I still wasn’t totally sure if it was a good idea, but I ate the pill.

Experience: The effects came on relatively quickly, and in a smooth fashion. The first thing I noticed was a subtle feeling of energization, just the awareness of a new compound in my body. It felt quite friendly and benign, giving no early warning signs of sharp edges.

The come-up lasted around an hour and a half. As it built to the peak, I was surprised that I was having visual effects, as most people do not describe this as a visual compound. What I was seeing was a thin overlay of fractals and persian rug type patterns, especially around lights. The walls seemed to bend a little, loosing their appearance of meeting at strict right angles. There was a feeling of lightness, a high of a sort as I became slightly detached from my body, seeming to float two inches off the ground.

Indeed, at moments during the peak I felt this was quite a profound psychedelic, moreso than I was expecting. If I had been in a calm environment to shut my eyes and engage the substance, I felt it could take my mind somewhere interesting. Overall the feeling was similar to LSD, but with some dissociative qualities to it. At the peak of the trip, it was slightly confusing. People’s conversations were happening a little too fast to keep track of, and I was a bit spaced out. I chose to just stay seated and feel into the effects.

During the come-up and peak period, I felt the substance was only okay. Not bad, not good, a rather neutral experience. I resonated a little with the comments in TIHKAL to the effect that some people felt there were uncomfortable aspects to the experience, or that the substance didn’t show them anything and they were just wasting their time. It had maybe a hint of metallic jangles about it, and I felt that mushrooms were a much “cleaner” feeling. I felt it would be nicer to take this in a calm and comfortable home environment, where I could explore the psychedelic qualities more than at a party.

Once over the peak with its intriguing psychedelic aspects, the general nature of the compound became apparent. At this dose level, though there was some feeling of being “high”, otherwise my mental processes were very clear and lucid. Though I felt that all my senses were blurring together. When I was asked to explain better what that means… everything sort of melting together, colours blending into sounds, my legs blending into the stairs as I walked up them, and up blending into down. It was a very melty, synaesthetic feeling. I melted into people particularly well, and enjoyed physical contact immensely. With the way all my senses seemed to run together, I felt at a higher dose I might truly confuse up and down, no longer sure how to distinguish them. In this way foxy reminded me a bit of dissociatives like ketamine.

I felt the substance a lot in my body, moreso than in my mind. A very sensory, tactile drug. There was a warm feeling, a buzzing all through my limbs, that was passingly similar to the body high of MDMA. It was like I was much more aware of the energy in my body than normal. I was highy attuned to people’s faces, as if the part of my brain responsible for facial recognition had been stimulated. I admired the structure of people’s faces, and when I saw the beauty in a woman’s face, there was a sexual feeling that came with it. I would feel an arousal in the sacral area of my body, quite strong. This is probably the most overtly sexual drug I have ever taken. MDMA can be kind of sexual, but for me it’s usually more about sensuality. Foxy seemed more sexual, the feeling of melting into beautiful women and then seeing how beautiful their faces are, and then feeling desire arise in my body... It would be fun to explore this substance as a couple, or among consenting adults. You could tell that most people at the party were feeling the same, just wanting to goop out, touching and being touched.

I decided foxy is the perfect drug for “cuddle puddle” parties, to make everyone just want to touch each other. It seemed a pretty benign substance, cuddly, warm, friendly. I found myself a little bit chatty, as I sat against a wall with my roommate, describing the effects to her. It was not a strong stimulant like MDMA, however. In fact, I felt too chilled out to get up and dance while on it. I don’t see foxy being very popular as a rave/dance/night club kind of drug, it is much more suited to just chilling out. Very much a touchy-feely substance, and for me there was nothing too challenging mentally (at least at this dose level). Foxy had some empathogenic qualities to it, as conversation flowed easily and everyone was very friendly and cheerful. Unlike MDMA, there was no sharp drop off after the peak, instead the effects wore off very, very slowly, more like LSD. I enjoyed the smooth ride.

Although Shulgin makes mention in TIHKAL of there being some auditory distortions with this substance, similar to its cousin DiPT, personally I did not notice any distortions of sound or other auditory effects. Perhaps I enjoyed the dubstep a little more than I would have otherwise (I’m not really a dubstep person, much preferring chill out, psydub or psytrance when it is well done and not too repetitive).

In the early hours of the morning we called it a night, and my (sober) partner drove me home. She was very tired and went straight to bed, but I stayed up and started typing this report. It was five and a half hours after taking the foxy, and I was still feeling the effects quite strongly, including visual sparkles. In lots of ways the body effects were like 2C-B, the way everything kind of melts warmly together. The visual effects also reminded me of 2C-B, since there was a sort of visual overlay of persian rug patternings, although the way the walls bent was more like mushrooms. The headspace is distinctly tryptamine, it reminded me most of LSD, with some mild dissociative aspects. I feel at a higher dose the dissociative character would be stronger.

Foxy was very well tolerated by my body, at least at this dose level. Maybe there was a very slight stomach tension, and that was it! I even ate food around five hours into the experience, and my appetite was only slightly blunted. Overall very easy on the body, moreso than 2C-B or other phenethylamines I have tried. Even other tryptamines like AMT had a little more body load than the foxy did. The only other psychedelic substance I have taken that has such a light body load is LSD.

By the seventh hour, after smoking a final joint mixed with blue lotus, I was fully down and went to bed. Sleep came quite easily. My mood was a little off the next day, and the day after than my cold came back for another round. However, this could be easily put down to my lack of sleep and the after effects of smoking too much marijuana.

I was pretty surprised at the potency of this compound at a low dose. It seems to have some potential for taking the mind somewhere, and also a wonderful tool for connecting through the body. I think it would be fun to explore the possibilities of a slightly higher dose (maybe 12 milligrams?), in a calm and intimate environment with my partner. I feel like sex would be quite the adventure! Not the most mind-blowing compound in the world, but pleasant enough.

Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89725
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Apr 12, 2011Views: 17,350
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