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The Trip to End Trips
2C-E & Cannabis
Citation:   SBlue. "The Trip to End Trips: An Experience with 2C-E & Cannabis (exp89544)". Feb 22, 2011.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
  T+ 0:45 2 bowls smoked Cannabis  
Before I tell you about my particular experience with 2C-E, let me give you some background on myself and my previous drug experience. If you want to hear about the particular experience, then skip to the bottom.

I had started smoking weed in 10th grade of high school. It was the first drug I experimented with. I became a heavy smoker starting in 11th grade, smoking on average 10 blunts a week or so. I tried shrooms junior year for my first psychedelic experience, but I had taken an 8th so needless to say, it was a very powerful experience for me and turned me off to drugs completely for a bit. Next drug I tried was morning glory seeds and weed which was an awesome experience for me, which led me to try acid which I loved. One day my friend told me about designer drugs. As soon as I had a job and enough money I investigated further and bought a gram offline.

I started experimenting with 2C-E starting on the summer before my freshman year at college. It was a wonderful time in my life. I experimented with it for about 2 years in total roughly tripping about 100-125 times. I always mixed the 2C-E with a beverage (never snorting), usually smoking a few hits of weed on the come up with made everything a bit more bearable. Id also like to say that I NEVER personally threw up while using 2C-E, but most of the people that used it around me did.

During my freshman year at college I started using 2C-E mainly as a way to make my day a little better. I would take 5-10mg, put it in a bottle and sip on it for a bit until my perception and experience were a bit heightened. I had bought a gram for myself so I used it a lot. Anytime my roommate would go back home for the weekend, I would trip on 20 mg and usually confine myself to my room, because I didnít know anyone that tripped, or rather, anyone I knew that tripped usually kind of spooked me out. But as the semester went on and I continued experimenting with 2C-E the reason I used it began to change. As the dosage went up, the voices in my head increased. Iím not saying I was going crazy, but there was a voice in the back of my head that seemed louder than usually perceived and more unrestricted and uncontrolled in its focus. So as I kept on using 2C-E I began meditating while on it with the intention of calming these voices into subsiding. I had control over my body, words, and actions, but the voice in my head was distracting.

I recall me whole mentality being that ďif you can control yourself on 2C-E, then youíll have more control off 2C-EĒ so with this idea, I began attempting to gain greater and greater control over myself on 2C-E. Whenever my roommate would leave on the weekends, I would trip and meditate until the thoughts in my head started to dissipate. The feeling after these meditations was so amazing: I was completely in touch with the universe. Iím sorry if I sound like a hippy or what have you, but I am entirely serious. There was not more duplicity: there was only me. I remember in one of my meditation sessions, I came across the most amazing discovery. I noticed that there was a deeper awareness than previously imagined. I faintly recall I was trying to get a though out of my head when at that moment I realized the attempt to get rid of a thought was itself a thought. A deeper consciousness within myself merely acknowledged this; It was pointless trying to get rid of a thought with a thought; such an action was only overshadowing the deep peace within me. It was amazing. The mind wanted to stop thinking about thoughts, but such an approach is paradoxical.

I continued using 2C-E and meditating, attempting to strengthen this connection I had discovered. This time in my life was truly the greatest, no longer did I have to think, but rather the natural expression of existence moved through me. I was truly immersed with life, and everything happened spontaneously: to the intrinsic rhythm of consciousness.

I donít know if I can accurately relay what happened to me, but I shall try to provide an accurate description. Perhaps it was my attachment to this consciousness that proved my downfall. I think that I felt a need to continue using 2C-E to remain where I was as a person. I believe that my use of 2C-E was making my mind weak; Every time I used it, it gave me so much why I was using it, but after its effect had worn off I felt lesser. I wonít go to deeply into this, but I suspect there may have been some physiological repercussions in terms of my brain chemistry as result of using 2C-E to the extent that I did. Eventually my use of 2C-E became habitual and perhaps abusive. I felt a certain need to use it to maintain a certain level of psychological functioning.

One day I thought about how I used to get a ďbody highĒ in the sense that my body would feel really good when I initially began using it. Perhaps the best way I could put it, was that 2C-E gave me a sort of ecstatic restlessness physically. Upon thinking about this question, I thought maybe its because my body have become used to the effects of the drug and perhaps needed more than average to attain said effects again.

I decided to trip so I ingested 30 mg of 2C-E in a Gatorade bottle over the course of 15 minutes. I put on a sweater in anticipation of my body temperature getting lower.

I waited maybe 45 minutes roughly, until I began to feel the effects coming on. At that time I proceeded to smoke 2 bowls of very high quality weed out of my make-shift Gatorade bottle bong. I believe I smoked some ďhindu kushĒ. I start listening to some music to get me into a calm place.

The effects are starting to hit me pretty hard right now, but not super hard, because of my tolerance. Iíve made a beat on my computer to help me meditate. I use a form of pranayama (breathwork) in which I inhale for one count, hold for 3 counts, and exhale for 2 counts. At this point in time itís a bit difficult to focus on exactly how long a count is so this beat I made essentially plays a kick drum on each count of the pranayama. As I begin, I immediately notice Iím having difficulty focusing.

I notice Iíve been holding my breath way too long. Usually when I hold my breath for too long,I'll feel a need to exhale and inhale, but no such reaction is present. The only reason Iíve realized Iíve held my breath for too long is that I think I hear the beats on my computer getting slower! I open my eyes and everything is different. Iím sorry at this point I can no longer give accurate time descriptions. I open my eyes and get up. Immediately I notice the effects of the drug have multiplied and there is a massive time distortion. This is kind of spooky because Iíve never noticed a time dilation like this. I move my hand in front of my face and I see several blue refractions trailing. My body feels really light and almost nonexistent. I recall I suddenly had this feeling like my consciousness was being pulled out of my body. It was a very weird experience. At this point Iím freaking out and I go to the mirror. My face is morphing all over the place. I think I start having a panic attack or something, My body feels so weird right now. I tried to sit on the floor cross legged but it felt like my consciousness was being pulled from my body so I got up immediately.

At this point Iím just standing in front of the mirror scared as shit because time is fluctuating and my consciousness is as well. I check my heart and its beating very quickly. My control over my body has diminished somewhat. I try to calm myself down, but nothing is working. My breathing feels very shallow and I find it extremely hard to breathe naturally. What scares me the most is that I have an abnormal heart rate right now. My heart is seemingly vacillating between a very fast pulse with an almost nonexistent one. To be completely truthful I think I was dying. All this seemingly meaningless statements were now flooding my mind. Lyrics from songs I have recently listened to or thing people said suddenly took on a sinister meaning, pointed at the notion that I was going to die. This may sound cookie or not, but I swear I think perhaps my heart stopped beating or something.

I remember the room started getting darker and darker till it was almost black and my consciousness changed too during that period. I think I couldnít feel my heart beating at that point, and I remember my points got very moist and then it felt like a giant electric shock went through my body. The room goes green in a flash of light and then Iím back. It was a very surreal experience. To me it felt like I was being resuscitated. At this point I am scared shitless. I go in front of the mirror and start praying. Iím not a religious person, but I start praying for my life. I promised to never use 2C-E again if Iím spared. I put on a song on my iTunes and put it on repeat, scared that if time begins to slow down again, Iíll die. So now Iím just scarfing down cheez-its and water hoping that it will lessen 2C-E effect on me (because I had woken up and immediately had the 2C-E without eating anything). So Iím just eating these cheez-its and almost like jogging in front of the mirror affirming to myself that I will survive. I think I was faintly jogging in place just to keep active, maybe circulate blood; who knows.

But I think this bad trip was induced by several key factors as noted:
1)Marijuana Ė it acts as a vaso-dilator which lowers blood pressure
2)Not eating Ė I didnít eat much the day before because I tripping, and that morning I failed to eat anything which can contribute to lowering of blood pressure
3)Freaking out/perhaps panic attack Ė I read that this can induce low blood pressure

When you have a very low blood pressure, you can become very dizzy or potentially even black out. It can also cause heart palpitations. Ive written this experience not to scare anyone or tell them not to do 2C-E. It can be a wonderful drug. Iíve written this report to warn people with and without low blood pressure of the potential side effects of using the drug (especially with Marijuana).

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89544
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 22, 2011Views: 13,827
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