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That Inevitable 'Itch' Coming On
by The Drug Dumpster
Citation:   The Drug Dumpster. "That Inevitable 'Itch' Coming On: An Experience with MDPV (exp89071)". Erowid.org. Feb 24, 2017. erowid.org/exp/89071

  repeated insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  


I'm writing a correction to my experience I wrote this morning because the effects of the drug were so pronounced and incapacitating, which made for a terrible story that no one could probably understand. This leads me to believe that if I share my story with others they will not underestimate this drug and take it to such an excess as I did.

I have recently gotten into Dubstep music and find it quite enjoyable, especially when high. This, among other things led me to MDPV, a new drug, albeit relatively expensive.

I started out with a very small bump on a utility blade I had laying around. Small burn followed by nothing special, then about 10 min later, odd cocaine-like feelings of increased heart rate and euphoria arise, along with an intense desire to talk to friends synonymous with cocaine. When I did some there were no itching body parts, coolness down my spine, or numbness when I rubbed it on my gums. Definitely jaw clenching, I'm going to have some gum next time. I think it's possibly attributed to the MD part of the drug? (same as the MD in MDMA?)

I decided to take another bump because I felt that inevitable 'itch' coming on. So this continues through the night from about 6:30 till about 12:30 pm at which time my friend whom is more experienced in the art of the stimulant, warns me to take it slower, as I am only setting myself up for a harder crash. As I felt those recurring memories of sitting in dimly lit strange rooms with sometimes strange people, just waiting for the damn 'train' to make it back to the damn 'station' I thought yeah he's probably right, I'll just talk to people online, bump some Dubstep, smoke some herb and then try and go to bed. HAH No that's not what was in store for me that night.

I ended up realizing that the slow incoming effects make for very slow and gentle crash, which can be better than that kinda long period of, 'thats the last line? Who's gotta gun because I want to kill myself' as is common with me and cocaine. That sounds nice and all but I have been awake all morning/afternoon, rolling up quick on 36 hr. Just a little while ago I did another small bump, thinking it would relieve my achey muscles and drowsy feelings but it didn't, I'm only having a hard time typing because of the jitters in my hands. Not a terrible crash but I see it as akin to light opiate withdrawal; sweaty, cold, aches and pains in general areas, and mild nausea.

I later found out that 200+ mg (roughly just under half my 500mg bag) Is ALOT especially for a first time, but my nickname being the 'drug dumpster' in college, I wasn't worried about it and was confident I could handle anything, which I did moderately well. But I would not enjoy doing this particular night over...

I was just awake for the whole hangover!

The moral of this story is not to underestimate any drug, especially if it's my first time trying it!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89071
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Feb 24, 2017Views: 1,013
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