My Altered States
Spice & DMT
by potpiedpiper
Citation:   potpiedpiper. "My Altered States: An Experience with Spice & DMT (exp88309)". Dec 26, 2013.

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When I started my first DMT extraction on Thursday of last week, I wasn't planning on actually doing DMT until the following weekend.

I was using a tek that called for the separated naphtha to be poured from the collection jar through a coffee filter, which I did without any problems on Friday morning. I also took an idea from the tek which mentions scrubbing the insides of all of the collection jars with marijuana or salvia, and since I didn't use either at this point in my life (I was only using pure JWH-018 at the time, and was not on any prescription or otc medications) I decided to try the same thing with some spice.

So I drove out to a nearby head shop and picked up 1g of a blend of spice called Mr. Nice Guy, which I had never tried before. I was however already very accustomed to the effects of JWH, so I didn't think this one would be much different. I took the herb home and dumped the entire gram into jar after jar, sweeping it across the insides of the jars with a rubber spatula until I had scraped up as much of the leftover product as possible. I then left the herb out to dry in front of a fan for the rest of the day (approximately 10-12 hours) to make sure any remaining naphtha was completely dried up.

That night I decided to test the new product out. Altogether I did it four times that weekend because of my interest in the drug combination and its extremely unique effects. I will write about the two most distinguishing experiences I had with the material (the first and last), which I rightfully dubbed Death Spice. All times are approximate and in CST, and I am going completely off memory.

1st encounter with D.S. - Friday 20:00 (Day of Creation)

I decided that since I didn't have a decent pipe for smoking herb, an old pop can would have to do. So I made the make-shift pipe and loaded up a very small amount onto the bowl. I then turned the fan to the opened window and eagerly burned the herb, inhaling a large quantity of its smoke. It tasted like spice normally tastes, only I could also detect very small notes of that chemically plastic taste that DMT is so famous for.

Even before exhaling I noticed a very rapid increase in my heart rate. I didn't think much of it, since it usually happened to me while smoking JWH. Since there was still some smoke left in the can, I burned the herb one more time and finished it off with one last lung-full of smoke.

I exhaled and stood up, already feeling the first effects of the drug. I turned to take a look in my mirror and realized that this would not be my everyday spice encounter. My heart rate was now through the roof, and I felt as if I was coming up on not only pot, but also on a small dose of mushrooms or LSD, as well as a rather large dose of speed. I had to lie down.

Five minutes into the encounter I was feeling the full effects of the drug and I was completely caught off guard. I felt dizzy and excited. I wanted to go outside but knew that any encounter I might have with another person would prove to be disastrous. I looked into the mirror again, my face warping slightly as it always had with small amounts of psychedelics. In the dimly lit room, I could see lots of color on the white walls, like neon letters and numbers glowing slightly in the dark. Lying there in the dark I was able to conjure short and rather meaningless closed eyed visuals. The body high was my main focus, which felt surprisingly like a hefty dose of speed.

I decided to call a friend in another state who knew about the D.S. and wanted to hear about my experience. I spoke in short, choppy sentences that I felt made perfect sense but I imagine sounded very funny. I started describing everything I had been doing and feeling. He appeared to understand what I was saying even though my understanding of the conversation was rather vague. At this point I noticed my hands shaking and my whole body shivering slightly, nothing that worried me too much.

I checked the clock sometime around this point and realized nearly 45 minutes had passed. This was very strange, since I knew that DMT was known for its very short effects when smoked.

The rest of the night was spent lying in bed until the drug had left me completely. Altogether the trip lasted just a little over an hour. After that time I felt completely comfortable going outside for a cigarette and something to drink. I was pretty thirsty.

I didn't sleep until 07:00 Saturday morning.

I smoked D.S. once more Friday night with very minimal effects. I also smoked it again on Saturday night with effects very similar to Friday's experience, only under more of my control.

4th encounter with D.S. - Sunday 22:30

By this time I was quite familiar with the material at lower doses (1-2 full hits). My tendencies, however, have always led me to explore the drugs that sparked my curiosity to the fullest extent. Therefore, I wanted to really get to know D.S. and its capabilities. I was beyond successful in this endeavor.

With the pop can loaded with enough herb for a solid hit on the bowl end and enough for 4-5 more hits prepared on the other end of the can, I began what would turn out to be a heroic dose to say the least. Taking the first hit in, I held my breath for about 15 seconds, removed the ashes, exhaled, cleared the pop can of any remaining smoke, and then repeated the whole process. Hit, hold for 15 seconds, toss ashes, blow, clear. By the third time doing this, my heart was beating as fast as it ever had, colors were already beginning to become vibrant, and my body was beginning to shiver. By the time I exhaled after the fourth hit, I could do nothing more than toss the pop can in the sink, close the window, and turn off the light on my frog tank, the basic things that I knew I had to do before going to bed every night.

Within five minutes electricity was pulsing through my body. I couldn't concentrate on any one thing and my mind was racing out of control. I looked in the mirror, hanging onto the metal towel rack for support. I could feel the electric connection between myself, the metal, and the ground. I was a walking circuit, vital to the power being used by the television, computer, and stereo.

I once again had to lie down, I had to get control of myself. At this point I had completely lost track of time, absorbed by this trip which was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was still able to perform basic functions like changing the song on my laptop, barely. I struggled to find the right album, which was a favorite of mine: Blowback by Tricky. I started the album on song two, Evolution Revolution Love, which was excellent. I closed the computer, put it on the floor next to the bed, and laid down with my eyes closed. There was still this feeling of electricity coursing through my entire body. It wasn't painful, just very alien. It was as if every piece of my body that touched was connected through this electric force. I began to absorb the blanket I was wrapped up in, and the bed began to absorb me. There were no object boundaries, and when I shifted my legs or arms, they shifted on electric grids that slid on top of one another like two playing cards. With my eyes closed I had a picture of the other worlds experienced in most DMT trips. I swam though blood streams and through hyperspace.

Suddenly something terrible happened. The song changed. The next song was called 'Over Me,' one that I normally love very much for its fast paced reggae lyrics. This time, it had a completely adverse reaction. When the lyrics kicked in, I was caught completely off guard by violent jolts of electricity which struck me with every word. I immediately rolled over and turned down the stereo all the way, scared and panting for breath. I then realized that I was very dehydrated.

I started to become very frightened and paranoid. I began to think things like 'what if I blackout from dehydration and don't wake up?' I began to see images in my head of people busting down my door days later only to find my body pale and cold with a frightened look on my face. I had to stop thinking this way, I was only scaring myself. I had to keep telling myself that I had full control, and that nothing was going to happen to me.

In an attempt to prove to myself that I still had control, I stood and walked to the sink. Every step took great effort and I felt as if my body had now undergone a complete transformation into an electric noodle. I did however make the 10 foot trip to the sink, taking hold of the towel rack. With one hand on the rack, I leaned over the sink and turned it on. I splashed water onto my face and into my mouth, drinking until I felt sick because I was so worried about dehydration. I had completely forgotten about the gallon and small bottle of water in my fridge.

I made my way back to the bed and curled up in the silence of the blanket, which immediately took hold of me and once again became a part of my electric mass. I fell into a chaotic trance. My mind would not stand still, nor could I escape the clutch of the vicious paranoia which had taken hold of me. What if I scream? I can't scream. What if I don't wake up? What if I can't fall asleep? Which would be worse?

I was now visiting other dimensions. Dimensions which were built completely by waves of energy and electricity. My body was not one particular shape, but a pulsing shifting ball of energy with a mind. I began speaking audibly to the forces behind these dimensions. I was arguing with them, threatening them, bargaining with them, and begging them. 'Listen I know this is going to pass. You're only here because I brought you here and I have the power to get rid of you whenever I want. You might as well take off now.' No luck. 'You'll be gone soon, I'm not worried. You don't scare me. Please just leave me alone.' Still no luck. I was getting all that I had asked for and far more.

I have no way of knowing how long this portion of the trip lasted. I think I got up one more time for more water, and then went straight back into my trance upon laying back down.

The last thing I remember is begging myself to fall asleep but knowing it was a long shot. I woke up the next morning happy to be alive and back to normal. It was an utterly terrifying and eye opening experience. It was also the first real proof that I did not have complete control over drugs; a very humbling fact since before now I had always thought that there wasn't a drug out there I couldn't overcome. It will be a long time before I ever experiment with this mixture again, if I ever have the balls to take it on again. I have also been hoping to find someone who had experimented with this combination and has had similar results, especially at high doses. So far I have been unsuccessful.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88309
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Dec 26, 2013Views: 5,701
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