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Aura of Mystery
by MF
Citation:   MF. "Aura of Mystery: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp87888)". Jan 30, 2012.

  oral Brugmansia (tea)


My experience with Brugmansia..

It was a while ago on my holidays in Peru. I was walking a trek, and at one night we stopped at our camp. Our mountain guide showed us a plant, called 'floripondio' which contained hallucinating substances according to him. Never heard of this plant, and knowing my experience with all sorts of hallucinating plants, I underestimated this plant COMPLETELY. After he told me this plant was legal (because I only try plants which are not on a drugs list) I told him I wanted to try it. And even though he didn't think it was a good idea, he told me the dose was 5 leaves of this plant.

I decided to make tea out of it. Boiling 5 leaves for 30 minutes and then I drank it with a few mates of me. After 45 minutes: still no effect. I didn't believe our tour guide, because he was telling us bullshit all week long. So what I did: I took 55 full grown leaves, and boiled them for 30 minutes. I drank another 1,5 not teacups but coffee mugs, which brought my total on 2,5 mugs of brugmansia tea. Not knowing that this dose was way too much, even for experienced shamans (so I found out days later)
The effects started to kick in after about 15 minutes. I reckon this still was from the first mug of Brugmansia tea with 5 leaves. I started to run like a madman. I remember I spread my arms like an airplane, and started running. I fell several times, flat on my face. Instead of feeling pain, I got up and started running again. This several times. I remember I took a piss in a ditch. While urinating I fell about 4 feet down in the ditch. People had to help me get out of there. At that point I slapped sense into myself it was best to get into my tent and go to sleep (around midnight). This was when it all really began.

Once in my tent, I got into my sleeping bag. Suddenly two huge spiders, with immensely long legs crawled out of my sleeping bag. I went the fuck out of my sleeping bag, and sat on the other side of the tent. I would have sworn they were real. I tried to get out of the tent, but the Brugmansia kept me from opening the zipper. I just couldn't handle the zipper one way or another. When sitting in a corner of my tent, 2 members of a cult entered my tent. They had some sort of clothes of the ku klux klan, but not exactly the same. I couldn't see their eyes through their pointy white hats. They were dressed all white, with some sort of purple cross on their chest. I asked them what they were doing in my tent, but they had no reaction at all. Several attempts of trying to have a conversation with them later, I assumed they didn't wanted to talk to me. They kept staring at me, as if they wouldn't let me go. I decided to stay calm, and just sit there. At that point a huge insect suddenly sat on the inside of my tent. It was immense, but I reckoned if I just sat still, nothing would happen. But it started to fly around my 2 persons tent, making a big buzzing sound. I tried to avoid it so I went from corner to corner.

At that point I decided that the most safe place was in my sleeping bag with the spiders. I looked at my sleeping bag but besides the spiders there were 2 black people painted all white (like tribes in Africa), in my tent. They were also staring at me with big white eyes. At this point I decided to run. The cult member wouldn't move, so I pushed him away with all my force. I actually felt his body as I pushed it. He fell on the ground, and I wanted to run. I just ripped my zipper, but once outside, my whole tent was wrapped in plastic. I couldn't break the plastic, so there was only one thing to do. Sit in my tent and wait. At that point there were 2 cult members, the 2 African tribe members (one man and one woman), the giant insect, the 2 spiders, and the plastic wrapped tent. It was only a 2 persons tent, and needless to say it was getting a bit too crowdy if you asked me. At that point I saw 2 of my other mates through the zipper of my tent. I started yelling if they wanted to get my clothes, because I just realised I was sitting there only in my boxer shorts. My clothes were gone, and I didn't know where they were. I heard my friends laughing as they walked away. Most likely they were only there in my imagination, so needless to say they never showed up...

A few hours passed, and suddenly I saw the plastic was gone. I got out and started to run. Coming outside, it was already about 8 o' clock. It was already light outside, and normal people were already eating their breakfast at the table. I ran to the table yelling someone stole my clothes. At that point I knew it was all a trip. I saw them sitting at the table with fire red eyes. But knowing this wasn't real it was ok with me. I tried to eat, but my mouth was all dry so I didn't eat a lot. I sat in my boxers for about half an hour, and I decided to go to my tent to put on some other clothes. I zipped open my tent, and guess who were in my sleeping bag... The two tribespeople. Staring at my as crazy. But now I knew they weren't really there I decided to close my eyes, and open them again. After this they were gone. I still saw the spiders, knowing they weren't there I called for a friend and asked if he saw them too. He laughed, and said it were just black shoelaces of my shoes. I still saw them as spiderpaws, but I sat down and started laughing. Laughing, just about how the Brugmansia drove me crazy, and made it feel all so real. Everything I saw, looked, sounded and even felt real.

Even 3 days after that I had blurred vision. I couldn't read at all. People still had fire red eyes 2 days after the trip. But I could think perfectly normal, and could see what was real and what wasn't. After 3 days the effects were all gone, and I was back from the trek. I looked it up on the internet, and what I found was that I have been witness of something far more powerful than LSD and DMT. The plant they called 'Floripondio' aka BRUGMANSIA!

Other people in my trekking group who took the Brugmansia:
One guy was talking to a tree all night in his underwear. He had a conversation with it, and it also answered to him. At one point apparently the police came, and wanted to take him. He insisted on talking to the tree, and thinking he was just drunk, the police decided to let him because he didn't do anyone harm.

An other guy took a taxi to a hostel somewhere in town a few km's ahead. He decided to pay for the room, strip down to his underwear at the desk after paying, and then taking a taxi back to the camp. Once on the camp he packed his beach gear, even though we were 300 kms removed of the coastline. He took a taxi in his underwear with a towel around his neck and a bag in his hand, and the taxi actually drove him somewhere not understanding the best man ;)

The last guy was our tour guide, he didn't drink a whole lot. But the next day he was a broken man. For the next 2 days he was just messed up, I don't know what he had been through, but I know he will never do it again. He was our tour guide, but couldn't read our names anymore, or even a map! He started to talk spanish to us, but he knew we only spoke english. We told him to speak english, but he kept on talking spanish.

The final verdict:
Great, just fucking great. No regrets at all. Even though it was very scary at some points, I kept my sanity. As you might have read before: Don't ever do this drugs, if you have any mental problems. Or even if you have the slightest feeling you shouldn't do it: DON'T DO IT! Handle with caution. Respect the plant (unlike me who didn't even know what I did) and don't take more than you should!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 87888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 30, 2012Views: 8,370
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