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Happiest Time of the Day
by R Alpert
Citation:   R Alpert. "Happiest Time of the Day: An Experience with Kava (exp87766)". Jan 26, 2018.

  oral Kava (liquid)


I have used and researched Kava for many years. Recently, I have hit on the almost perfect formular.

Kava extracts use solvents to extract the kavalactones. While they may be somewhat more potent, they strip away the natural glutothione that helps the liver. By using the traditional preparation method--of root in water--it's actually more effective than extracts--because you can ingest more Kava with less risk and achieve a more intense effect.

The Kava controversy and banning was due to some greedy merchants using the entire plant for extractions. The upper part of the plant is toxic--including the leaves and stems. Since this problem was identified, Kava trade and commerce has been able to continue. Heavy long-term Kava use is not entirely without potentially significant side-effects--including alterations of red blood cells and liver chemistry. The glutothione, in traditionally prepared Kava, helps the body, and the alterations of body chemistry while taking Kava seem to reverse, once one's consumption is stopped for a while.

For me, the best Kava is the Waka Kava. The age should be 3+ yrs; I order 5 yr old Waka. I've tried the vendor's other Kavas and the Waka is like the Kona coffee of Kavas.

Preparation is not that difficult or time consuming, once I get set up. Take a large piece of cheesecloth, 30'x30' and fold in fourths. Place 1/3 to 1/2 cup of Waka powder in center of cloth and gather the corners together. With string, tie the Waka into a loose bag that is tightly sealed. If the string is long enough, fold over the ends and tie the ends by wrapping the the string around and tying that.

Place this bag into about a half gallon of water, in a bowl. The temperature of the water is fairly important. Warm room temperature is best--about 76 degrees F. If the water is cooler--say, 68 to 72 degrees--the difference is minimal; however, if the water is hot, the brew will become bitter.

With bag in the water, use both hands to begin squeezing the Kava. At first, it will feel like putty--but as you continue, it loosens up. This difference in texture is due to the kavalactones being released. I used to squeeze for 30 minutes, but now with vigorous squeezing, I finish up in 4-5 minutes. I untie, remove the left over Kava to be discarded, rinse out my cheese cloth, and move onto 'the pouring'--my so-called 'happiest time of the day' after a stressful workday.
I untie, remove the left over Kava to be discarded, rinse out my cheese cloth, and move onto 'the pouring'--my so-called 'happiest time of the day' after a stressful workday.

The Waka is then poured through a tea strainer--ideally into a funnel and into a used gallon jug--or as I do it, into quart containers and poured carefully into a jug. The bowl, quart containers, and tea strainer is then washed.

With practice, it takes only about 10-15 minutes. Also, I can prepare Kava in advance and keep it in the refrigerator.

It seems like a hassle to go through--instead of popping some extract pills--but the effect is actually stronger, and I get the added bonus of retaining the glutothione content--that helps my liver cope. People on the islands have been consuming Kava--prepared in this traditional manner, not taking an extract--for thousands of years.

The flavor of the Waka is not all that bad. It's kind of mellow, and chilled, it tastes even better. I can add flavoring, or make it with coconut water--but the natural flavor is definitely not that bad. After drinking Kava for a while, I actually like it--even at warm room temperature.

The effect of Waka is really well balanced: I feel an overall relaxation of my muscles, as well as feeling quite sociable and friendly. While Waka may relax me a lot, my mental facilities remain quite acute. There is some tiny reduction in mental clarity--I know because I once took it for a Calculus II exam--but I am also 10x more patient.

If I consume a significant amount of Kava, I will have some loss of physical coordination--due to its muscle relaxing properties. For this reason, I do not drive, and I stay away from heavy equipment.

Kava is a great legal drug. There are some risks from long term heavy use--but they are said to be reversible with cessation.

I buy Kava Waka online from a reputable dealer. The one I use has other stronger Kavas, but the Waka is the most well balanced--for me, at least.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 51 
Published: Jan 26, 2018Views: 2,634
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