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Qat the Easy Way
Catha edulis
Citation:   Matthew. "Qat the Easy Way: An Experience with Catha edulis (exp87554)". Erowid.org. Feb 12, 2020. erowid.org/exp/87554

100 leaves buccal Catha edulis (extract)
    buccal Alcohol - Hard  
I have a qat bush growing in my garden bought from a shop selling 'legal highs'. I had read of the different ways of using it and have attempted most. I have found that sugar rolled up in the leaves helps to combat the extreme bitterness when chewing. As I live in sunny Australia the plant thrives with little water. I soon developed another far more effective method of using it - Roughly 100 leaves are put in an electric blender with five teaspoons of sugar and covered with vodka. I blend until a rough 'cut grass' like texture is obtained.

Allow the mixture to sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain and squeeze as much of the vodka out as possible. I'm left with a green bitter tasting liquid. I don't drink the vodka but rather pour a small amount into my mouth and allow the cathine to be absorbed by the cells in my mouth for five minutes, continuing until all the liquid is gone. The resulting experience is of the nature of a relaxed high, speed like and energising.

It is highly enjoyable but only on an occasional basis as it tends to give me a tension headache.
It is highly enjoyable but only on an occasional basis as it tends to give me a tension headache.
This is helped by drinking a lot of water and taking a couple of headache tablets.

Although the high is speed-like in some respects, it is relaxing at the same time. One is very much more mentally agile but there is very little desire to dance or run around. When shared with friends it evokes a feeling of deep understanding and honesty. It is best served with Middle Eastern dance music and I expect to be awake with my friends for the night, talking and laughing. The effect simply fades away leaving a bit of a sore head but nothing compared to the unpleasant side effects of speed. Believe it or not I have gotten used to the bitter taste and come to associate it with enjoyment.

Alcohol (apart from the vodka) seems to dull or negate the effects while a joint or two seems to add a pleasant floating sensation to the experience. I keep some chewing gum around because, like speed it does make me knash my teeth somewhat.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 87554
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Feb 12, 2020Views: 1,855
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