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Less is More
Methylone & Cannabis
Citation:   Jesus Raves. "Less is More: An Experience with Methylone & Cannabis (exp86914)". Dec 29, 2010.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:27   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:58   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 9:24 2 tablets oral Pharmaceuticals (pill / tablet)
  T+ 10:14   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 11:05   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 12:22   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 22:26   oral Pharms - Trazodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 22:51   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Just woke up after a fun Saturday night with friends. Didnít score weed as planned but it is now time to play with the Methylone again. This is my second Methylone trip, the first was on 125mg, and this time Iím by myself, because I donít know of anyone in town who wants to do it and is free today. But hey, that means I can write a blow by blow trip report, instead of just retrospect like Methylone experience #1.

9:28 a.m.

Very inaccurately divided up an approx. 250mg dose and mixed it into some sugar free cranberry kool aid. [Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.] It is a taste that is bearable. Barely. It makes me gag to drink this shit, actually. It is really hard to get down. Much more potent than last time (when it was mixed in Kool Aid and I could barely taste it) and the glass is smaller so itís concentrated too. Bleah.


The disgusting concoction is in my belly now, no turning back. Guess I will go outside and smoke in case I am too fucked up to go outside later.


Iím starting to feel a little different. After only 10 minutes. Yikes! It kicked in in only 1/3 the time of my first time w/ 125mg.


Put on some techno, my music of choice. I canít tell if the way I feel is due to not taking my antipsychotic, or to the M1. Breathing a little harder than usual.


Definitely feeling some effect now. Just an abnormal feeling in general, feeling kind of hard to concentrate, still breathing in big deep sighs. Think Iím going to go to my fav chat room and just forget about this shit until I can no longer deny it.


Nevermind about chat, it is definitely kicking in. I canít chat now. I canít do anything. Donít want to. Doesnít feel like mdma this time for some reason (it felt similar at 125mg) but feels ok. I canít decide how it feels but there is no question that I am getting intensely fucked up. Iím going to go lay down and listen to the music.

10:39 Okay I guess I am peaking now. At this dose, the M1 Totally incapacitates me. I donít feel like doing anything. Iím moving in slow motion. My legs are spastic. Itís not at all like rolling, but it was at 125mg. I am sweating like mad but had to turn off the A/C because it makes me feel really, uncomfortably cold. Again, music is not enhanced. This time I pay attention to my sense of touch, but it doesnít feel any better than usual. I donít know how to describe this feeling. I guess I kind of like it but I really donít know what to think.

Mentally, Iím feeling no different. There is no head trip, but I am not in an overwhelmingly positive mindset either. A pretty neutral mindset, actually, and the feelings itís creating in my body are not positive or negative, really. This is definitely a strong dose. Definitely doesnít make me want to dance, I can barely move. Just donít want to do anything. Donít feel social. Am definitely too fucked up to walk outside and smoke. I think this drug is totally neutral for me at this high of a dose. Donít like it, donít dislike it. If this had been my first impression of M1, I wouldnít have done it again so soon.


Still very much peaking. Because of the way the M1 is making me breathe, my fingers have become inflexible and itís hard to type and my face is numb and tingly. That canít be good. Wish I could go smoke a cig but too fucked up. No energy. Face feels weird and twitchy. Iím cold. Really cold. The temperature exaggeration is even more exaggerated with a higher dose, to the point of being Really annoying. It is so hard to find that happy place between hot and cold.

This is not as good as I expected. Maybe because Iím alone. Probably wonít want to do it again at this dose. No euphoria whatsoever, which is what I had been hoping to achieve by taking more, so thereís no point in ever taking this much again. Going to go lay down again.

11:30 I puked. Wasnít bad, only felt nauseated for about 5 seconds right before it happened. Puking is not really common on this drug from what Iíve read, but I did take a huge ass dose. Didnít taste the chemical when I threw up and I think itís all been absorbed. I donít much care at this point.

11:40 Started coming down a bit after I puked. Maybe. I think. I canít tell now. I am still immensely fucked up, but my fingers are no longer stiff and I can type again at a normal pace. I really donít know what to think of this stuff at this dose. It is better than no drugs at all, I guess. But not as good as going to hang out with friends. Hopefully soon I can go outside and smoke a cig. Not a lot of jaw clenching but some. Still sweating. I would have never had drawn a comparison between this and mdma if this had been my first time taking this drug. There is no rush this time, perhaps because I am too fucked up to relax and let it come.

11:48 Never got thirsty. My eyes were only dilated but a teeny bitóonly I would be able to notice. Want to go outside and smoke and I think I am ready.

11:55 Forgot I had a dime of weed. I canít believe my luck! Now Iím going to smoke it! Breaking out in goosebumps of cold even though the A/C is off and itís hot in here. I am in a baking hot apartment in Summertime sweating my ass off, and Iím cold.

12:17 Still very much fucked up and feeling unlike myself, which is probably from not taking my antipsychotic (didnít know if it would interact). Sometimes, like on my first m1 trip with friends, I skip it and nothing happens. But sometimes it makes me feel really strange.

12:22 This stuff definitely kills the appetite. And I really think it does negate the effects of Cannabis, though Iíve read some reports that say the exact opposite so YMMV.

12:27 Itís lasting a lot longer than I anticipated. Maybe because I took a really high dose. Iíve been seeing white sparkles, like twinkling white Christmas lights, this whole time, esp w/ eyes closed. I canít NOT notice them. My vision is very very very slightly swimmy. Donít feel like socializing, which is weird for me, but again I think that is due to skipping the antipsychotic. I really want to take it soon.

12:37 Getting bored. The internet not being down would help. Well, no, I donít even feel like doing that. Donít I need to do something but sit/lay around thinking?

12:51 This stuff really cuts my urge to smoke cigarettes, unlike most drugs. I donít feel bored or like I need to do something now that I have totally accepted that I canít and donít want to do anything but lay there and let my mind wander.

12:57 Havenít had any energy or moved much of all this whole time. Still couldnít describe the feeling. Still breathing abnormally and cold. And twitchy. The most negative thing about this drug is feeling so cold and listless and sweaty, but I donít think itís too bad at the low dose. Itís enough to discourage me from taking a high dose, though. Itís raining now. Donít feel like doing anything. Donít even much feel like smoking bud but I think Iíll smoke again, pointlessly, since itís not much getting me high. Not that I need to be any higher. For godsakes, I am still FUBARíed.

1:17. Still very very fucked up. Iíve been tripping Hard on this shit for how long now? Let me see. 3.5 hours. Longer than expected. Still not a shred of euphoria.

1:46 Still very fucked up. The effect comes in waves. Still breathing weird, for a time my lips were feeling tingly from it again. Laying down feels best.

2:30 Feels nice to lay in bed & smoke pot. Peaceful. Not sweating as bad, but still really gone. (Note written later: I think this is where the experience started to move from neutral to mildly positive.)

3:49 While laying in bed I found out that this drug does not have sexual effects other than making orgasm even better and more intense. And more sweaty. Like one of the other reports said, it left me quaking.

3:50 I canít believe how long this is lasting this time. Good thing I didnít have plans. It feels better now, not that it felt bad earlier, but I like the level Iím at now much more than the more intense level, it feels more like the first trip now. I think Iíll stick to the lower doses. They are more fun, feel better, etc. Taking more did not intensify the drug, it totally made it change into a different drug. Then again, my chemistry could be different today than it was that day I took 125mg. I wonít be doing 250mg again, though, because 125 is plenty good. Less is more, I think, and better for my body, and my stash will last longer.

I have no desire to re-dose. The thought of taking more seems so unhealthy with the maxed-out way I feel now. I didnít think about re-dosing my first time because it was so late in the day. My hands and fingers are numb and stiff again from all this funny breathing. And they shake! The comedown is long and slow and I feel happy and calm. But not euphoric. Life seems pretty normal today. Gonna go lay back down--thatís all I did today, all day, so might as well do it some more.

5:12 Fingers back to normal. I finally am not pouring sweat but still sweaty and cold, still mildly happy, just been layin in bed smoking weed and enjoying the feeling. The bed is soaked, yuck, I will change it when all this is over. I still really donít know what to think. I have mixed feelings. Itís an ok drug in this dose, Iíd give it a 2 or 2.5 out of 5. Muscles and jaw have been tight for hours now but it doesnít really bother me. I hate being sweaty, though. Havenít wanted a cigarette since it started raining, which is totally unlike me. I smoke when Iím sick, I smoke when I take chantix, I smoke a pack a day. This is too weird. I still havenít eaten a thing today. I wonder if just a pinch of this stuff could be used as like a diet pill. Not enough to fuck you up. But people would just abuse them and take a bunch.

5:57 And am still fucked up. Luckily I am pretty experienced w/all types of drugs as to not ponder the age old question of ďWill I be this way forever?Ē My face feels weird and spastic but not too bad. I might go smoke a cig out of sheer habit. Wasnít even much motivated to smoke pot. This chemical is like nothing else Iíve ever tried. A totally unique feeling, which makes it hard to describe.

6:07 The smoke was ok. I felt a little thirsty for the first time. Felt like I might want to talk to someone but donít care if I donít. My mouth is kind of spastic. I feel like I am making strange faces. Drank some Cranberry. Not really hungry yet, but I can imagine eating again one day. Getting a little of my energy back. Still donít feel like doing much of anything but spacing out and thinking about things. I am glad the sweating is dying down.

And at 6:14 Iím still fucked up, but feeling more normal. This turned out to be an all-day affair! In a good mood, didnít get the blues as I was coming down (didnít the first time either)Öthen again I never got the blues after MDMA either. It would actually make me feel great for the rest of the week. I think a lot of drugs affect me differently than they affect most people. But there are some things that are the same. Itís not a huge difference most of the time, but they do.

I guess I am feeling more like doing something since I started writing again. M1 is like 1,000,000 times more anti-motivating than weed. I did not want to move. Fuck taking this drug at a club or a rave. Itís no substitute for club drugs, it saps the energy. Sometimes it feels like it is leaving big holes in my thoughts. Like Iíve got a hole through my head and the grasp of thought is missing. But thinking is still easy. I experienced that on both trips. Wow, I am finally cooling off without feeling like Iím going to shiver myself to death; think I will go take a shower and get all this nasty sweat off me.

6:41 Shower was great! I feel clean for the first time since I started sweating, and my energy level is almost normal, I donít feel weak and Iím no longer moving in slow motion. Canít believe it was too much effort to smoke pot sometimes. I might smoke some now, but Iím really not craving it, though it might work now cos I donít really feel like Iím on anything any more except that my face still makes weird expressions. Probably they have been so slight, I donít think anyone would notice. I just feel them. And I feel a little better than I should. I feel fine.

6:52 Took two antipsychotics for good measure, to replace the two missed doses. I am now warming one of those ďhealthyĒ TV dinners, what an oxymoron. Not real hungry, but earlier eating was unimaginable. I guess the only thing left Iíd like to address in this report is weather I will be able to fall asleep normally after such a heavy dose, or weather the m1 will give me insomnia. I am still a little sweaty, damn. And I am still (a little) fucked up.

6:58 Still shaky too. But the food tastes good.

7:24 Definitely still too fucked up to talk to my mom. Kind of tired, even though I did nothing but lay there and trip all day. Think Iíll go to sleep just fine. And before midnight. (Early 4 me)

7:42 Got stoned. I feel so nice. Yay. I like this feeling. Donít want to do anything but sit here and feel it. Maybe even 50mg of this shit would be good. I am still on the long, slow comedown and the cannabis kicked it back in some.

7:49 Thinking about how much I love my best friend and her boyfriend. I love being around them. And my other best friend and her boyfriend, as well. I feel lucky to know these people. Happy thoughts.

8:00 It was weird spending a whole day totally alone. That is, if I donít go check my missed calls and see who tried to get in touch with me today. Little do they know, hah.

8:33pm Getting stoned again. I am just going to smoke this whole dime today. Thatís more like my usual self! I think Iím totally totally back to baseline now. Iím not cold, not sweaty at all! Not even shaky anymore. Every now and then I notice a twinge of somethingÖthere is still that tendency towards motionlessness and thought, but I feel like I did before I took the dose, only in a little better of a mood. It was a fun day. I didnít realize how fun it was until it was over. Now the memory of it makes me happy. I feel normal. If I didnít know I got fucked up today and evaluated the moment, Iíd never guess Iíd been tripping all day, thatís how baseline I feel.

9:50 As I smoke out in the recliner, Iím falling asleep. Time for bed. Night!

(Monday) 7:54am

Went to sleep with no problem and slept well all night, but this morning when I woke up earlier than usual (perhaps because I went to bed early) I felt weird (not mentally weird though). And thirsty, despite the nearly half-gallon of sugar free Kool Aid I drank before bed. My mood was fine, but I felt really exhausted and the shakiness and face spasticity were back. I feel like my expression is noticeably unnatural, though it probably wouldnít be to the observer it just feels weird. And I hate the shaky feeling.

Wish I had a benzodiazepine, that would probably help. But I do not have one. Alcohol would be a second-best option, but donít have any of that either and donít feel like dealing with questioning looks for buying some at 8 am. Will try taking a sedative (trazadone) to block the effect of M1, thatís all I have that would help, and a few hits of weed. Iíll try to go back to sleep. This feeling is kind of like being on speed, which I am not a big fan of. The quick movements, the shaky urgency. But it is tolerable. I think itís because I took too much.

None of this is enough to discourage me from trying this stuff again, but I would never take 250 mg again for sure. Also feeling a little more tendency to sweat than normal. Apparently I was still fucked up when I went to bed feeling so great, because I donít feel that great now (physically) but mentally I am fine. Hope I feel normal before I have to leave for work at 3.

8:04 Made a phone call to my boss to set up the dayís appointments. He wasnít even awake yet, but when I left him a message I was able to talk totally normally to him. I donít think thatís the prob, itís the physical feeling. The drug is such a physical drug in all ways. Not visual, not mental, not auditory, but physical. At this point, I can function just fine I guess if I ignore the way I feel physically. Going to have some breakfast while I watch some tv and smoke the rest of the weed, and go back to bed if I can.

8:19 A few hits of weed soothed me a lot. Or maybe the trazadone is kicking in. Whatever, I feel a Lot better. Maybe it was just the shock of jumping out of bed at 7-something and has worn off. But I feel better now and I am about to eat and take an antipsychotic.

8:28 Done with breakfast and I really only feel about 25% of the hangover that I felt when I woke up. Is it due to having taken the trazadone, or would it have worn off anyway? I dunno. Will go smoke a cigarette, finish the weed, and maybe go back to bed. I donít feel as happy as I would the day after mdma, I just feel normally happy, but a bit more happy than normalóif that makes any sense. And tired and a bit out of breath. M1 really affects the way I breathe.

8:42 Marijuana feels better than usual. Maybe because it felt nullified yesterday. Iím heavily stoned. Well, as heavily stoned as you can get from schwag. Wish I had some JWH-anything. That shit is like weed crack!

8:57 I just remembered this feeling that happened in the middle of my dream last night and woke me up. I did not remember it until just now; the cannabis brought it back to me. It was intense and euphoric, physically and mentally. But this happens sometimes weather or not I take drugs, and I think it is from skipping two doses of antipsychotics because it reminds me of one of the varieties of mania I used to experience before my psychotic bipolar disorder was being treated. I donít think it has much to do with the m1, but I mention it because I usually only get stuff like that Before I have taken the missed dose of antipsychotic, not after. M1 wasnít nearly as good as that at any point, and I wasnít expecting it to be.

9:10 I love cannabis.

9:37 Feel normal now except for stiffness in the neck and face and a little tired. Not used to having a hangover and Iíve had two this month. I mostly just smoke pot and drink these days 3-4 times a week each, take a bunch of narcotics once a month (and I like the way that hangover feels). So hangovers really donít happen to me much any more.

1:36 Same as last entry.

10:27pm. Finally got my weed! I couldnít even tell that I was hung over anymore by the time I left for work at three, and when I did have the hangover before that, I didnít notice it unless I thought about the fact that I had a hangover. Good mood all day. Everything I did today seemed to have a little grit to the energy in it, but nothing anyone could notice or commented on.


I felt shaky this morning but it faded as the morning wore on.


A totally normal day. No symptoms. That concludes my 2nd Methylone report.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86914
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Dec 29, 2010Views: 18,106
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