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Like MDMA but Less Euphoric
Methylone & Cannabis
Citation:   Jesus Raves. "Like MDMA but Less Euphoric: An Experience with Methylone & Cannabis (exp86913)". Jun 19, 2014.

T+ 0:00
125 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Drug Experience (in no particular order): AMT, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, MDA, Morning Glory Seeds, Ultram, HBWR, Valium, TFMPP & BZP (yuck), Ativan, Xanax, Morphine, Dilaudid, Meth, Crack, Absinthe, Cocaine, Psilocybin, GHB, Benadryl, DXM, Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Salvia up to 50x, Cannabis (lots), Alcohol (duh), Caffeine (triple duh), Codeine, JWH-018, JWH-250, 5meoDMT, 5meoAMT, Ether (1x), Duster (1x), Nitrous Oxide, Klonopin, 2ci, and 2ct-7.

I was sojourning for the weekend in a small Alabama town near the beach with a dear friend that Iíve known forever, C., and her boyfriend M. The original plan was to stay Saturday night only and go home Sunday morning to try the new Methylone Iíd just received in the mail on Friday. They knew of my plans, but never said much about them. Sunday morning I got up late but still earlier than everyone else in the cute suburban home, and scrawled a quick note on a napkin telling them how much fun Iíd had (bowling and drinking on the beach, etc) and was taking all my stuff to the car to drive away, when C. comes running out of the house and says, ďDonít leave yet!Ē

We ended up planning for me to stay one extra night and for us to trip together, which I was really excited about since most of the friends I have now donít trip anymore and itís been a years actually since Iíve had a cool group trip with more than just one other person. And I really love the both of them. Anyway, the Methylone was back in my city about 1.5 hours away so while C. took a nap at the house, M & I drove there and back to get it. What a total waste of gas. If only Iíd known they would want to trip!

I gave the baggies to M. to hold in the car, and before I knew it he was tasting the stuff before we were even back to Cís house. He had three ďfun dipsĒ of it as he called it, licking his finger and sticking it in and then licking off the powder. It hit him pretty fast and he said, ďIt does sort of feel like MDMA!Ē which made me excited because MDMA is in my top 10 drugs. Once we got back to the house M. was 40 minutes into his trip. C. appeared at the door of her bedroom and then shut it so we assumed she was letting us know she wanted to sleep. Turns out that she wanted to dose with us, and didnít even remember shutting the door (nor did she remember putting on two bras at once which she only realized later when we were all trippingóhilarious!) so she must have been really tired. She wasnít mad that we started without her.

So I was the next to dose, eyeballing 125 mg (I have no idea how much I really took) and mixing it into an 8oz glass of sugar-free Raspberry Ice Kool Aid. It tasted like plain Kool Aid. Iíd had half of a vegetarian burrito that day to eat and thatís it, and it was about 5 or 5:30pm. The weather was hot & humid as usual, and I was in a good mood. After about 30 minutes I started feeling what everyone likes to call the ďfirst alerts.Ē

It did feel like MDMA, and this feeling intensified. It was more like MDMA than Iíd really been expecting it to be. AMT is the only other RC Iíve done that came close (more visual & less lovey/euphoric than X), though AMT felt much closer to MDMA than M1. M1 is subtle in effect, though you are unquestionably fucked up. While there isnít that all-consuming 6 hour rush of excruciating pleasure that MDMA has, I definitely felt electrified with pleasure and a bit of a rush even (though Iíve read reports that say this drug has no rush so your mileage may vary). So it was much more subtle than MDMA but less incapacitating & overwhelming, I get totally lost in the feeling on MDMA, but I was fully present on the M1 at most times. The one disappointment was my total lack of euphoria. Iíd been looking forward to that the most, but I didnít feel particularly euphoric even though my mood was lifted. Maybe a higher dose would be better. 250mg will be my next report.

M. Listened to his heart with his stethoscope and said it was twice his normal rate.

There was no head trip, though I did ďlose myselfĒ in the feeling at times. My thoughts were totally normal if a bit ADD. Watching TV was nearly impossible. I had no desire to concentrate on anything but some conversationÖmaybe. I most definitely did not feel like dancing!! I donít think this drug would be useful in Psychotherapy. It is not insightful at all. Empathy? What? No more than I usually have.

After about an hour of this C. finally got up and she took 3 ďfun-dipsĒ like her boyfriend. She started feeling it soon and we went out to sit on the back patio and smoke some weed. She remarked that it was like MDMA in that it made you want to rub your face on a pillow or roll around on a blanket and feel something against your skin. I donít know weather it was particularly tactile for me because I donít think I was paying attention to that aspect. There was definitely a physical feeling, which is hard to describe but just felt good, and after about two hours it faded to a warm glow, which faded to a kind of weird tired burn that was not unpleasant, just neutral. We were able to converse about many things and I really enjoyed their presence. I also felt a little spastic in the muscles.

M said that M1 seemed to overpower the effects of Cannabis, and it was true, I didnít feel much different after having smoked than I did before. C didnít smoke with us so I didnít get her opinion on this.

Music was not particularly enhanced. I did not care if there was even music on, which is unlike me, and again, TV was impossible to care about.

The only other effect I noticed was that temperatures seemed more dramatic. I was sweating like crazy when we were sitting in the garage (it was pretty hot since this is August in the South). M and C were not sweating as much, but I think they only took about half the dose that I did. It did not feel good to sweat, like it does on MDMA, and when I went in the house (with the A/C set on 76) I was suddenly Freezing and breaking out in gooseflesh. It was most pleasant to sit on the back patio, where there was a breeze but no air conditioning. I didnít sweat as much then, if at all, but I was on the comedown by then.

The effects took about 5 hours to disappear entirely (which I realized when my appetite came back) and then I took two SSRI sedatives (trazadone) to abort any remaining trip and to help me sleep. I had absolutely no problem falling asleep in five minutes the first time I tried which was about 7 hours after dosing. In the morning I felt a little stiff and shaky and was clenching my jaw more than normal but this feeling faded as the day wore on. All in all Iíd give it 3 or 3.5 stars, but I donít think it makes my top 10 drugs by any means. It was 100% more interesting than the last research chem. I tried, though, (2ci) and this is my 2nd fav RC out there right now (AMT was best of all time, and the JWHís are the best right now). I was happy with my trip and, like I said, I want to try a heavy dose next time instead of a moderate one to see if I get the Euphoria.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86913
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jun 19, 2014Views: 11,743
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Methylone (255), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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