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A Couple's Mixed Reaction
by Anonymous (R&A)
Citation:   Anonymous (R&A). "A Couple's Mixed Reaction: An Experience with bk-MBDB (exp86624)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2010. erowid.org/exp/86624

T+ 0:00
    Tryptophan - 5-HTP (capsule)
  T+ 0:00 150 mg oral bk-MBDB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:55   smoked Tobacco (dried)


A: Male, 200lbs. 200mg orally. Takes daily prescription Klonopin, Adderall, and Gabapentin. Did not take Adderall today, but did take regular doses of Klonopin and Gabapentin just before dosing. In hindsight this may have prevented him from feeling the drug but that is unknown.

R: Female, 123lbs. 150mg orally.

We each took one 5-HTP capsule 5 hours prior to dosing. Taken in our home. Started at 8:30pm after a long day.

[Note: This ended up being very long! It was so enjoyable to type out my feeling that I just kept going.. If you would like to skip the bulk of the text, there is a summary at the end from each of our perspectives.]

T+0.00 Mixed powder with pink lemonade. We agree it tastes very much like vodka. Not terrible, easy to swallow. A insufflates about 2mg to experiment and feels unpleasant burning in his throat, does not take any more.

T+20min: R feels speedy equivalent to 20mg instant Adderall. Very minor chest pressure.

T+30min: A feels speedy, jerky, “off” and physically hot. R gets him a glass of cold water and a cold compress.

T+40min: R is rapidly starting to feel uplifted mood. She was anxious but is now feeling very optimistic. She notes increased sensory sensations especially on the palms of the hands similar to limited experience with MDMA. R is enjoying this.

T+45min: R is feeling rushes of energy, feeling great but not euphoric, touch is extremely pleasurable, feel tightness in throat and abdomen strange but not painful in the least. Hands feel very cold, feels very good to rub them. A feels hungry and nauseas. R feels bad for A and wishes he felt like she did.

T+50min: R feels wonderful! Hands are extremely cold however. Pupils very dilated. A eats some applesauce.

T+55min: A eats a banana also. A feels neutral and still “off”. R gets a hot compress and warms her hands. R feels very good but could feel even better!! Both feel jaw tension similar to MDMA. Some difficulty typing. Washes hands with soap and it feels TERRIBLE. R cannot stop touching hands. Feels rushes of terrificness. Smiling widely. Also feels stupidifed. Doesn’t care, only notices. Increased abdominal tightness. Yawning very much.

T+60min: R feels extremely good. Put on a heart rate monitor. It says 130. R is not worried, R merely feels like a scientist. R feels euphoric. R feels incredible. A put the heart rate monitor around her waist and it felt extremely good and sexual, she loved it. She however does not love everything like on MDMA. R wants to yell and also go into the bright sunlight and feel the heat of the outside but it is 10pm at night so she will save that for a different experience. R is impatient, enjoying typing this. Greatly enjoying rubbing hands. Euphoria!

T+70min: R has jaw tension eats a lifesaver candy flavor too intense. Computer difficult to operate FUNNY. Smiling. A reports feeling buzzed and hungry body buzz. R is breathing sporatically and deeply no worries. Have not stopped rubbing extending feeling hands in 30 minutes. Legs tingling good. Water tastes bad like minerals. Drinking not pleasurable!

T+90 min: A goes to the bathroom. R rubbing hands. Jaw tense. Plays Talking Heads enjoys it feels like dancing. Feels this song is PERFECT wants to BLAST IT cannot. It is Electricity by Talking Heads. R feels hot temperature sweaty. Three minute song felt like 13 seconds long will play it again LOUDER. Put ear on speaker! Wonderful can feel the vibrations. Dry mouth but drinking unpleasurable. Wants to dance—never ever get this feeling in the DAY to DAY. Took pants shoes socks off feet feel great. HR140. Want to be close to A!

A feels better but not where she is! Unfortunate! A eats cereal, is mostly not talkative, has diarrhea. Impossible to not move hands. Want something to do with them. Rubbing and extending fingers at a constant when not typing because it feels right. Energy pulsing. More music! Head right against speaker feels like live music. HR140. Feels good to tighten muscles. Keep thinking coming down but it COMES BACK which she is THANKFUL of/for. Music!

T+ 120min: A says he feels like he feels with stimulants that he doesn’t particularly enjoy, a 'blunting zombification of emotion'. His words verbatim. A feels positive bodybuzz and is 'not interested in communicating with the outside world.' He considers this neutral. Recognizes heightened perceptions in a neutral way. R notes how differently we feel all sorts of drugs! How strange! A is very still. R is jumpy. A says he may feel this way because he worked out too hard with weight lifting earlier. R wants to lift something heavy! A is nowhere as high as R but R took less GO FIGURE. Brightness of the monitor is harsh. R knows this feeling will be OVER and does NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN knows it will happen soon regardless. Hah, such is life!! Can I take more? Short attention span. Warm. Does not like feeling wet after touching water HATES IT yuck. More music! R notes there is ZERO psychedelic nature to this drug at least in this experience. Not down yet. Writing a lot, should probably write less so as not to bore the reader.

T+ 130min. A is feeling introspective thoughts. He feels placid and 'unaffected by behaviors and feelings characterized and associated with the dopamine system due Adderall-induced to tolerance.' Boy what a mouthful! A clearly has his full mind. He starts a conversation about living with more general awareness and focused intention.

T+ 150min: R is coming down emotionally, still very speedy. Talkative, dancing. This drug would be fun to do at a party she thinks but everyone would surely know she was on drugs. Still enjoying music, dancing, touch, and rubbing. Keep going back to speaker to put ears on it. Feel UNDERwhelmed by visual scope compared to touch, smell, sound to the point that I want to keep my eyes closed. It is boring compared to everything else. Coming down pretty quickly. What a ride! R found the last 2.5 hours to be very enjoyable and really wished she didn’t have to come down.

T+ 160min. Beginning to feel only speedy. HR130. Dancing in place to New Order. Feel hot.

T+ 170min. Crashing. Nausea. HR120. Pupils normal. A is crashing too. He feels 'wiped out, sweaty, and yucky.' R feels down but not too bad, almost mad about not still being up.

T+ 180min: Definitely crashed. R notes that tactile sensations are almost back to normal. Back to that feeling of 20mg Adderall felt initially. Thoughts no longer rushing. A feels stressed, anxious, and paranoid. Our jaws are still tense.

T+200min: The need to keep R's hands moving is subsiding but still present. Have no desire to move. A continues to feel anxious and starts up a hookah.

T+ 225min: A says he feels dysphoric. R feels almost completely sober. We smoke the hookah. R finds it to be relaxing, A does not. R has no appetite despite not eating much today. R also finds that if she is paying attention to something else, she will start rubbing her hands completely without realizing it at all.

T+235min: A feels more dysphoric. R feels very normal except for a slight speediness and a lack of clearheaded thinking and general 'dumb' feeling. Very surprised to find her heartrate to still be elevated to 130bpm at this point. For the record it is the normal pattern for A to have a difficult crash from stimulants and R to have little or no crash.

In conclusion:
R: I had a lot of fun. The high gently marched towards euphoria, staying there for a good while, then somewhat quickly passed through a short crash back to baseline. The physical sensations of simply touching and being touched were outstanding, almost overwhelmingly pleasurable, and very sensual. All senses were significantly heightened except for vision. I wish it could have lasted longer and will try this drug again most likely with a dose of 200mg. I personally did not find the high to be insightful or thought provoking, it merely felt very, very good to be high.

A: This was not a good experience. My sum is comparable to a really dirty stimulant such as ephedrine or a large dose of caffeine combined with the pleasant body buzz of alcohol. Throughout the come-up I felt very tense and only after a while did the positive body buzz come through, which only lasted about 45 minutes. Emotionally I felt flat, uncreative, and cognitively impaired. I also would say I felt socially withdrawn. Music did sound better. I would only repeat the experience mixed with another drug that modulates the reuptake of dopamine as the come-down and jitteriness outweighed any positive feelings during this high.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86624
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Aug 7, 2010Views: 22,053
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bk-MBDB (348) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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