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A Trip to the Mental Ward
Cannabis & 5-MeO-DiPT
by Frubs
Citation:   Frubs. "A Trip to the Mental Ward: An Experience with Cannabis & 5-MeO-DiPT (exp8485)". Feb 17, 2002.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  60 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


I hadn't used 5meo-dipt for about 3 weeks or so, so my tolerance to it was nonexistant. I'd previously had 2 high-dose trips on the substance, the first one leaving me utterly incapacitated, the second giving me hysterical laughing fits and being great fun. The first was actually quite fun, now that I look back on it. For this trip, the goal was to just have some good clean fun, and have something to do on a pretty hot lazy Saturday. Taking the drug was a spur-of-the-moment thing, so I hadn't prepared at all. Before eating the 5meo-dipt I'd smoked some weed and gotten rather stoned, and the effects of that were still very present when I dosed.

I ate approximately 60mg of 5meo-dipt in a vegicap at around 5 pm. This was a rather high dose compared to my previous trips, and I did not have a trip-sitter. I live in an apartment with a roommate that I despise and never talk to. 5meo-dipt usually takes 20-30 min to start taking effect for me, and 60 min to reach full effect; this trip was no different. However, the effects of the drug started to surface on top of my stoning in a different sort of way than they had before (this was the first time I'd done weed + 5meo-dipt), with a vague sense of foreboding. I'm not sure exactly what I was wearing at the time I dosed, but I do remember taking my boxers off because the 5meo-dipt was making me feel hot. Around 45 min after I dosed, I puked, which is about the same as I've usually done on 5meo-dipt trips. However, after puking (extremely violently) I immediately lost touch with all reality. Because of this, I regarded all events until I started to come down as simply a dream, and I'd forgotten that I took a drug. Everything past this point is remembered not very linearly, more as a series of jumbled-up hazy memories.

I believe that I left my room pretty soon after I lost touch with reality, most likely to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately the only thing I remember about being in the bathroom is that I was convulsing on the floor for awhile, hitting my head against the radiator and sink and not feeling it. There was a distinct point when I snapped out of this immobility and became able to walk and interact with my outside world. At this point I travelled out to my living room, and by this time the mental effects had definitely came on. Basically, I believed that I was living in infinite alternate realities at once, and that they could be switched through at will like I was watching channels on a television. However, whichever reality I was on became my whole life in extreme fast-forward (my whole sense of time was INCREDIBLY whacked throughout the trip), and for some reason the reality was focused on one incredibly simple thing. I saw myself as living a very simple life revolving around said thing. As I later figured out, this point of focus was actually what I was looking at at the time; therefore my mind must have been working at an exponentially higher rate.

Some things I ended up looking at were a couch, a pair of women's strappy high-heels, a liter of my roommate's vodka, a remote, and flies that were buzzing around my apartment. I sort of collapsed onto the couch, and I was attacked by the high-heels. Apparently the visuals were alternatingly causing my visual field to be engrossed by one object I looked at, or for me to intake everything I could see as one single object. Everything I looked at literally took on life-changing proportions. When I looked at the liter of vodka, I believed myself to be an alcoholic and all of my mental patterns turned to the obtaining of liquor (I normally can't stand alcohol). At some point I got up and started 'walking' around the living room, and ended up crashing on top of my roommate's glass coffee table and trying to walk through a sofa and recliner (my movement still wasn't very much under my control). When this was happening I believed myself to be an extremely simple ape-like creature who had not evolved the ability to control its own movement and constantly fell over and ran into stuff.

At this point my trip wasn't exactly fun, yet it still wasn't turning out extremely bad. Then I looked at the remote and quickly saw a bug flying around. For some reason these two images combined and sparked my fear reflexes. Suddenly I was completely surrounded by dozens of gigantic (approx. 2-foot long) flying insects that appeared to be made out of lego blocks (probably influenced by the box-shaped remote). The one word that kept recurring in my mind to describe their appearance was 'digital'. They were crystal-clear, completely realized hallucinations that were alternatingly black and grey (like regular flies) and pulsing with waves of rainbow colors. These insects put such fear into my heart that all I could think of was escaping from them, and I managed to see light outside my window, which gave me the idea to go outside.

When I opened my front door and looked outside, the view was literally awe-inspiring. It had rained shortly before and the ground was pretty wet...I could see the Earth as a living, breathing planet and ecosystem that was throbbing with life everywhere. Trees looked exceptionally beautiful. I decided to travel outside and see what happened to me; unbeknownst to me, I was naked at this point (actually I didn't believe any of this was happening to me at the time, so if I was aware that I was naked, I didn't care). I think I basically went up my steps (I live in a basement apartment), onto the sidewalk, walked a couple feet, looked around, and got kinda tired of it. However, I think that I lost a lot of my memory at this point, so anything could've happened, and probably did.

Next thing I remember is seeing my roommate, my landlord (who lives about half an hour away), and some officers around me on the steps outside my front door. I didn't like this reality I had found myself in, so I tried to change it, but that didn't work. They convinced me to go back indoors, and it flashed into my mind that my life was in danger. I was about to fight the officers to the death (2 of them I think), but then one pushed me onto a recliner and I found it quite comfortable so my fears were soothed. I saw a pair of pants on the floor and they convinced me to put them on, next thing I remember is being tossed into the back of a car rather violently, then nothing for quite some time.

I believe I blacked out right around here in the trip...My mind was still racing though. My thinking had been dominated by these alternate realities before I blacked out, but afterwards my thoughts revolved around the linear nature of time and cause-and-effect. I saw every action of a person or movement or thought as being directly caused by some other thing, and I knew exactly what that thing was. So, I decided to play with this. I saw before me a fat black man sitting behind a table, and the only way I could think of to cause a ripple in my surroundings was to say 'Hi'. I actually said this every couple seconds for god knows how long. He ended up responding 'is that all you can say?' :) Then I saw an Asian man in scrubs sitting in a chair, and he'd repeatedly tell me not to try getting out of my chair (I was strapped down to a wheelchair). He asked me some questions which I don't remember, and eventually I was led onto a little hospital bed in my own room. Around this point I was coming down, and I started to wonder why my trip was taking on the surroundings of a hopital. A gay male intern (whose blatant homosexuality vaguely bothered me) was sent into my room to try and get information from me, repeatedly asking me why I was outside without any clothes on, and gradually it dawned upon me where I was, and everything that happened previously.

I was given a bag of chips and a little cup of apple juice with foil over it; I gobbled up the chips within five seconds, ripped through the foil with my teeth, and drank the juice like an animal. I was also given a sandwich, the hilarity of which is beyond words; I decided not to eat the sandwich because it was so alien (later out I discovered it had meat in it, and I'm vegetarian). I was asked if I was on drugs and I replied 'yes', when asked which ones I said opiates, and responded affirmatively when asked if I was on PCP. Other than that, I didn't say a word. A nurse later drew my blood, and I was forced to pee into a container. The implications of these actions were lost on me at the time, but soon I realized that I'd test positive for THC, and could get sent to jail. The obvious paranoia and dread set in at this point; the cops wandering around were like vultures waiting for the kill.

After a night in the ER, which involved an extremely enjoyable CAT scan, the world's worst case of the munchies, and lots of hyperactivity (I was awake awake until about 2 am), I was transferred to the mental ward at 6 am and officially forced to sign myself into the hospital. I was kept in the mental ward for four days, some of the most heart-rendingly alone days of my life. I said that I hadn't taken any drugs that day (excused the THC away as having done it once, a week prior with friends), and made up a rather believable history of bipolar and schizophrenic symptoms. I was put on anti-psychotic, anti-seizure, and anti-anxiety medication which basically turned me into a zombie for the duration of my stay. I was released, and went on with my life. Also I'd managed to get a glimpse of my record in the ER...they'd taken my pulse at 7:30 pm when I first arrived and it was 135 bpm, when I had came down for the most part it was 80 bpm.

I don't really regret this trip. As a matter of fact, I believe I've learned alot from it (I now believe the public's view of mental illness to be fundamentally warped), and there were no negative repercussions. I didn't get sent to jail or get charges pressed against me. But still, it could've been a LOT worse. I could've been run over by a car, or be incarcerated right now. So in conclusion, PLEASE don't take high doses of 5meo-dipt without a trip sitter, and know your sensitivity and limits!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8485
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 17, 2002Views: 39,820
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Cannabis (1), 5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Hospital (36), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Difficult Experiences (5)

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