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Fourteen Days of Hyperanalytical Venom
2C-P & Cannabis
by Red Bubbles
Citation:   Red Bubbles. "Fourteen Days of Hyperanalytical Venom: An Experience with 2C-P & Cannabis (exp84748)". Erowid.org. Apr 14, 2010. erowid.org/exp/84748

T+ 0:00
  oral 2C-P (capsule)
  T+ 7:45 4 insufflated 2C-P (capsule)
  T+ 12:00 5 insufflated 2C-P (capsule)
  T+ 13:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 15:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Executive style report, for the sake of clarity and meaning.

User age: 17.
User weight: 71kg/156pounds.
Previous User experiences: 2C-E, LSA, Cannabis, DXM, PCP, Nitrous, 2C-I, Mephedrone, Jwh-018, Dexamphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ritalin, LSD, 2C-P.
Set: Fourteenth straight day of 2C-P dosage. Large tolerance to, and understanding of the substance.
Setting: Various.

+00:00. Approximately 30mg of 2C-P ingested in a gelatin cap, without scales. Large user tolerance.

+01:00. Alarmingly early change in mental awareness of oneself.

+02:15. Intense general and stomach discomfort, jaw tension onset, physical discolouration and flushing, circulation problems; increased blood pressure. Surprisingly low level of anxiety despite alarming symptoms.

+03:00. Intense visuals of 'breathing' and 'shifting', general discomfort, rapid temperature rise and fall. High amount of fluid intake and frequent passing of urine.

+03:45. Very intense visual and auditory perception. Mental clarity and logic remains, however flustering and urgency occurs.

+04:45. Setting change creates a distinctly different tone to the trip, very aware of surroundings and meaningful, spiritual connection with sights, sounds and other people. Immersive appreciation for music.

+05:00. Mental clarity and hyperanalysis on a level never reached before in ~30 different experiences with this substance.

+05:30. Incredibly meaningful understanding and connection to others through conversation and communication.

+06:30. Overcome by an incredible feeling of group dynamic and interconnection.

+07:45. Approximately 4mg insuffilated with others. Mild burning and physical comeup, most notable for hypertension.

+08:45. Definite increase in mental awareness and intensification of colours. No noticable hallucinations or excessive visual distortions. Incredibly clear and analytical thinking, centered around philosophical discussion.

+12:00. Insuffilated approximately 5mg more; once again accompanied by burning, drip down and moments of ignored high blood pressure.

+13:00. Three cones of cannabis smoked with friends.

+13:15. Definite change in the nature of the trip. Much more spiritual and colourful. Group dynamics beyond anything believable; and discussion was incredibly deep, meaningful and existential.

+13:30. Neo-shamanistic feelings of body, mind and spirit shared by the group. Intense distortions of colour, however a distinct absence of visual hallucinations or changes in perception of shape. Auditory hallucinations present, as well as stomach discomfort and a feeling of 'vibrational existance'.

+15:00. After two more bowls of cannabis, feeling of circulation becoming increasingly more disturbed.

+15:25. Notice of distinct flushing of skin. Becoming dangerously ill and considering seeking medical attention. Noticably pale with dark spots on palms and elbows.

+15:30. Black out nearly occurs due to circulation loss. I manage to sit down and divert blood to head. Intensely difficult to speak, however insistince on avoiding medical attention despite barely being conscious, possibly due to my faith in 2C-P and my experience with it.

+15:35. Still unable to walk, however I can maintain concentration and conversation. After a few minutes, I decide to enforce a setting change to return to a positive headspace.

+16:00. Return to strong feelings of group dynamic and positive headspace. Intense ego loss causes me to forget my ill health, leaving me euphoric and at peace with myself and my friends.

+17:00. Ridiculous enhancement of colour noted in the sky during sunrise. Overcome with a sense of unity and peace with oneself. Noticable ability to hyperanalyse and find connectivity with any concept or object placed before me.

+18:30. Noticing the mental effects begin to slow down and fade, despite the continued sense of strength of spirit and mind.

+20:00. Returning to sobriety, slight enhancement of colour with a feeling of minimal euphoria. Very tired.

+21:00. Almost completely sober, at the point where it's difficult to distinguish the effects. No trouble sleeping.


Over the fortnight preceding this trip I had gone through a fairly lifechanging psychological, physical and chemical understanding of 2C-P and its effects on myself, the human body and others around me.

I am a fairly experienced user of psychadelics, dissociatives and stimulants: with over fifty different experiences with mescaline analogues.

Until about two weeks ago, I considered 2C-P to be the most analytical, useful; user-friendly mescaline analogue around. Despite not having the intensity or edge held by 2C-E, or the immersiveness of 2C-I; I was yet to see how potentially damaging it could be when explored fully.

I believe 2C-P is an incredibly potent mescaline analogue, and is still my favourite Research Chemical, despite my first hand experience with its long-term cardiovascular toxicity. For several days following this experience (My final with the substance for awhile, I suspect) I noticed an occasional change in blood pressure and pulse, however the effects subsided after a few days. As Pihkal suggests, dosages equivalent to and over 16mg can be quite intense to those inexperienced with mescaline or its analogues, Those experienced with the substance can push its dosages to higher levels without too many ramifications.

I urge all those interested in exploring this substance - to truly experience its beauty and mental headspace; one must understand and respect the potential damage it can do. It is a fairly easy substance to control oneself on, however I urge against two-week binges of the chemical. Before undertaking this mental expedition, I understood how dangerous it was - however I did it anyway. No-one else, to my knowledge; has explored the effects of high dosages on a consistent, daily scale. I now see why.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84748
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Apr 14, 2010Views: 11,794
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2C-P (305) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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